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Being a Bath City Loner
I was first introduced to Bath City Football Club, by a friend of a friend. Owen lived in London, but was visiting his hometown of Bath. It was over a pint, one evening, that I was invited by Owen to join him and his Father, the following day, at Twerton Park – the home of The Romans.

My first match was against local rivals, Chippenham Town. Prior to that day, the only live football I had seen was following Leeds, plus one visit to Bristol City. Despite Twerton Park being hundreds of miles apart from Leeds’ home of Elland Road – both geographically and structurally – I loved the atmosphere, promising myself that I would return.

Return I did. The next time Owen was in Bath. We watched an FA Cup game. I managed to drag my good friend, Simon, along a couple of months later.

By this point, I was itching to attend as many home games as possible. The problem was, that I could not persuade any friends, colleagues or family to give up their time, alternate Saturday afternoons, to join me in standing on a cold terrace, watching 22 men chasing a ball around a muddy field, in what many would regard as amateur, compared to “what you see on the telly”.

I had fallen in love with Bath City and soon realised that the only way in which our relationship could grow and blossom, would be if I went to games on my own. I bravely started to go solo. I was a Bath City Loner.

So why do I not regret this? Besides making many friends, as well was witnessing two promotions and a memorable FA Cup run, I also met somebody very special…

Her name was Claire. We became close and it wasn’t long before Claire became my girlfriend. Almost 5 years later, I asked her to marry me. Luckily she said “yes”! Then, in 2015, while finally living together, we tied the knot, on the happiest day of my life.

That girl I first met in 2007, a fellow fan of The Romans, is now Mrs Kitson. We are very happily married, have bought a home together and own a little house rabbit named Roman… after The Romans.

Had I not been brave and made myself attend Bath City games alone, things would have turned out very differently. I certainly wouldn’t be married to the love of my life.

That is why I don’t regret once being a Bath City Loner.

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When the clock struck midnight on the night of 31st December 2017, and all the fireworks started to go off, making Weston Village sound like Kabul, we were certain of one thing… it was the year 2018. Likewise, when we received this season’s Bath City football fixtures, and saw that on New Year’s Day, we would face Weston Super Mare away, there was equal certainty that the game would be called off, due to a waterlogged pitch.

The days between Christmas and New Year had seen a bit of rain – nothing significant, and certainly not enough of a downfall to flood a football pitch. However, when the seaside club announced an early morning pitch inspection, on the day of the match, we all knew it would be off. The pitch was passed playable, following the inspection. We still knew there would be no football that day…

I stayed at home for this one. I was smart. A mixture of die-hard loyalty and foolishness saw many fans, including Claire, make the trip to WSM on a minibus. It was while aboard, somewhere in the middle of deepest, darkest Somerset, that the travelling army of loyal fans learnt that the game had been called off. The matchday referee deemed the pitch unplayable. I felt for those on that minibus.

The reason I took to my blog to write about this, is because this is not the first time this has happened. Nor is it the second, third or even fourth. According to one supporter, this particular fixture has been called off, with very little notice, five out of six times. The only time Weston Super Mare managed to get the match on, when it was originally intended, was when it was played in August!

Like my wife and other fellow fans, I have been stung by this face many a time. I don’t travel away as much these days, but have already sworn never to return to Weston Super Mare. Judging by the reaction of the understandably disgruntled Bath City fans, who attempted to make yesterday’s trip, I don’t think I will be alone in my boycott.

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Two weeks ago today, I was in Barcelona. I visited The Nou Camp – the biggest football stadium in Europe.

Tonight, I will be at Twerton Park – the home of Bath City Football Club – for their preseason friendly against Exeter.

Quite the comparison – Fortress Twerton will always be home for me.

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I support two football teams. Yes, I am committing the cardinal football sin. My crime is just one step away from changing sides, because your team is doing crap; or worse, becoming a Manchester United fan, when you live in Middlesex.

I have reason to support two clubs. I was born in York. I am therefore an exiled Yorkshireman. Leeds United is my “big team”, and because of my past, I have good reason to follow them. My second club is Bath City. I live in Bath. It should be the football law that you support your local side.

An unlikely event happened on Saturday. Both Leeds and Bath City won. Not only did they win, but they destroyed their opposition. Leeds beat Preston 3-0, while Bath travelled to deepest, darkest Essex and pummelled Concord Rangers 5-0. An amazing turnaround, considering City lost 5-1 at home the previous week!

Who knows what’ll happen to my beloved clubs next weekend. I suspect both will lose. Managers and players of Newcastle United and East Thurrock must be licking their lips.

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I’m at Bath City. Our season is effectively over. We can’t go up, we can’t go down. We’re playing Maidenhead United, who have an awful lot to play for – they’re top of the league.

We’ve only just started the second half and are losing 4-0, or is it 5? I’ve lost count.

Maidenhead fans are in full voice. Among their many songs is the classic “Can you hear the (Bath) City sing? I can’t hear a fucking thing”. If I was one to sing at football matches, I’d be offering a rendition of “Where were you when you were shit?” I’ve never seen so many Maidenhead fans until today!

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