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Simon – The Neville brothers – The cast of Corrie – David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd – Lanky the Giraffe


Me – Simon’s dad – The Wurzels – Sheppy’s cider farm – Stumpy the Dragon


It was just like David and Goliath, only this time David won.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Check here.

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A valuable lesson was learnt today – always read and, more importantly believe, what is written in the instruction manuals of freezers. I normally don’t.

This lead to an awkward incident this morning, involving my freezer, which had been crammed full with pizza, deciding to go mad, over-freezing everything and spewing out ice and water from under the door. It seems that you are not supposed to overfill your freezer.

After much swearing, crying and praying, as well as taking a pick-axe to the excess ice, it appears to have been fixed.

From now on, I will be storing lot less food in my freezer than I have been. This means either (a) buying less food for the freezer, or (b) eating more food from the freezer. Personally, “b” sounds the more fun option.

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I am now back home from the Forest Green/Leeds game

Very cold – it’s supposed to be summer!?

Very, very wet

Sodden clothes and soaking socks, which I had to sit in for the whole evening – I think I may have developed trench foot.

I had not heard of any of the Leeds players involved – Beckford & co had disappeared off to sunny Newcastle. Those players who did turn up lost 2-0. Excellent.

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Tomorrow evening, I’m off to Nailsworth to watch Leeds United play Forest Green Rovers in a pre-season friendly – my first Leeds game in over a year.

Leeds also have Newcastle United away on the same evening; therefore it has been widely reported that the youth and reserve side will be sent down to Gloucestershire.

However, after Newcastle’s display in their 6-1 defeat on Saturday, I think Leeds’ first team would benefit from a bigger challenge against the Blue Square Premier side.

Leeds will therefore probably send the under-12 side up to Tyneside, allowing their more regular players to receive a tougher test against a southern non-league outfit.

Another idea is for Leeds not to start with anyone at Newcastle, allowing the first team to play 45 minutes against Forest Green; before getting a plane up to the north-east and kicking a ball about for the remaining 5 minutes – Leeds would probably still win 2-0.

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