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Posted by sean on September 21, 2018 at 10:58 pm in Fun At Home with No Comments

On yesterday’s blog, I speculated on whether having a much overdue haircut would bring bad luck to Leeds United’s season. Yes, I did compare my hair to Samson’s.

I decided to go ahead with the haircut, as the photos below will prove. If Leeds lose at the weekend, I’ll be going through the bin, retrieving my hair and sticking it back on!

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The builders have finished fitting the new shower. Look how nice it is. Annoyingly, we have to refrain from using it for 24 hours. I can’t wait to have a wash – I haven’t used a shower since June!

You must think I surely stink. As I am still waiting for my left leg to heal, following the discovery of its fracture during my stay in hospital, I have been washing using water from the sink. This is a laborious way of washing yourself, which is why I am understandably eager to get wet in this new shower.

The work was finished at lunchtime, leaving Bob the Builder and his mate Scoop to finish early for the weekend. This wasn’t before Roman said his goodbyes. Disturbed by a conversation between the four humans – Claire, me, Bob and Scoop – Roman poked his little head up from behind his wooden box. There he stood on his hind legs, hovering like a meerkat, trying to find out what was going on.

Roman is such a character – if he isn’t sticking his tiny rabbit nose into our business, he’s acting like a tart, trying to get the attention of anyone who enters the room, in the hope they’ll give him a relaxing stroke, or better still, a bunny treat! Unsurprisingly, he got neither of these things from Bob or Scoop.

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Day 2 of the shower installation, and it looks like a lot of work was carried out in a short space of time.

The morning was a write off, as the builders were unable to continue with fitting the shower, because there was a problem with a supplier. This meant that they were unable to start work until midday. It also meant that when I needed a mid-morning poo, I didn’t have to ask the two men to evacuate the bathroom, in order to evacuate my bowels.

The shower so far…

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So we have had the builders in. They turned up predictably early. Unlike your stereotypical craftsman, one of the two turned down a cup of tea. However, his colleague did have a coffee, with enough sugar to cause an onset of diabetes.

To be fair to them, they were both very nice and friendly. They kept themselves to themselves and only disturbed us to say that they were turning the water off, and to say “hello” to Roman, who had clocked their presence and was jumping up at the bars of his pen, like a puppy with ADHD. He’s like that with people, as believes every visitor to the house is carrying hundreds of rabbit treats in their pockets.

The pair of builders did disappear around midday, presumably to some secret event in deepest, darkest Mordor, which only working class tradesmen know about. Claire and I were left intructions on how to deal with a delivery of shower parts, being made to our house. When the courier did arrive, he was more than a little peeved that they had scarpered.

Later this afternoon, with the builders back in the bathroom, I was having a relaxing hour with Claire, despite the sounds of hammering and sawing from upstairs. Claire was playing her Nintendo, while I enjoyed an audiobook. Our peace was suddenly disturbed when we heard a loud scream from upstairs. We feared the worse – somebody must have lost a limb. Moments later, we heard laughter. I don’t know what was going on, but as I write this blog, I have just had the disturbing thought that they could have seen a huge spider – a huge spider, which is still at large on the first floor of the house.

The builders left at four, promising that they would return in the morning. I bloody hope so! They’ve left the bathroom like this…

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The next 3 days are going to be a little stressful. Workmen will be in our house, taking control of our bathroom.

The reason behind this invasion, is that these men will be fitting a new walk-in shower cubicle. This will involve completely removing the bath and dumping it somewhere. The cow fields behind our house would be a good start – as a kid, I always remember finding baths in fields.

The worst part about the bathroom refurb is not the fact I will need to ask big, macho men permission to go for a wee (or worse), but the time they will arrive at the house to start work… 8.30am!

Anyway, this is what the bathroom looks like now. I’ll post another photo tomorrow evening, showing what’s been done. Hopefully the bath will be gone!

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