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I was shocked and appalled this morning, when I bought a doughnut from the local bakery. The doughnut cost £1.05. I wasn’t trying to buy cocaine! I wanted a doughnut. Life under the Tory government.

It still tasted amazing…

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After a very busy week at work, I was hoping for a restful Bank Holiday weekend. What I got was far from relaxing. I was out of the house every one of the three days. I’ve returned to work for a break!

Saturday was the quietest day. I went to Twerton Park, home of Bath City, where I will no doubt find myself standing in all manners of weathers and temperatures over the next eight months. City were playing East Thurrock United. If that name sounds familiar to you, it is because I have blogged about them before. They beat us 7-1 in the FA Cup. Things looked ominous. I needn’t had worried. A very early goal for City helped us win 2-1, albeit with a nervy final few minutes.

On Sunday we made our now annual trip to Longleat. We were stupid to do so. It was a Bank Holiday weekend, which meant two things – lots of people and lots of rain. We got both.

In between sessions of queueing in heavy rain, we did manage to ride the boat around the lake, where we saw sea lions and gorillas. Apparently hippos are in there somewhere too, but I didn’t see any. As well as the boat, we rode a double decker bus around the safari park. Many of the animals had shown more sense than us and taken shelter from the rain. The monkeys, however, were out in their numbers, and caused the highlight of the day for me, when they destroyed a roof rack of car, and attempted to eat a radio aerial on another.


We took a trip to the Dorset coast on Bank Holiday Monday, to watch Bath City play Poole Town. I didn’t get chance to see the donkeys on the beach, so had to settle for watching them on the football field instead. It was a game Bath really should have won, as they dominated and literally did everything but score a goal. I wasn’t at all surprised when Poole scored in the final minute, to claim an undeserved win. It was so inevitable, I wasn’t even disappointed.

Despite the warm weather, the coach trip home didn’t have the unbearable heat of the Margate journey, a few weeks earlier – this was mainly thanks to the driver turning on the air conditioning. It also took have as long to get back to Bath, which meant we were able to treat ourselves to a McDonalds on our return.

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It is the first day of September, which means different things for different people.

For some, the start of September spells the end of summer. For others, the kids going back to school. The football transfer window closed yesterday too.

However, for me, September means one thing… spiders. I am sure they have a calendar and as soon as the month begins, all decide to invade our homes – supposedly to mate, but more likely to scare me.

Roll on October, when they disappear again, or die in the cold. Until then, I am going to live in an air-tight box, so no eight-legged being can make contact with me.

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In the run up to the weekend, I was so excited about the start to the football season. By the end of the weekend, I couldn’t be any less enthusiastic.

Saturday I made the longest trip of the season (unless we draw Newcastle United in the FA Cup, or arrange a friendly against Grasshoppers of Zurich). My journey took me all the way to Margate in Kent.

I had a terrible day. I was stuck on a coach for almost 10 hours, in what felt like temperatures hotter than Africa. The air conditioning was clearly broken, or the coach driver too tight to turn it on. I was therefore sat in a surface, feeling sick, sweating and smelling, surrounded by loads of other sweaty, smelly people.

Margate is a shit hole. I’m not being a snob because I come from Bath, Margate is shit. Fact. I’ve been to a lot of really nice towns and cities, during my time as a Bath City fan, but I felt like Ross Kemp in one if his documentaries on Saturday.

Margate’s ground appeared to be half built. The changing rooms were porta cabins. The toilets (which were also porta cabins) had no soap (petty, but I like clean hands!).

It was nice to be out of the hot coach and watch the football in the sunshine. It was hot, but I certainly won’t complain about the heat, especially as in just a few months, I’ll be standing on a terrace, frozen to the bone.

A lot of the home fans took advantage of the hot weather – and the fact you could drink alcohol in the ground. A small minority fell victim of the “English bloke + hot weather + too much beer = twat” syndrome. I am usually for allowing supporters to drink at football matches – after all you can at rugby games – but louts like those at Margate ruin it for everyone.

The match itself didn’t do too much to cheer me up. Both sets of players huffed and puffed up and down the pitch. We didn’t play badly, but I don’t think we played great either. Both teams created chances, but it looked like it was going to be one of those 0-0 draws. That was until the 87th minute, when we were hit by a sucker punch. Margate scored. The 500-odd crowd erupted. Eugh.

I arrived back on the coach, knowing I had 5 hours ahead of me, to reflect on the defeat. You know when you open an oven and the heat hits you? That’s what the coach felt like. Eugh, eugh, eugh!

I eventually arrived back home, feeling fed up, sick and tired. My head was banging. I had never found my bed more welcoming.

I awoke refreshed and decided to put the disappointment of the previous day behind me. Leeds were on the telly at midday, against QPR. I was confident about the new season and pleased that Leeds had been chosen for TV. While Bath City took 87 minutes to shatter my season, Leeds only made me wait 3 minutes, before conceding a stupid goal.

Leeds lost 3-0 in the end. I took consolation from the fact that we may sign some more players as a result. Who am I kidding? We won’t sign anyone.

City on the other hand can brighten my spirits. They are at home to Weston Super Mare tonight. A win will put a smile on my face. A defeat and it’ll be more eugh, eugh, eugh.

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The football season is almost back – just two days away! It’s the time of year when I can dream of my teams – Leeds United and Bath City – celebrating glory. Of course, those feelings will all change by the end of the weekend, after a couple of humiliating defeats.

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