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Posted by sean on May 8, 2013 at 9:21 pm in Have I Got News For You with No Comments

The Queen could have died today. World War 3 could have been declared. A comet could be heading towards earth, giving the human race just 48 hours to live, before we are obliterated into space dust. However, none of us would know of this, because the only reported news today was of the retirement of Alex twatting Ferguson.

Before anyone says anything, I know this blog on the topic is a little hypocritical of the point I’m making.

Posted by sean on May 6, 2013 at 6:06 pm in Bath City, Football with No Comments

Not as impressive as recent seasons….

Games attended: 41
Goals seen: 124
Miles travelled to games: 1,540

Considering I covered more miles during April 2011 alone, this season’s effort has been poor. To be fair, it was to be expected with Bath City relegated to a regionalised, southern division.

Hopefully I’ll catch some Leeds games next season and Bath City will have a big FA Cup run, boosting my mileage.

Posted by sean on May 5, 2013 at 3:50 pm in Website Stuff with No Comments

I’m pretty pleased with myself for adding these features to the comments section on my blog. Should stop the spammers.

If they go to the effort of finding the answer to the question (pretty obvious if you read my blog), they deserve to have whatever shit they spam me with to be displayed.


Posted by sean on May 4, 2013 at 8:15 pm in Leeds United with No Comments

I don’t forget things very easily. Especially not heavily traumatic things, like travelling to Cardiff to watch my beloved Leeds United get beat 3-0 in the Play Off final by Watford. The events of that afternoon in May, almost seven years ago, still haunt me on an almost daily basis. I need a release. I need revenge. Today I had my revenge.

Leeds United with nothing to play for, against Watford, on the last day of the season. If Watford beat Leeds, they were promoted. We could have lay down and had our bellies ticked, allowing The Hornets to enjoy a ticket to the Premier League, but in the words of Chris Tarrant, “we don’t wanna give you that”. No, we wanted them to lose. To fuck up their day. To fuck up their party. To fuck up their season.

Cue 19-year old Dominic Poleon, future FIFA World Player of the Year, scoring the opening goal of the game for Leeds, before my favourite living Scotsman, Ross McCormack, grabbing the winner in added time. Watford were having a party. Leeds gatecrashed it, drank their beer, shagged the cat, pissed in the plant pot and vomited on the sofa.

Shame the season’s over.

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