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John came round on Friday. We were planning on going to Nandos, but upon getting there, people were queuing out of the restaurant door. Not wanting to wait hours and end up having Peri Peri chicken for our breakfast, we decided to drive out of town to The George pub in Bathampton. The meal was nice.

While eating, I overheared a woman, who must have been at least 25 stone, tell her husband “I’ve just been told they’ve sold out of the salad. I’ve had to order the Mixed Grill instead”. I’m sure that must have been gutting for the greedy cow.

I couldn’t help but notice those TV ads doing the rounds for Kenco Millicano coffee. You’ve probably seen them yourself. The one where some mother walks into her son’s school and takes away the coffee he has brought in for a harvest festival and gives him a tin of mouldy old peaches. I think another ad shows a couple about to have sex on the kitchen, but immediately stop after knocking over a packet of the coffee. If only Imogen Thomas had smashed a coffee jar during her night with Ryan Giggs, it would have saved no end of problems.

I’ve got a coffee machine in my flat, but also drink coffee in work. The instant coffee I drink there doesn’t come close to the real stuff, so Kenco’s promise of “instant real coffee” was appealing. I bought a packet and after sampling, I have to admit, I am impressed. It doesn’t share the quality of freshly made coffee, of that I am not surprised. However, it is by far the best instant coffee I have tasted. I’ll be bouncing off the walls when I return to work on Tuesday.

Last nights Champions League final was most delightful. Not only because I am a Barca fan (well, they’re my “foreign” team), but because they beat Manchester United. Barca didn’t just beat ManU, they destroyed them. If the performance could have been foreseen, ITV would have had to issue a warning pre-match that the upcoming programme contains frequent scenes of rape.

This isn’t me having a go at Manchester United (although, it was funny). They were simply outclassed. Barca were simply a joy to watch and gave everyone a lesson in football – most notably Fergie and his boys.

I know this blog will result in a barrage of comments from bitter Man Utd fans (anything anti-ManU usually does). Let me say this in advance – it’s football, get over yourselves. People support and like different teams. I know this may be hard to believe, seeing as I live in Somerset, but I dislike your team. Any comments will be marked as spam, unless they amuse me and I’ll approve them, simply for the purpose of ridicule.

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So, Ryan Giggs has been named as the player with the super injunction. Hardly breaking news. What the outing does mean however is that we can all joke about it without the fear of being taken to court and having to pay compensation towards Mr. Giggs’ retirement fund.

As much as I don’t like Manchester United, I am not going to make jokes about Giggs. There is a place for that and it’s called Sickipedia. And Twitter. And Facebook. And… well, most websites on the internet.

No, on a serious note I am still trying to get my head around the fact that Giggs has the nerve to carry on acting like he has been unfairly treated…


No better than Ashley Cole, John Terry, Osama bin Laden or Wayne Rooney. OK, maybe that last one was a bit too far.

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In a bold move to be adventurous, brave and daring, I will tonight be revealing a world exclusive on my blog.

I could end up being sued for everything I own or even end up in prison. However, that is the risk I am prepared to take to let the world know the truth.

So, in what could possibly be my last ever blog entry before I am locked up…

The football player behind the super-injunction is… Ryan Giggs.

Shocking isn’t it. World exclusive. Be amazed at the power of my blog. I better go, I can hear the police sirens already.

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Apologies for anyone who doesn’t like football or random blogs without any meaning or substance… this is one of those.

What a stressless end to the football season it has been. Mainly because neither Bath City nor Leeds United have been involved with the Play Offs as in previous years!

I have however, enjoyed watching all the football which has been on television this past week involving other teams battling it out for promotion.

Heartfelt congratulations go out to AFC Wimbledon for winning their play off final and gaining promotion to the Football League. The sooner they catch MK Dons (who stole the original Wimbledon Football Club), the better. With AFC’s promotion and MK’s loss in the play offs, it seems the day the ‘real’ Wimbledon overtake the franchise on the football pyramid is only a matter of time.

I can’t say I was sad to see Cardiff City lose to Reading in the Play Offs. When the majority of a teams best players are signed on loan from other football teams, you can’t help but feel they have an unfair advantage over everyone else.

Like every football fan in the universe, I was saddened to see Blackpool relegated today. I always looked out for their results and wished them well. Although now they’re in the same division as Leeds, my good-wishes won’t be as forthcoming.

And that’s about it. I know some team won the Premier League, but that doesn’t really matter, especially when you have the entire media and the referees supporting you. Nevermind the 12th man, they have the 13th, 14th and 15th…

I’ve already congratulated Bath City on an amazing season, but there is no harm in doing it again and reminding everyone that they are the highest-placed part time team in the whole of England. Some achievement by the players, management and supporters!

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I’m getting a bit fed up about this story about a Premier League footballer getting a super injunction and now suing Twitter because somebody revealed his identity.

It’s got to the stage where this footballer is making himself out to be a victim. Let us not forget, his committed adultery, cheated on his wife and screwed over his family. If this mystery man doesn’t like the consequences, maybe he should have thought about them before jumping into bed with another woman.

While I cannot reveal which professional footballer player holds the injunction, I can reveal that it is not Wes Brown – the clue being the word ‘professional’ footballer.

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