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Leeds promoted on the Saturday. Bath City promoted on the Sunday.

Anyone who thinks it must have been fun, clearly isn’t a football fan. One of the most stressful weekends of my life!

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Now, children, this is what grownups call a cop-out…

The National League Board met earlier today and has reviewed its prior decision to suspend the competition until at least 3rd April 2020.

In consideration of the very serious and unprecedented national public health emergency caused by the coronavirus, the Board has taken the decision to suspend the National League, National League North and National League South competitions indefinitely.

The National League is currently obtaining specialist legal advice, is consulting regularly with The Football Association and other stakeholders, and is committed to involving its member clubs in a pending decision on how best to conclude the 2019/20 season.

Those responsible for making the decisions must have very sore bottoms. Their rear ends will be full of splinters, after sitting on top of that fence for so long.

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March 11th 2020 will forever go down in history as one of the most important dates in the history of Bath City Football Club.

This afternoon, representatives from the club met with the Bath & North East Somerset Planning Committee, to put forward their plans to redevelop the Twerton Park football ground, as well as the neighbouring high street.

Following lengthy negotiations, the planning committee made the decision to reject the proposals put before them.

This is naturally a massive blow for many connected with the football club, not least all the individuals who worked tirelessly, for over two years, planning what looked like a project not just beneficial to fans of Bath City, but residents of Twerton, Bath and beyond.

Today’s meeting was streamed live over the internet, so I was able to hear arguments for and against the redevelopment.

Personally, I want the best for Bath City Football Club and know how important the redevelopment was to its longterm future.

There were aspects of the plans that I did not like – most notably, the use of an artificial football pitch, instead of grass. I am aware that many other supporters shared this particular view.

Despite feeling strongly against football being played on any surface that isn’t grass, I was prepared to accept the major change if it was to allow Bath City to develop competitively.

Many of the other concerns relate to the student accommodation and the impact it would have on the local area.

I do not know if student accommodation was included in the plans as a means of funding the redevelopment. If this was the case, I can see why the decision was made to do so.

If the project could have been executed without catering for an ever-growing student population, I believe that would have been wise.

I am also no hypocrite and know that thousands of Bath citizens are concerned about the number of students in the city. It is no surprise that many residents of Twerton were concerned about introducing more students, right onto their doorstep.

I live in Lower Weston. A delightful area of Bath. I have fields behind my house. How would I feel if a block of student flats were built close to my home? I would be devastated.

I can therefore understand the reasons why there have been worries from those whose homes are in Twerton.

It would be wrong of me to think differently and I am certainly not one of those people with the mentality of “I’m all for it, but not in my back yard!”.

I didn’t want to post my thoughts anywhere before today’s decision had been made, for fear that my views may jeopardise the outcome – despite it being unlikely that anyone would read them.

I am also aware that students were not the only concern raised today and am certainly in no position to say whether or not the plans would have been approved without their controversial inclusion.

As a City fan, I hope and pray that another solution can be found, which will secure Bath City’s future for generations.

Where the club go from here, I do not know. It would certainly be unfair if I was to speculate on what Bath City will do next.

The official Bath City website did publish a statement prior to the redevelopment meeting, including what would happen should the plans be rejected…

Risk Bath City leaving the city and leaving Twerton and the stadium site to an uncertain future, without the positive influences of the Club – there is no guarantee we can try again

To me, this doesn’t sound good news at all, and there could be worrying times ahead at Twerton Park.

Finally, as a City fan, I would like to thank every single person involved in preparing and presenting the redevelopment plans. Thousands of hours of work must have gone into the project and it is a massive shame that an agreement with the planning committee could not be reached.

Hopefully next time, we’ll have some better news.

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Claire had a rare day away from the house, leaving me all by myself. I felt just like a young Macaulay Culkin in that film, where he found himself left home alone. I can never remember that movies name…

I wasn’t totally without company, I had a companion, and I don’t mean Elf on the Shelf! Roman was in his run downstairs.

Given the fact that I continue to remain unable to get out of bed, without the assistance of my wife, I was only able to see our bunny by using the webcam I have setup.

We had purposely left the television on for him. Roman is a sociable house rabbit and therefore gets distressed, even frightened, when left by himself.

You hear of dog owners leaving the radio on for their beloved pets, well we leave the telly on for ours! As I have shown on many previous blog posts, Roman will sit back, face the screen and fall asleep, happy and relaxed.

One of his favourite channels is Sky Sports News. Claire and I often have this on, almost as background noise, despite not actively watching it. I think because of this, Roman has become accustomed to the channel and therefore finds it a strangely calming influence.

