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“Dear Lord. I pray for lots of carrots, treats and cuddles”


“Oh no! Mummy’s whistling again!”

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What a bloody marvellous way to spend a Sunday afternoon! In case you were wondering, I was being sarcastic. I appreciate that sarcasm doesn’t come across well over the internet.

As I write this, Claire and I find ourselves in the middle of a powercut. So that’s no television or films on the sofa. On the plus side, it also means no Love Island.

When this has happened in the past, I have done what every right-minded person does in an emergency – take to Twitter to find out what is going on and see if anyone else has the same problem.

For example, if you couldn’t access Facebook, you would search Twitter for the word “Facebook”, to read all the sad and emotional tweets from Facebook addicts, complaining that their lifeline to the outside world has been severed.

If you couldn’t find Mars Bars on sale in any of the supermarkets, you may search “Mars Bars”. Getting the idea?

I am sure that if the internet and Twitter had been in existence in 1912, passengers aboard the Titanic would have searched “sinking”, to see if the unsinkable ship was indeed sinking. Although, if the White Star Line charged as much as P&O for using a mobile phone at sea, the ill-fated tweeters may as well have thrown their iPhones overboard.

As I was saying, Twitter has been helpful duringĀ  previous powercuts, to learn if other people in the area are affected and how widespread the problem is.

During this latest loss of power, the big news story throughout the world is that the whole of Argentina and Uruguay are also without electricity. The way this story is being reported, you would have thought this was something of a major incident. I notice that Weston in Bath isn’t getting a mentioned by Reuters or Fox News! Typical.

Unfortunately for me, all these news reports concerning South America are clogging up Twitter, meaning that whenever I search for “powercut”, I only get results concerning the poor people of Argentina and Uruguay. I know exactly how they feel.

There have been some updates since I started writing this blog. Firstly, the electricity board have discovered there is a problem. Sadly, this diagnosis only extendeds to my street in Weston. I don’t think Western Power Distribution’s coverage extends to countries within South America.

The second update is that the power is now back! All of this drama took place in just under an hour.

I generally feel sorry for those people in Argentina and Uruguay, who still have no electricity; although at least they won’t have to endure Love Island this evening.

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How many other bunnies can design and write their daddy owners a Fathers Day card?

* Call me cynical, but I suspect Roman may have received some help from his bunny mummy.

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The live action version of The Jungle Book was on telly this afternoon. I’ve actually owned the film for a while, but have never got round to watching it.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to ask the question – was the ending fair?

I don’t think I am giving too many spoilers away when I say that the villain of the movie – a tiger named Shere Khan – dies at the end. He is killed by Mowgli.

Mowgli is a child who lives in the jungle. Do people usually live in the jungle? Not normally. Mowgli should be in a house somewhere, playing his PlayStation, like your typical 10-year-old kid.

Shere Khan is a tiger who lives in the jungle. Do tigers usually live in the jungle? Yes they do. Tigers hunt prey. If that prey happens to be a little boy, so what. Mowgli is in tiger territory. If you ask me, Mowgli had it coming.

The other reason Shere Khan’s murder (yes, I am calling it that) is wrong, is because tigers are an endangered species. There are only 3890 of them left in the wild. Thanks to Mowgli, there are now just 3889.

There are 7.7 billion people on the planet. Had Shere Khan eaten Mowgli, the human race isn’t going to cease to exist. He probably wouldn’t even be missed.

So, next time you watch The Jungle Book, think about the impact it has on the tiger species. If you see the film’s creators, throw a bucket of animal blood over them in protest. Actually, please do NOT do that. It is definitely illegal and probably assault. Plus, I don’t want to get into trouble, like Jo Brand, for encouraging a crime to be committed.

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It is almost exactly a year to the day (364 days ago), that I was admitted to intensive care, seriously ill. Certainly a Friday night to remember.

I had been proper poorly for ages, having been off work for 5 weeks. I lost count of the amount of times that I met clinicians and consultants in orthopaedic and pain clinics. It felt like I had spent more time with my GP than a close family member. Don’t even get me started on those MRI scans.

I am a big supporter of the NHS, so reflecting on this aspect of my illness upsets me to write about. However, there were many frightening signs, concerning my health, which were missed by clinicians.

I don’t think that I realised myself, just how bad things were. Maybe because every clinician I saw either dismissed my worries, or was unconcerned. Throughout the first half of 2018, I became gradually more and more sick. I put my symptoms down to fatigue and even questioned my mental health.

So unaware of just how bad things were, that I thought the decision to call an ambulance to admit me to A&E was crazy. It was only when the paramedics arrived and administered oxygen, that everyone realised this was serious. I was just happy to be led down and take a ride in a van with blue flashing lights. I remember thinking “Wow, I’m pretty sick. I’m just going to suck on this tube of beautiful gas and rest my eyes for a bit”.

The next thing I know, is it is hours later, I’m in hospital, there is talk of sending me to intensive care and the only person in the world that I really want to see is my wife.

I still didn’t fully realise just how bad things were. You would think that if a stay in intensive care wasn’t enough to scare me into reality, nothing would. That may be true. I don’t think that even one year on, I truly appreciate the severity of the situation.

I am told that the first 24 hours in hospital were crucial. To put it bluntly, it sounds like I could have died. Despite all of this, while I believe everything that I have been told, I still don’t appreciate how close I could have been to the end…

Thankfully things worked out ok. This is thanks, in no small part, to the wonderful hospital staff (proving how amazing the NHS really is), my family and most important of all, my wife. You all saved my life.

I now feel better than I have in over half a decade. Despite a spell in hospital this January, for an unrelated issue, I haven’t had any further health problems. I own a wonderful home, a gorgeous house rabbit and best of all, am married to the most beautiful, funny, kind and caring wife in the world.

Life is good right now and it just goes to show, a lot can happen in 365 – sorry, 364 – days.

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