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I know that many of you like to read about how Roman is getting on.

Here is the furry little scamp in all his cuteness…

“It’s Water O’Clock!”

I make no apologies for posting a photo of Romy’s poop (again), dainty placed at the rear of his litter tray.

Proof that not all fecal matter is the same. If I was a dog owner and blogged a huge photo of Penny’s excrement, all over the entrance to a local primary school, you would rightly be mortified. Instead, everyone who looks at Roman’s little currants, lets out a collective “awwww”.

Last, but by no means least, is this masterpiece. This decorative plate is a birthday present, created especially for me by my aunt, Madeline.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait for my plate, as it is currently in London, where she lives. Plates are generally too fragile to transport by courier. Madeline can’t even hand deliver the plate to me, as humans are generally too fragile to leave their houses right now.

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Claire and I tried one of those vegan pizzas in the week.

We are both vegetarian and are always on the lookout for meat alternatives – especially me, after turning veggie in 2018.

The recent vegan craze has given rise to lots of meat-free alternatives, many from plant-based ingredients. Some of these new creations have been very nice – the Burger King Rebel Whopper especially.

Therefore, when we saw a new vegan pizza in the Chicago Town ‘Takeaway’ range, our attention was caught.

We’re not vegans, but we both love a pizza. The ‘Sticky BBQ’ sauce was also a temptation for me.

As I was nearing the end of my carnivorous days, I ate a Chicago Town Takeaway pizza. I seem to recall it contained a BBQ sauce, as well as a lot of meat. I remember particularly enjoying this sauce.

I had tried jackfruit on pizza before. It wasn’t a success, but I was prepared to give it another chance, thinking that the sticky BBQ may bring out the best in this pretend meat.

The sauce did nothing to make jackfruit any more appealing. To make matters worse, the cheese wasn’t dairy. It was fake cheese.


Before you all ask me what we expected from a vegan pizza – of course we knew that the cheese would be dairy-free. What we did not expect was for it to be horrible.

The pizza looked nasty and didn’t smell too good. I did try some, but it was barely a nibble – more of a lick.

I don’t think I’ll be buying fake cheese again. As for jackfruit…

Jackfruit is a terrible meat alternative. Linda McCartney would be spinning in her grave.

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There may be no football at the moment, but Sky still managed to cram in six hours of the sport on Sunday between midday and 6pm.

The only problem was, the footy in question was Leeds United highlights from this season, all played back-to-back.

You would have thought that I would have been ecstatic with the broadcast. In fact, I didn’t see most of it. When you’ve seen Leeds lose to Millwall once, you may as well have seen it five thousand times!

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I was always a big fan of Gordon Ramsey. Notice how I said was.

As well as being entertaining, I once believed that he held strong moral values

Turns out that I was wrong

Once the pandemic is over, I won’t forget this…

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With scary stuff and tragedy taking place everywhere, the excuse to laugh again – if only for 25 minutes – is fantastic.

Friday Night Dinner couldn’t have been served at a better time…

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