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It has been going on too long. I haven’t been well for weeks and while that drug being taken away may have acted as a trigger, other symptoms have developed as a result.

It was time to return to hospital. We had all tried our best, but specialist help was needed. I got to ride the ambulance again. I’m getting used to it now and almost enjoy it… almost.

I didn’t enjoy the hours which followed, being left on a generic ward for a suitable bed to become available. I felt very much in limbo. All the while, I was feeling increasingly rough.

I am not afraid to say that I ‘played on’ the fact I was feeling terrible. That’s not an admission of exaggerating the truth to hospital staff, but simply the fact I needed to get onto a suitable ward, where my BiPap could be used before bad things happened to me. I’m not usually that demanding person, but I think last night called for it.

As I was wheeled to my new ward, I overheard the chit-chat from the two porters pushing my bed. “This is going to Sideroom Blue, Bed 1”. Suddenly I heard alarm bells in my head. Was I sharing a room? I think that would be worse than being plonked in an open bay. Why say “Bed 1” if the room only has one bed. All was revealed… I’m an anxious puppy, who over analyses everything. Porters have the
their own special code.

My first encounter with a doctor was embarrassing. I forgot that they had to wear uniform. When one introduced themselves, I thought that they were a cleaner, so returned the greeting, smiled and waved. Then it dropped… that’s not to say be rude to doctors, but my casual approach embarrassed me yesterday as much as it amuses me today.

I didn’t have the greatest of nights. By that I mean that I hardly slept. There’s always so much to prepare for on the first evening. Doctors and nurses in and out the sideroom. Test after test. More questions than Chris Tarrant ever asked on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’.

Then, while I am having a lovely sleep, I am awoken at 6am. Sigh. At least I was in my own room and was kindly allowed to sleep in until 9am.

Anyone who has gone cruising will know that a lot of welcoming and socialising takes place the first day. This results in a late night. You could say it’s exactly the same as being in hospital, except it’s the opposite.

Today has been a tad on the busy side. Doctors trying desperately to diagnose what’s going on with me (where do you start?). Nurses being very kind and helpful, in between taking tests.

On the plus side, my lovely wife was allowed to visit. That meant so much. I’ll be seeing her tomorrow too. She’s incredible.

I should have a better indication of what’s going on tomorrow.

More annoying news – I may be dragged off for a scan tonight. As it’s getting late, can’t I just be left alone until tomorrow?

Wish me luck. I’ll need it…

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I have had to attend another, somewhat more important event.

As the news websites say…

More to follow…

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I’m off Twitter for less than a day and come back to this!

Not to be confused with…

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I suffered my scooter accident 307 days ago and also many areas have got better since November, I am now suffering as a result of what I believe to be, advice to come off some tiny tablet which was never doing any harm in the first place.

I hate being unwell

I hate the impact it has on Claire

I hate missing work

I am so tired

and so fed up.

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It’s not every day that Leeds will lose a game of football, yet I’ll be able to take many positives from it.

While it was pretty gutting to concede a fourth goal, especially so close to full time, it should never be forgotten…

  • Leeds were playing the greatest team in the country right now.
  • With Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa, arguably the best two managers in football went head to head.
  • Liverpool were given a real scare by Leeds.
  • Play like that for the other 37 games this season and relegation worries will not be worth thinking about.

As far as a defeat goes, Leeds did themselves proud.

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