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My new Acer AT3201W LCD TV arrived Friday morning, totally unexpected as it wasn’t due to be delivered until Tuesday next week. I got a call at work from home asking if I had indeed ordered a 32” television and to say that the City Link courier driver was not impressed that nobody was available to help him unload the item, surely they should have slat trucks on the van?

Anyway, after unpacking from a massive box and a great deal of effort getting the thing up two flights of stairs my new piece of kit is now installed and very impressive it is too.

The picture quality is first class, a friend of mine had a plasma television and while some AV enthusiasts may disagree with me, I can’t notice a difference in picture quality compared with my LCD TV.

The TV has almost every input you could desire, RGB Scart, S-Video, Composite, VGA and DVI/HDCP (one for the future – High Definition Television) which is great as my previous telly just had an aerial and scart socket.

A full, professional and in-depth review of my television can be found here. It has scored pretty highly and came recommended to me from AV Forums, a message board full of Hi-Fi nuts who probably all have £20,000 overdrafts to pay for their appliances. They do know their stuff though.

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Just a quick blog to congratulate Leeds United for beating Stoke City 1-0 tonight. This victory moves The Mighty Whites up to 3rd in the league. American international Eddie Lewis scored the only goal of the game but special praise has to go to the goalkeeper Neil Sullivan who saved a penalty.

Well done to Leeds, keep it up. Here as always is a goal montage/commentary mix of the game.

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So I got a Sony NWA3000 MP3 walkman for Christmas. Very cool piece of kit and in my opinion better than those Apple IPods which look like sticks of chewing gum.

The walkman plays various types of audio files and in the same manner as an IPod (or any other MP3 player for that matter). It connects to a PC where you can drag and drop music tracks into it.

The walkman came in extremely useful travelling to and from Leeds the other day making what could have been a very boring and tedious journey just about bearable. Even though my travelling time exceeded 9 hours over 2 days there were no dying batteries, in fact the walkman’s internal power is supposed to work for 35 hours before the need for a re-charge.

All in all very pleased with my new piece of kit. It just takes AGES to drag 20gigs of MP3 files across from my laptop to walkman!

I myself have been spending money on technology. I thought my 28” Widescreen TV was looking a bit old (well, it’s almost 6 years) so after much thought have purchased a brand spanking new 32” High Definition LCD Television.

The Acer AT3201W came highly recommended to me and I decided to take the plunge. My lovely new piece of kit is set for delivery on Tuesday, just in time for the Arsenal – Man United game. In the meantime I have to make to with my tiny 28” TV, poor me! Here are the specs for my new television.

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Well I’m back home from my trip to Leeds after a nightmare car journey. Six fucking hours in a car moving at a snail pace through traffic jam after traffic jam. The journey from Bath to Leeds should only take 3 hours if there is no traffic!

The reason for the delay was millions of morons descending upon shopping centres across the country for the January Sales. There were tail backs for miles around every major city, shoppers from Meadowhill in Sheffield, Birmingham and Cribbs Causeway in Bristol.

Stuck somewhere on the M42, snowing outside, bored out my mind

The weather was very cold today, the gritter vans had their work cut out

On the way down to Bath I was listening to BBC Five Live, some psychologist was on talking about how idiotic shoppers are going over the top with these sales, queuing outside shopping centres in the freezing cold just to save a few pounds on an item they would never normally think of buying.

One shopper was on the news boasting how he queued outside a Next clothes shop from 2am and managed to buy a jumper for £32 which normally retailed for £49. Fucking madness, if you asked this man to freeze his bollocks off, sleeping rough for £17 (what he saved on the jumper) any other day of the year he would laugh at you, so why do it for the sales!!??

Anyway, back to the roads, these idiotic shoppers complete with Christmas holiday makers returning home lead to an afternoon of misery. Had Leeds not won 3-1 yesterday my last two days would have been a waste of time.

Lastly, as promised I have made this commentary mix of the Coventry game. Not up to my normal standard but I didn’t have much commentary clips to work from.

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I’ve only recently got back from Elland Road, watching Leeds United beat Coventry City 3-1. Great score line, performance wise it was very up and down. When Leeds played well they looked fabulous but when they played badly they were shocking.

For a lot of the game Coventry City bossed the midfield but some superb skill and finishing from Jonathan Douglas, Robbie Blake and Richard Cresswell got Leeds 3 goals and inevitably 3 valuable points.

A final honourable mention for Coventry City’s Don Hutchison who scored an absolute screamer of a goal. If you have Sky watch Football League Review, the goal was so impressive it even won applause from some of the Leeds fans.

Coventry City were awarded a dubious looking penalty. The Leeds fans, unimpressed did their very best to put off Gary McSheffrey, the penalty taker by shouting, stamping their feet and waving their arms. These distractions paid off, McSheffrey hit the bar – Hahahaha!!!!!

The atmosphere was also pretty good for a home match. A crowd of over 24,000 all taking part in a Mexican Wave is not something you see everyday.

I was able to record highlights of the game from BBC Radio Leeds onto my laptop. When I get home to Bath tomorrow I will make a commentary mix for the game and upload.

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