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Apparently I bare similarities and mannerism to Eugene from Big Brother 6. If I was to be likened to any of the previous Big Brother contestants, I would want it to be the legend that is Mr. Sully.

Now, unless the Big Brother house blows up, or there is a total overhaul of all this years’ contestants, I will not be mentioning the series at all on my blog. The entrants were simply ghastly. End.

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I met Simon this afternoon. We had planned on finding a pub to watch the Championship Play Off Final. The Weston pub was closed, and The New Crown wasn’t showing any football, so we ventured across the river into BA2 and decided to check out The Golden Fleece.

The Fleece was showing the football, but annoyingly when Simon tried to buy a beer, he was refused as he wasn’t carrying any ID. I gave it a go, I too was refused. Bastards. I’m a little used to this harsh treatment, having been IDed by both Coopers and Sainsbury’s in recent months, but I expected better from Simon. Needless to say, we won’t be going there again.

At half time we took our youthful looks elsewhere to find a pub where we would be able to drink alcohol without prejudice. All the pubs in Twerton High Street were closed too! What was going on? In the end we decided to head back into the safety of BA1 and drink at The Dolphin. They weren’t showing the football, but at least I was able to have a relaxing drink, with good company in nice surroundings.

Even though I missed the match, I still had a good time. Just a shame my clothes were left stinking of smoke from my visit to The Fleece. Roll on 1st July!

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I changed my Xbox Live gamertag yesterday. I am now known as Somerset Ninja. Has it improved my game on Gears of War? Actually, it has a little. Since changing my name, I have made a few kills and am surviving for longer – although you could argue that all this practice is paying off.

Somerset Ninja wasn’t my first choice however. Here are some other tags I wanted which were unfortunately taken

  • XBox Ninja
  • Virtual Ninja
  • Roman Ninja
  • XBox Roman

… Don’t ask where the Ninja/Roman obsession stemmed from.

While in the Xbox Marketplace, I also bought a couple of games from the arcade – Doom and Worms. These may be old, but they’re classics and will be great fun in multiplayer.

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What is it with this English weather? I’m lying in bed right now, it’s pissing down outside and is freezing cold – anyone would think it’s the autumn!

Spring Bank Holiday. I suppose it would be too much to expect three hot and sunny days (even one would be welcome), where one could enjoy a nice riverside walk and a few hours in a pub beer garden.

I’m off to sleep now *shiver, shiver*

Rant over

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I may not have won anything on that stupid duck game yesterday, but I didn’t leave Weston empty handed. Look what is taking pride of place next to the fish tank in my flat – does it seem familiar? :o)

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