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Could this be the end of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption video game series?

I read the worrying news that Dan Houser – co-founder of Rockstar Games – has left the company.

This is a huge announcement in the world of video games  Dan Houser was the primary creator of the two greatest game series ever made.

Without GTA and Red Dead, I may as well put the PlayStation 4 in the garage and buy a Sega Master System off Ebay.

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Like me, you have probably noticed that it isn’t unusual to see very young children playing on iPads, Fire tablets and the like.

Is this the norm these days?

It amuses me how there are no doubt one-year-old babies, who know more about using an iPad than their 60-year-old granddad.

I remember showing my parents how to set the timer on the video recorder, but I had at least started school by then!

The reason for this blog, is because my Mum found one of my favourite childhood toys in her loft.

Unlike kids toys of today, mine didn’t run on batteries. There wasn’t even a USB port!

Introducing, the car mat…


I had endless hours of fun with my mat and collection of toy cars – most likely Hot Wheels and Micro Machines. I guess today’s equivalent of this is Grand Theft Auto 5.


I would like to say that I lovingly played with that car mat into my teenage years, but I soon discovered Sega…

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And the winner for ‘Most Original Logo 2020’ goes to…

The Sony PlayStation 5.

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… this bad boy went on sale in such, now deceased, retailers as Electronics Boutique, Our Price and Woolworths.

It would be another 18 months, until I was able to get my grubby little mits on one.

As anyone from the time will recall, there was always an agonising period of anxiety, at he “PS” logo, while you would pray for the game to launch and that the PlayStation would not fail. An all too frequent problem, especially as the old girl entered her twilight years.

Getting the machine chipped and burning games onto CDRs, probably didn’t help. Not that I ever partook in that kind of illegal activity…

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I completed the story mode on Red Dead Redemption 2 ages ago.

Since then, I have continued to play the game on a regular basis – something which is no doubt a frustration of my wife, but also, surprisingly, me.

The reason for my impatience is that there are loads of little tasks to undertake, should you wish to reach full completion and a deep sense of satisfaction.

One of these tasks involves, to put it in basic terms, playing the role of David Attenborough. In case you were wondering, no, you don’t organise international campaigns, to clear our oceans of plastic bottles. Did plastic even exist in the Wild West?

The Sir David Attenborough Award (named by yours truly), involves locating and studying all of the game’s wildlife. It is also a requirement to shoot and skin most of the 170-plus animals, located in various spots across the vast virtual landscape – something more Bear Grylls than our Davey. I am making good progress with this task, although one creature has eluded me for ages – the Californian Horned Owl.

I’ve spent the last 3 days stood aimlessly, in a desert – the reported location for the owl. Sometimes a bird will appear in the night’s sky – it’s nearly always a bloody raven. Almost always a raven, never an owl.

I have only seen the owl a small number of times. However, whenever I try to study the damn thing, it flies off! Out of frustration, I did once shoot it, so at least I have its skin and feathers.

Maybe the game is teaching me a lesson in animal welfare? You killed that poor owl. You are a muderer! No more birdies left for you to study now.

As a result of this lesser-spotted owl, I’m  left with a dilemma. For how much longer do I continue searching for it?

I recently treated myself to a number of other games, as well as receiving a couple for Christmas. Do I call it a day with RDR2 and with a heavy heart, move on?

As they say, there’s plenty more fish in the sea, or in this case, games in my collection.

Don’t worry about me. Owl get over it.

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