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Who would have thought it was possible for a pile of poop to be considered cute?

This offering from Roman, neatly deposited at the rear of his freshly cleaned litter tray, is pretty adorable.

This, by the way, is coming from a blogger so driven by hand hygiene, that he’ll rush home to scrub himself clean, at the mere sight of a dog defecating in the street.

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The challenge to become holder of The Roman Chalice has now turned international.

Thanks to Brexit and the Coronavirus, many Brits are now petrified of anywhere, anyone or anything overseas, which isn’t the Isle of Wight.

Not the Roman Chalice. It shows no fear. This trophy was once the pride of a number of famous British football clubs, such as Arsenal, Newcastle and Slough.

The Roman Chalice has now packed up and emigrated to Greece!


FT: Arsenal 1-2 Olympiakos (2-2 agg).

It’s over! The Emirates is stunned. Mikel Arteta’s side have been dumped out of the Europa League on away goals in the last 32.


This is how BBC Sport broke the news to the world, using Twitter.

Olympiakos will be happy to have progressed in the Europa League, but they’ll be ecstatic to be returning home to Greece with the Chalice.

As you can see, the fans were dancing in the streets of Athens.

Congratulations, Olympiakos. Not only on winning the Roman Chalice, but for coming second in the SEAN’S STORIES BEST FACE ON A FOOTBALL CREST COMPETITION. The winner, as I am sure you will agree, is Hemel Hempstead.

Sorry, Olympiakos, but nothing beats a royal, with a passion for gluttony and bigamy. At least you’ve got the Chalice, which, as Larry David would say, is “pretty, pretty, pretty good”.


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It was brought to my attention – by Claire – that my hair was getting too long.

She was not wrong. The mop on my head was growing on a daily basis and was fast giving me a Boris Johnson look.

It was time to bite the bullet and get myself a haircut. As you can see from the before and after photos, it was money well spent.

Once I had received the chop and the hedge strimmer had been safely locked away, I worked out how long it had been since my previous haircut. To my horror, I realised that it had been 25 weeks and one day!

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Leeds are having another season where they’re competing for promotion. While they did well last year, my team are generally pretty crap, so all this winning is still a new concept.

I should therefore be happy with Leeds and enjoy watching them on the occasions where they are on television, which is more often than not.

Last night Leeds played Middlesbrough. They won 1-0. The game was on Sky, so I watched the entire thing.

I have been known to turn the game off and disabled the internet on my mobile phone, as I cannot cope with the thought and pain of Leeds missing out on promotion again.

However, on this occasion, Claire was watching the same game downstairs, so I would hear any updates from her. Escape was futile.

Claire doesn’t understand why I do this. But how could she? She supports Liverpool, who at the moment could win a football match, with their players blindfolded and legs tied together.

Despite Leeds winning last night, I didn’t enjoy the match at all. It was an ordeal and stressful from start to finish.


I know that I am not the only football fan to be afflicted with this mentality. It’s not uncommon. Unsurprisingly, Leeds supporters appear especially susceptible to it.

I struggle to think of any other leisure activity, where someone would willingly subject themselves to such high levels of stress and heartache, all in the name of entertainment.

There have been comparisons between being a football supporter and a crack addict. A couple of times a year – maybe more or less, depending on how well the supporter’s team is doing – the footy fan will experience unprecedented joy from a result or even just a single goal being scored.

Speaking from experience, elation of this magnitude is incomparable with anything else in the world. The supporter will put up with all the bad times, just to get that feeling of ecstasy again.

This is where the similarity with a class A drug user is made. A heroin addict is said to repeatedly take the opioid, in the hope that they will experience the incredible high received the first time they took the killer drug.

The cruel difference between an addict and a football supporter, is that the drug user will never be able to replicate that moment and will sadly often end up dying from an overdose.


I would say that feeding a heroin habit is considerably more expensive than funding a football fix. Although, given the cost of watching the sport these days, I am sure that’s debatable!

Moving on from the nasty and serious subject of drug addiction, and returning to the nasty and serious subject of Leeds United…

As I’ve already told you, I did not enjoy last night’s match at all. Leeds are playing Hull on Saturday lunchtime. Like yesterday, this will be shown on television. Also like yesterday, I will hate every minute of the game – unless Leeds go 18-0 up in the first five minutes.

Before the weekend, I really must invest in a pair of mittens. Last night, I was so nervous that I chewed more of my fingernails than the curry and chips I had for tea!

Think this is bad? It probably is. Don’t blame me. Blame those Leeds strikers who can’t score!

I hope Bon Jovi enjoyed that pay cheque

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Firstly, I would like it known that I can’t stand the Talksport radio station. This video was only brought to my attention through a retweet.

I love Leeds United.

I like Patrick Bamford.

Patrick Bamford plays for Leeds United.

Patrick Bamford loves Bon Jovi.

I like Bon Jovi.

In the video below, Mr. Jovi provides young Patrick with some words of encouragement and an incentive to score lots of goals.

I hope that this works – especially as Leeds are playing Middlesbrough tonight.

All fans are Livin’ On A Prayer and will Keep the Faith that Leeds will get promoted in a Blaze Of Glory and not to be waiting the Next 100 Years.

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