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Many toys out the pram and thumbs sucked red raw tonight 🙁

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I had a lovely couple of days up t’north, seeing Claire in Walsall. There was no trip to the football this time (the players are all on holiday). Instead, we enjoyed each others company, and I received a tour of Walsall town centre.

The weekend was over far too quick though – I cannot believe its time for work again tomorrow morning. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

I rounded off my excellent weekend with a trip to the Dolphin, where I met Simon and enjoyed a pint of Pedigree, while discussing the recent football and cricket activities – as well as Michael Jackson.

However, I am now very tired – thanks mainly to a combination of early mornings, travelling and hot, muggy weather – if there’s going to be a thunderstorm, get it over and done with!

All we’ve had these last few days have been random droplets of rain and flirtations of thunder. In anticipation of the mother of all electrical storms, I’m unplugging my PC and AV equipment from the mains on a nightly basis – all for nothing.

On that note, it’s time for bed.

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For the last two weeks, I have been avidly watching Stuart Pearce’s England U21 side in the European U21 European Championships.

They have been doing very well of late, and I have been happy to report good things to friends, colleagues and anyone else I can get to listen to by inane drivel.

The England babbies played Sweden in the semi final this evening. All was going well at half time – England winning 3-0. I even muttered the words which no football fan should ever say “nothing can go wrong now”…

45 minutes later, England had let in 3 goals and were looking defeat and a trip back home, straight in the face. I was not at all pleased, but strangely not at all surprised.

After a tedious 30 minutes of extra time, it was a penalty shoot out. This caused memories of 1996, 1998, 2004 and 2006 to come flooding back – not to mention numerous disappointing shootouts involving Bath City and Leeds which I have had the displeasure of watching.

In a state of despair, I did something I have never done before. I turned the TV off. I walked away from the laptop. I set the mobile phone to silent. I then did the washing up and got changed. When I returned, some 8 minutes later, I was delighted to see England had won!

I have NEVER seen England win a shoot out (for some reason, I can’t remember the 1996 Spain game), but have seen far too many defeats on penalties. I now hold myself solely responsible – Pearce, Southgate, Batty, Beckham, Vassell… you are all forgiven – it wasn’t your fault.

Therefore, from now on, every time England find themselves in a dreaded shootout (which they will), I have no choice but to leave the living room/pub/ground where I am watching the match, and hope and pray England win – which they will, as I am a jinx and will not be present.

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Not only did Michael Jackson’s untimely death cause Google’s servers to stumble; it also brought down everyone’s favourite website for black comedy and inappropriate jokes, Sickipedia.

While on the website today (for research purposes only), I was presented with this error.

It seems so many people out there are also trying to do ‘research’ on the king of pop… you sick, sick bastards.

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In my latest bid to get Jeff Stelling’s job on Gillette Soccer Saturday, I have agreed to take over the ‘live updates’ service for Bath City FC next season.

This basically involves updating a website of any goals, sendings off and general referee debacles seen at any normal Bath City match, as they happen.

With the help of a fellow fan, who did some PHP coding for me, I have created a new website which will include all the fascinating information –

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