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The perfect comeback to a trolling football club…

an even better comeback than when Derby beat Leeds…

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I am far from a fan of the radio station talkSPORT, but was pleased by a video I discovered on social media today.

Guest Simon Jordan was in the studio and tore into presenter Jim White and his Sky Sports colleagues, over their reporting of a violent robbery involving a Premier League football player.

It is about time somebody addressed these hyena reporters and the manner in which they address such stories – more often than not, without care or thought for the potential human consequences of their actions.

Well done, Mr. Jordan!

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There has been a lot of talk about how the remainder of the English football season should be concluded.

The three clubs who appear to either gain or lose the most, depending upon whatever decision is made, are Liverpool, Leeds and West Brom. Liverpool because they are on the verge of securing the league title for the first time in 30 years, with the latter two clubs both eyeing-up promotion to the Premier League.

Considering the importance of whatever decision is made, I must admit to being surprised at how quiet the three clubs – including my beloved Leeds – are being about the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, remaining ‘hush hush’ isn’t a bad thing – if anything I find the silence honorable and respectful.

We are in the middle of a serious worldwide pandemic. Hundreds of people in the UK continue to tragically die every day from the disease. While sport is important, there are still far greater priorities and issues in life than football.

Why is it then that chairmen, managers, players and supporters from a small number of clubs keep going on and on and on about how the season should be cancelled, filed as null and void, or even played-out without any teams being relegated. That last one did make me chuckle!

I find it more than just a coincidence, that the football clubs who have been most vocal in the media, with their appeals to have the entire season cancelled, are the majority of those currently placed in the bottom-six of the Premier League, and therefore at risk of being relegated to the Championship next season. Whenever “next season” may be.

It is almost as if those clubs have a lot of money to lose, should the remaining fixtures be played, and they end up being sent down.

As well as totally ignoring the fact that they have all been dogshit for 80% of the season (before football was suspended in March), their constant crying to any journalist willing to listen to them whinge, is a tad disrespectful to anyone who has contracted Covid, or worse, lost a loved one to the virus.

The Sporting Director at Norwich City has been one of the most embarrassing culprits, having claimed that if his PREMIER LEAGUE club are unable to play all their games, Leeds in THE CHAMPIONSHIP should be denied promotion. Apparently, he is also going to judge the cake stall at the Swineford Village Fair. He doesn’t know anything about baking, but seems to enjoy having an opinion on matters which have feck all to do with him!

Show some respect… and and some dignity!

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The living legend that is Jurgen Klopp…

Jurgen Klopp on life in lockdown: “I didn’t learn a lot in lockdown, other than Gary Neville has an opinion about absolutely everything. It is incredible.

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In other news, turkeys are happy to celebrate Christmas… if Quorn is on the dinner table.


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