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Well, the BBC failed to meet my demands and send me my IMP login details. Because of this, Terry Wogan will be locked up in my basement and not released until January 2008 – that’s right Mr. Beeb, you’ll have to find someone else to do Aunties Christmas Bloomers.

I did however get access to iPlayer, using a rogue account given to me by my “dodgy friend” – you know the type, everyone has one – the mate who is always downloading & uploading illegal files over the net, takes the odd recreational drug, rides his bike on the pavement, and could probably get someone killed if you asked him very nicely. For animosity, I’ll refer to him as “Whitey” – or Jon for short.

Anyway, iPlayer is now installed and I am downloading last Thursday’s edition of Mock the Week. It is an extremely slow process. I had to check my computer to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently connected to the internet using my 56k modem.

For a company who forces all UK residents to pay them in excess of £100 a year, I would have thought the BBC would have come up with something at least half decent, and not this piece of crap which resembles a college student’s attempt of an illegal peer to peer application. Channel 4’s service, 4od is much better.

Now listen here BBC! If you don’t sort this out, I will have to take matters into my own hands again! I will kidnap another one of your “much loved” personalities. I did actually plan on taking Mike Reid hostage, but that kind of backfired on Sunday. If IMP is not working to my liking by Friday morning, I will kidnap JONATHAN ROSS – who’s going to present your Friday evening show now? MwaHaHaHaHa!

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I went to watch Bath City play Yate this evening. I didn’t think I would be returning to the place where City won the title for quite some time – luckily it was in a friendly and not a league match.

City won the game 3-0, but the result was marred by an injury to goalkeeper, Paul Evans. He appeared to hurt his head/neck in a collision and had to be taken off, leaving everyone’s favourite striker, Phil Walsh to go in goal.

At halftime, Evo was taken to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol after vomiting in the changing room. I saw him before leaving for the hospital, and he didn’t look good at all – he was shaking and appeared very pale – mind you, he had just puked up his dinner all over the changing room floor and players’ bags.

I was later informed that he was suffering from concussion and the trip to hospital was simply a precaution. I hope makes a fast recovery and doesn’t have to endure a 7 hour wait in A&E alongside drunks, chefs with missing fingers, and children with buckets stuck on their heads.

I was also amused when the physio handed a fan a vomit-filled bucket, and asked him to place it in the medical room. Bath City midfielder, Mike Green noticed this and his face turned the colour of his namesake – he ran off muttering “I’m not getting involved in this”.

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How weird is this? Rihanna’s stupid Um-ber-ella song is no longer at No.1 in the singles chart, and today the weather is really nice and sunny – it’s looking great for the rest of the week too. It is almost as if her 10 week reign coincided with the 10 weeks of torrential rain we’ve been experiencing. Spooky.

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I was saddened to hear the news that Mike Reid, most famous for playing Frank Butcher in EastEnders, died today.

Mike Reid’s fluorescent toothed character was always my favourite East-ender, and the soap was never the same after he left – one of the reasons I stopped watching it. Anyone remembr this?

R.I.P. Guvnor

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Nope, I am not on about those annoying mutant imps found in Doom.

The imp I want is something totally different – an Integrated Media Player – otherwise known as the BBC iPlayer. This is a project the BBC have been working on for what seems like years (hang on, it has been!). Basically, it allows users to download BBC TV shows from the internet. For someone like me, who no longer has Sky+, it is a great invention.

After 3 years of testing and trials, the BETA (yes, you read that right) version was released on Friday. The BBC announced the news to everyone via TV, radio, internet and carrier pigeon. I signed up on Friday evening and was told that I would receive my login details shortly – they are yet to arrive.

It seems I am not the only person awaiting the almighty userID and password required to access the iPlayer. My friend, Mr. Watkins is also without access, as are various users of the Digital Spy forums. Annoyingly, another one of my friends has TWO accounts. One of which he gave to me. Due to complications though, I wasn’t able to use it.

So, this is a plea, no, a THREAT to the BBC…


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