His other favourite programme to watch is Keeping Up Appearances. He loves the adventures of Hyacinth Bucket and her long-suffering husband. Again, this is most likely due to familiarity, as the sitcom is also enjoyed by Claire and me.

While using the webcam to check up on Roman this morning, I noticed that he had not emerged from behind his litter tray for quite a while. This was surprising. Food was in his bowl and good old Sky Sports was on the box.

By using a series of clever apps on my mobile phone, I managed to connect to my gadgets downstairs, turn off Sky and begin to play episodes of Mrs Bucket.

I shouted from my bed, making Roman aware that he was not the only living-being in the house. My bellows, along with that familiar Keeping Up Appearances theme tune, were enough to bring my fluffy friend to life.

Upon the realisation that everything was ok in the world, I was able to observe him running and skipping around his run.

Roman then did something that he had not done before. Having heard my voice, he began to search for me. My heart melted. It was such a cute sight to witness.

He looked to the wall and the door, from where I normally appear. After a while of being unable to spot me, Roman climbed upon his hay box and standing on his back legs, searched towards the sofa, for where I could be seated.

After that, I left Rome alone, in order to return to his BBC sitcoms. I watched the Ken Loach film, I, Daniel Blake, which I have been meaning to watch for a while. I will try to write a little bit, containing my thoughts on what I saw, but will do so on another day, as the content was rather heavy – who would ever have thought that, for a Ken Loach production!

I kept with Saturday afternoon tradition, and followed the football scores. Leeds had a weekend off, so were unable to ruin my weekend. Even they haven’t found a way to lose without kicking a ball, but I am sure if it was possible to do so, Leeds would find a way.

While Leeds failed to find a way in which to cause me anger, Bath City more than made up for it.

The Romans have been performing exceptionally well this season and before today, occupied second place in the league. Wealdstone are the ones to catch, sitting top of the table.

‘The Romans’ faced ‘The Stones’ this afternoon. Considering the permutations of the result, this was always going to be a high-profile fixture. Therefore, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that this is where Claire had chosen to go today.

Now, my wife is as passionate a supporter as they come. I was too, until my health severely restricted the number of home games I can attend and sadly fully prevents me from travelling away – there is no way of getting my mobility scooter or wheelchair on the coach. Then there’s getting me up the steps…

Despite Claire’s dedication to the Bath City cause, I am sure even she somewhat regretted not staying at home in the warm with her two boys – Hubby and Bunny.

Bath City lost and failed to score. Fancy a guess as to how many goals Wealdstone put past City today?

Not 1
Not 2
Not 3, 4 or 5
Not even 6
The answer is 7…

SEVEN. A 7-0 defeat. I’ve seen City lose to some heavy scorelines – 7-1 and 6-0 – but never quite as bad as today.


I guess Roman and me were the only City fans not to have an utterly rubbish Saturday – not that receiving seven goal alerts from Wealdstone was a barrel of laughs for me. If I wanted to feel depressed, I would have watched that Ken Loach film again!

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Over four and a half years ago, Bath City took on a little-known team from Essex called Concord Rangers.

City held onto a 1-0 scoreline for much of the game and it looked like they would take all three points.

Unfortunately, Concord equalised late into the match. What can I say? It happens. Considering that this took place almost five years ago and the result had no significant impact on the season, I feel that I have got over it!

I can’t really remember much about the game at all, apart from one incident involving their manager, Danny Cowley. Upon witnessing his team equalise, Concord’s boss ran to the Bath City bench, before spotting Twerton Park legend, Jim Rollo, and shouting like a yob, “I remember you! You’re a c**t!”

I remember you too, Danny.

I am sure you will agree, that kind of behaviour is disgusting – especially when addressing a hero like Jim Rollo. Sorry, Sir Jim Rollo.

Why am I bringing all of this back up now? Well, since that dark day of obscene profanity, Danny Cowley has been doing rather well for himself, progressing from club to club, climbing the football pyramid and his own career ladder. Despite his previous indiscretion, I can bring myself to congratulate the man on his achievements.

It just so happens, that this afternoon, Mr Cowley finally got the chance to take on my other team – Leeds United.

The former-Concord boss is now managing Huddersfield Town. Anyone who knows about football, or geography for that matter, will be aware that this is a local fixture for Leeds.

These derbies can be notoriously difficult, despite the fact Leeds are having a superb season, and Huddersfield are struggling.

Leeds thankfully won the game, to return to the top of the league.

How did Danny Cowley react? Did he call the world-famous Leeds manager, Marcelo Bielsa, a bad four-letter word?

Of course not…

Arse kisser Cowley. *

* admittedly, given the chance, I would kiss Marcelo Bielsa’s behind too.

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