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I can’t say that I have ever had the pleasure. However, if this happened to me, I would make a terrible mess…

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Leeds won today.


This evening, I looked at the league table…

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

I still predict that it’ll all go wrong and we’ll lose in the play off final.


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Being a football fan generally involves experiencing a mix of joy and misery. Depending on who you support, you may experience more or less of one of these emotions. I support Leeds United, so primarily receive enough misery to make Mr Happy turn to the Stella.

This season, however, has been a little different. Leeds have been doing rather well. They currently sit in the automatic promotion places, which they have occupied since August. This level of success is a very unfamiliar feeling, but I like it!

I keep telling myself that the good days won’t last and things will all fall apart. This is yet to happen.

until now…

This evening, I read this. Samuel Saiz looks like he’s leaving Elland Road – the home of Leeds United. We have lots of good players, but Saiz is one of them. Despite the wealth of talent, I’m still worried. If you owned a Ferrari, you know it would have lots of good parts. If you sold one of these parts to Bob from Honda – for example, a wheel – the Ferrari wouldn’t work like before.

It sounds like Leeds don’t have much of a say in the matter. If you believe what fans are saying on Twitter, his girlfriend is fed up of living in Leeds and wants to move back to Spain.

The manager of Spanish football club, Getafe, is interested. Not in Samuel’s girlfriend, although I’m sure she’s pleasent enough. No, he allegedly wants one of our best players. What a ****.

As the girlfriend rumour is on social media, it must be true. Although if Mr Saiz’s lawyer is reading this, it is all lies.

It all seems a bit strange. Why would the future Mrs Saiz possibly want to move here?

Especially with such fantastic locations in Leeds…

It’s a mystery.

Oh, and before anyone from Leeds goes batshit crazy at my blog, it’s a JOKE. Granted, it’s about as funny as Miranda Hart, but is still not to be taken seriously.

There are lots of wonderful spots in Leeds. For example…

I live in Bath. There’s a lot of crap locations here, I can assure you. Take a look at this dump…

Finally, before any fan of Bath Rugby goes batshit crazy at my blog, I really don’t care.


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It was last night when I realised that I may be taking Red Dead Redemption 2 a little too seriously…

I had just completed a mission – the last one, before going to bed. The mission involved protecting a woman and her boyfriend, by boarding a steam train with them and shooting all the bad guys on horseback, who pursued the locomotive with the intention of killing everyone. Just your typical Monday morning commute from Bath Spa to Bristol Temple Meads.

After disposing of the baddies and safely driving the train to a station (I thought the lead character was a cowboy, not Superman), the grateful woman offers my character a gift to say thank you. The present is a bracelet, which she tells me is a family heirloom. You must then choose whether or not to accept the piece of jewellery. I accepted the bracelet.

Despite the woman continuing to thank me, before leaving and the mission ending (mercifully allowing me to save my progress and go to bed), I felt guilty. That’s right, guilty. Guilty for accepting a gift from an imaginary character in a video game!

What makes my feeling of guilt even more stupid, are the other acts I perform in the game. I do not have a second thought, when it comes to looting shop keepers, blowing the heads off innocent men on horseback and shooting a farmer’s livestock (in my defence, I ate the beef and mutton, I acquired as a result of my crime).

I have been slightly reassured, that while the game has given me faux guilt, many fellow gamers have been affected by RDR2 a lot worse than by some fuss over a bracelet.

Here are a few of my favourite posts from a Reddit forum. The thread in question is titled “This game is NOT good for addictive personalities.

I’ve been staying up until 2am practically every night since release day, playing the whole day on days off from work.

It seems like every minute I’m at home, I’m playing. I happily trade sleep for more time in-game no matter how early I need to be up for work the next day

Me every weekend: “I’ll only play for like an hour or two honey.”

“Crap it’s 4am”

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So Teresa lives to fight another day.

I bet she is a little disappointed to still be in a job. A small part of her was probably looking for spending a morning in Wetherspoons, drinking endless glasses of cheap wine.

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