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I watched the first half of the England – Columbia friendly this evening. Another disappointing game and another terrible mistake from keeper David James. I think these friendlies should prove one thing if nothing else – David James is shite and should never wear the England shirt ever again. The man is a useless liability. Tottenham’s Paul Robinson should be the England No.1 with Norwich’s Robert Green and Liverpool’s Scott Carson battling it out for the second spot.

Hopefully the last time “Calamity James” will ever play

Still on the topic of football (I’ll give it a rest for a while after today as the season is well and truly over) I’m going to mention the highly debated topic of whether or not Liverpool should be allowed to enter The Champions League next season after winning it this year but failing to qualify in the usual fashion in The Premiership.

I am not a Liverpool fan but think they should be given the chance to defend their title, however this must NOT be at the expense of any other club, be it Everton, Manchester United or some small Slovakian team.

I cannot see how Liverpool can just be dumped in the competition with all the other clubs, the numbers just wouldn’t add up, there would be one club too many.

The fairest possible way is for Uefa to offer all qualified clubs a large sum of money as well as a guaranteed place in The Uefa Cup to surrender their Champions League place which will be then handed to Liverpool. The money handed over will be taken from any prize money given to Liverpool.

“Minnow” teams who still need to qualify for The Champions League GROUP STAGES may jump at the chance. They may have to face teams like Manchester United in the qualifying stages and therefore their chances of reaching those group stages is extremely slim.

A guaranteed Uefa Cup spot as well as a wealthy addition to the transfer kitty would be welcomed by some I am sure. If no clubs volunteer their place then Liverpool will have to make do with the Uefa Cup themselves.

Liverpool win it, should they be allowed to defend it?

Next season Uefa need to make some decision in case this ever happens again. This decision must be made BEFORE the season starts. One idea for the decision would be if a team like Liverpool failed to qualify for The Champions League via The Premiership but won the European competition, they would take the place of the nearest team in their country, in this years case – Everton. I must stress, this must NOT happen this time. It would be totally unfair on Everton who have done wonders to reach fourth place.

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Hehehehe! I’ve just stumbled across this excellent blog site supposedly written by one of the sons of American business tycoon Malcolm Glazer who has taken over Manchester United…. I mean Manchester Buccaneers.

It is obvious that this site is a joke, no American is that stupid (or are they Mr. Bush?). Some Liverpool, Man City or Leeds fan is probably having a great time writing it, but all the same it is extremely funny.

Make sure you read them comments sent in my Manchester Buccaneers fans, they’re taking it so seriously and are all moaning, crying and threatening the blog owner. It’s just pure quality!

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The American’s just don’t do football, or what they would call it “soccer”. Mind you judging by yesterdays game neither do England. Last nights “SoccerTainment” match between England and USA was dire to say the least. I watched the first half in the pub but left at half time in disgust.

Fair play to Sven for fielding a team of youngsters and previously uncapped players, they do deserve to prove themselves ahead of the World Cup Finals next summer but based upon last nights game I can’t see any new faces joining England in Germany.

The only player who sold himself well was Kieran Richardson (ManU player who was on loan at West Brom this season). He scored two goals on his debut, both in the first half.

While the American’s pushed England and played well, although scoring a goal they never looked like beating a poor England side. Just shows, they made be arguably the strongest country in the world not at football though!

Still, there were a few good players, maybe new Manchester United owner Malcolm Glazer was at the game scouting out new Yankees to play at Old Trafford!!! :o)

While on the topic of football I ordered the new Leeds United home shirt on Friday. Not over the internet, I’m not making the same mistake as last year! I rang up the order line. I should have the shirt by 4th June, wonder if they’ll get it right this year?

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Big Brother 6 is now in full swing. 13 new housemates have entered the house. Like you I know little about them, but here are my first impressions on the brave, stupid fools….


I really hate this housemate. His manner is nauseating. He talks down to the viewer and fellow housemates (this will cause many conflicts) and has very strong and often controversial opinions.



Thick Northern girl who couldn’t even work out how to open the door to get into the house, mind you she probably didn’t see the door past her XXL bust. Very self-opinionated and thinks she is a lot better than she is. Makes you wonder if they have mirrors in Huddersfield.



Again very unmodest and has very strong opinions on what she does NOT like. Sells herself using the “Sex Card” far too much in her auditions. If she is not hiding something interesting she will leave the house early on.



My favourite housemate so far. Like Bubble from BB2 likes his football, beer and ladies. Reminds me of a London cab driver, comically rants about what he likes and hates about the world. Can see him doing well.



Absolutely awful woman! Terrible, terrible, terrible. She is the real life Vicky Pollard “Yeah, but yeah but no but….” Someone needs to gag her, I don’t think I can stand her for long.



One word – shallow. Acts like he is from a talentless boy band. He will be a dull character but unfortunately will do well as he’ll get the ladies vote.



Acts and looks like a character straight out of Goodfellas. Fiery Italian who is now living in Liverpool. He looks like he could be part of the mafia. Maybe Big Brother should watch out when issuing him with evil tasks.



Says she is good looking – if you like large hair and large ear rings. Seems a very calm and pleasant lady although appears she could have a real temper. Anyone who pisses her off will probably know about it.



I HATE this person. HATE him. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is an unnecessary profanity. He has some terrible views on society. Appears to be a fat, self-opinionated, wanker. Hope he offends someone in the house who can give him a smack in the mouth – he needs one.



Very scary lady. Looks like the girl from The Exorcist. A self confessed white witch. One of these people who believes heavily in the paranormal. Could be an interesting housemate whose beliefs offend and disturb housemates.



He may dress and talk like Ali G but I like Science. Good character and seems genuine. He’ll certainly defend himself in a confrontation but I think will be a good, fair housemate.



Boring girl who boasts about how she is natural, likes sport and farting. Trying to sell herself too much I think and appears to be shallow. Has some very controversial view on immigrants coming into Britain “they all wanna kill us, bomb us” was just one opinion which I’m sure will be challenged.



The male equivalent of Vanessa. Will not shut up, needs a slap and behaves like he has ODed on Speed.

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Phew! What a really hot day! It would be great if it weren’t for the fact I was stuck in an office all day. It is now a Bank Holiday weekend so hopefully the next three days will be just as good.

It’s still very hot and I’m sitting here in my Barcelona football shirt (Spanish shirts seem to be much cooler than English ones!), playing some great music and am getting ready for some friends coming round for an evening of curry and Big Brother.

There seems to be some strange obsession held by myself and millions of other Brits involving watching a group of people live it out in a strange house over two months, being handed degrading tasks, fight amongst themselves in between sleeping, drinking, sleeping, smoking, sleeping and cooking.

Still love it or hate it (I love it!), there is little way of avoiding it completely as lazy news journalists give themselves the summer off reporting real news and get “Exclusive” gossip for their particular tabloid.

If you really want to avoid the Big Brother phenomena I suppose you could find some cave to live in until mid-August but you’ll probably discover you’re sharing it with some Taliban terrorist who is getting Big Brother updates via SMS.

One last thing for Big Brother housemates to remember – when you see Davina McCall, don’t say “Fuck” or “Bugger”!

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