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The question is, what team is he supporting? Leeds or Preston?

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There has been a worrying and disturbing trend, which has been developing throughout football over the last year. Racism.

Thankfully, I don’t think that the problem has grown. This is despite the fact that worrying incidents are reported in the news all too frequently.

Instead, I believe that fans and players are not prepared to put up with such disgusting behaviour anymore and are making a stand against it. By speaking out, reporting examples of hate crimes and saying “no to racism”, the wider public now learn of incidents that they would have been oblivious to in the past.

It is a good thing that people are saying “enough is enough”, but obviously not good that they have been forced into taking such actions in the first place.

In my time watching Bath City, Leeds and England, I have never encountered any racism. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen – including at non-league level!

I must admit, I was shocked to learn that racism had infiltrated the non-league game. It would be ignorant to say that such discrimination doesn’t exist at this level of football, but like many football fans, I always felt non-league was almost a “safe haven” from that kind of thing.

The good news is that the two offending Yeovil fans were arrested this morning.

I can only imagine how the shameful incident took place, and would be willing to bet that lots of alcohol was involved.

I am aware of a small group of football fans (I won’t say which club they support), who, on occasions, have been known to enjoy the odd pint or ten, at games.

While they have never displayed any form of racism, and to be fair to them, I don’t think for one moment that they ever would; they have been known to shout obscenities at players and the club management, following a disappointing defeat. They are in no way hooligans, but their undesirable behaviour is no doubt influenced by alcohol.

This does make me wonder if the two Yeovil fans involved in the disgusting display, had been on the booze all day. This is in no way excusing their behaviour.

In fact, I am of the belief that people often express their true feelings, while under the influence. Therefore, if a yob shouts racist abuse while drunk, he probably has racist thoughts while sober. Basically he’s a big, fat racist.

So, was it worth it, young Glovers (Yeovil’s nickname)? A few minutes of what no doubt seemed like fun to you at the time – but in reality made you look like a terrible human being .

Your “fun” caused the abandonment of an FA Cup tie, upsetting two football teams and no doubt thousands of fans worldwide.

Your cruel words would have caused more hurt, distress and heart ache than you could possibly imagine.

Your club – little old Yeovil – made international news. Pity it was for abhorrent reasons and therefore makes your club look like scum, when in fact, the only scum at Yeovil is yourselves.

Your fellow fans will hate you and have brought shame upon your family. If found guilty, you’ll be banned from watching live football – hopefully for life.

That job you go to every day, in order to pay the bills – you’ll lose that. Oh, and good luck in getting another – although The Daily Mail newspaper may take you.

It is excellent that football is starting to take the issue of racism and discrimination, but so sad that it remains an issue.

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As a football club, what is the best way to celebrate your 100th birthday?

Obvious. Fleece your loyal supporters for every penny they have.

How do you do this? How about selling a commemorative shirt, that most fans would have to sell their own mums to afford.

Justify the very high price tag, by saying it’s “limited edition”.

Ironically, 100 years ago, £149 would buy you the fancy shirt, a book AND the player modelling it.

So “limited edition” was this shirt, that they were sold out by the time I had even started online window shopping. Proof that Leeds United either have some very wealthy fans, or a group of supporters who have a lot of explaining to, when Daddy asks if Mummy has cooked tea yet (no sexism intended).

Never mind – they’re on eBay* – the guaranteed place for a bargain…
* the shirts, not the mothers of Leeds fans.

Incidentally, if you want to buy a 200th anniversary shirt in the Year 2119, they’ll set you back £51k.

Overpriced memorabilia aside, I am sure all Leeds fans (myself included) wanted was a win this weekend…

With all the hype – and my God, there was hype – surrounding the centenary weekend, it was inevitable that Leeds would lose their match against Birmingham.

As sure as night follows day, that fixture had a one nil defeat written all over it. If Leeds United have taught me one thing, it’s that Leeds United are masters at fecking things up for themselves.

Amazingly, it was Leeds who won 1-0, ensuring the plan of fleecing the fans worked brilliantly. The supporters were pleased, which meant they no doubt spent even more money on food, drink and merchandise. This, in turn, made the owner pleased.

Everyone went home happy. Well, almost everyone…

Before you judge, this is Birmingham fans. No Leeds supporter was involved.

Apparently, The Brummie Army, or whatever they are calling themselves, were not too happy about losing to Leeds.

I suppose they naturally thought that Leeds would piss all over their own special day, gifting Birmingham a win. They obviously got a bit upset when things didn’t go to plan…

Maybe they were just sad about having to return to Birmingham and were having a temper tantrum – like a toddler in Asda. I can’t say that I blame them. I’d rather go to Syria, than The Bullring.

So, that’s that for another 100 years. Same time next Centenary?

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I can’t wait to see this.

Claire and I will definitely be making a trip to the cinema for this one. I wonder if we’ll be allowed to bring Roman…

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Apparently cockroaches can survive a blast from an atomic bomb, but can they avoid death from a smoking-related illness?

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