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If you are crazy enough to want to watch a bit of live football, you are in luck!

All you need to do is get a plane to Nicaragua in Central America. I am not even sure if you’ll find an airline willing to fly you there at the moment.

I remember some years ago, after a summer without football, I caught the bus to Bitton to watch their local side play Bristol Manor Farm, as neither Leeds nor Bath City had a game.

I would imagine travelling from Bath to Bitton is a tad easier than Bath to Nicaragua.

If you’re still desperate and you can’t fly, you’ll just have to swim to Central America. Just watch out for big, plastic sharks.

Nicaragua is one of just three countries in the world, who are, unbelievably, continuing with their domestic football season.

If you’re interested, at the time of writing this blog post, Chinandega are playing Juventus Managua. Chinandega lead 2-0 after 50 minutes.


According to an interesting article on The Guardian website, the reason why football is allowed to continue is because the country’s president, Daniel Ortega, says it can.

The article is well worth a read, if only to discover a president who makes Donald Trump sound half human.

I’m sure after reading all of that, you’re all making plans to travel to Nicaragus. In case you need directions, it is stuck between Honduras and Costa Rica.

While you’re in the area, why not pop along to Panama, where you’ll be able to see where David Cameron’s father kept his bank account. I’ll warn you, it isn’t a branch of Lloyd’s or Nat West…

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Clearly there are many people with far too much time on their hands. I include myself in that group.

Some bored football fan has created one of these silly, yet somehow amusing, social media quizzes based upon your date of birth.

Apparently, I am stockpiling toilet roll with Joey Barton. I despise these hoarders. I’m not a massive fan of Barton either.

Why wasn’t I born on January 4th?

At least my birthday isn’t July 9th…

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Now is not a great time to be a Leeds fan…

The team is playing crap…

They seem to lose to rubbish opposition every week…

There are even problems with some of the supporters, embarrassing themselves and the club, by behaving like dickheads online…

Still, it could be worse…

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There has been a worrying and disturbing trend, which has been developing throughout football over the last year. Racism.

Thankfully, I don’t think that the problem has grown. This is despite the fact that worrying incidents are reported in the news all too frequently.

Instead, I believe that fans and players are not prepared to put up with such disgusting behaviour anymore and are making a stand against it. By speaking out, reporting examples of hate crimes and saying “no to racism”, the wider public now learn of incidents that they would have been oblivious to in the past.

It is a good thing that people are saying “enough is enough”, but obviously not good that they have been forced into taking such actions in the first place.

In my time watching Bath City, Leeds and England, I have never encountered any racism. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen – including at non-league level!

I must admit, I was shocked to learn that racism had infiltrated the non-league game. It would be ignorant to say that such discrimination doesn’t exist at this level of football, but like many football fans, I always felt non-league was almost a “safe haven” from that kind of thing.

The good news is that the two offending Yeovil fans were arrested this morning.

I can only imagine how the shameful incident took place, and would be willing to bet that lots of alcohol was involved.

I am aware of a small group of football fans (I won’t say which club they support), who, on occasions, have been known to enjoy the odd pint or ten, at games.

While they have never displayed any form of racism, and to be fair to them, I don’t think for one moment that they ever would; they have been known to shout obscenities at players and the club management, following a disappointing defeat. They are in no way hooligans, but their undesirable behaviour is no doubt influenced by alcohol.

This does make me wonder if the two Yeovil fans involved in the disgusting display, had been on the booze all day. This is in no way excusing their behaviour.

In fact, I am of the belief that people often express their true feelings, while under the influence. Therefore, if a yob shouts racist abuse while drunk, he probably has racist thoughts while sober. Basically he’s a big, fat racist.

So, was it worth it, young Glovers (Yeovil’s nickname)? A few minutes of what no doubt seemed like fun to you at the time – but in reality made you look like a terrible human being .

Your “fun” caused the abandonment of an FA Cup tie, upsetting two football teams and no doubt thousands of fans worldwide.

Your cruel words would have caused more hurt, distress and heart ache than you could possibly imagine.

Your club – little old Yeovil – made international news. Pity it was for abhorrent reasons and therefore makes your club look like scum, when in fact, the only scum at Yeovil is yourselves.

Your fellow fans will hate you and have brought shame upon your family. If found guilty, you’ll be banned from watching live football – hopefully for life.

That job you go to every day, in order to pay the bills – you’ll lose that. Oh, and good luck in getting another – although The Daily Mail newspaper may take you.

It is excellent that football is starting to take the issue of racism and discrimination, but so sad that it remains an issue.

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My final blog post about my cruise – I promise.

Whenever you go on holiday, you will see tourists in football shirts. It’s an almost certain sight and one all the more likely, if you choose to travel to a location visited by the British.

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting a cheap, all inclusive resort in Benidorm, or a remote villa in Tuscany – keep your eye out and sooner rather than later, you won’t be left disappointed. Unless you discover that a family of Chelsea fans are staying in the neighbouring room/villa/caravan/cabin, in which case your holiday is ruined.

Some people clearly believe that if you wear the kit of your team, it automatically makes you the greatest fan of your club – at least in the country you’re visiting.

In some cases, that may be true. For example, if I was to wear a Leeds shirt while visiting The Vatican. Due to the small population, not only would I be the best Leeds supporter, but the only one.

The same can be said if you were to wear a Yeovil Town shirt while in China – for the same reason as in my original example.

Back home in Britain, it’s always nice if you spot someone wearing the shirt of the team you support. This feeling extends to super giddiness, when the same shirt is seen being worn while you are in another country.

To non-football fans, this can best be described by comparing the behaviour of your typical supporters, to that of two dogs, meeting in the park.

Despite not knowing each other and having no sexual attraction, due to being castrated (dogs, not football fans), they go wild – jumping into each other, sniffing the other one’s bottom and barking excessively.

What the dogs are saying, God only knows – probably something like this…

Dog 1: “Hey there! I’m a dog!”
Dog 2: “Wow! I am also a dog!”
Dog 3: “Are you guys dogs?”

You must be wondering where I am going with all this waffle.

Well, despite being a bit chavvy *, I spotted numerous football shirts on the cruise. I kept a list of the offending clubs…
* I wore a football shirt on the ship too, ok. So don’t think I’m being snobbish.

  1. Swansea City
  2. Middlesbrough
  3. Huddersfield Town
  4. Coventry City
  5. Manchester United **
  6. Liverpool (retro shirt)
  7. Leeds United – worn by me
  • I also think that I spotted somebody in a Bournemouth shirt.
  • An honourable mention for a smart Leeds United backpack, which I noticed while going through security.

** like with rats, you’re never more than six feet away from a Manchester United fan.

So that is that. No more blogs about the cruise. Probably…

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