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I’ve just got a taxi back from town. Now, is it just me, or can the journey with the taxi driver be one of the most awkward things you have to deal with in life?

You sit there, not knowing what to do with your hands and in silence. You rack your brain for things to say. The obvious choice is “Have you been busy?” and “What time are you on till?” (as mentioned by Peter Kay – it’s true!) But that just sounds sad and pathetic, besides which you don’t really give a shit.

So there you are, stuck in a traffic jam. Sitting in silence. You think “Please… please… just say something!” Your willing to enter conversation, it’s just that he needs to start it! If anyone knows 101 Things to Say To a Taxi Driver (or even just 1 thing!) then they could make a lot of money…

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It’s a mystery to me how e-mail spammers think you’d be interested in their products. Normally my e-mail filter is very good and I never get any junk mail, although today I received an e-mail from a gardening company (I have ****ed out the name as I’m not giving them free advertising) selling books on how to make that area full of dirt at the back of hour house look nice.

Whether you’re wondering what to do with the jungle out the back or have already achieved nirvana with nature these three strapping lads can still teach you a trick or two! From the soothing voice of Gardener’s World, Monty Don, comes an all-encompassing guide to all things green… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH -BOLLOCKS!

The only interesting thing I picked up from the e-mail was who it was from.
“Hi Sean, Clare here, your ********* **** Secretary,”

I never knew I had a secretary. I have e-mailed her back at the address providing telling her to make me a cup of coffee and ask if she has taken my answer phone messages.

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Apologies for not posting on here for a few days. I’m updating a little later than I would normally, I’m off work until Tuesday 31st so don’t have to worry about the time.

As mentioned earlier, I’m off to Leeds on Tuesday to watch them play Huddersfield in The Carling Cup. There’s only one slight problem. I ordered tickets for the Hospitality Package where you get a pre-match meal, parking space and a seat for the match. The only problem is you’re not allowed to wear Leeds shirts in the banqueting area and I’m unsure if you’re even allowed in the ‘executive area’. Dunno why they’ve stuck me there, I’d be happy enough in the KOP. Next time I’ll just get the standard tickets and settle for pie and chips.

Leeds did alright at the weekend against Nottingham Forest, drawing 1-1. It was a shame though that they didn’t win though. Forest were awarded a very dubious penalty late in the game. Unfortunately, the keeper didn’t save it this week. I also placed another bet on a game. This time on the Charlton-Portsmouth game. I was pretty certain Charlton would win (even though they lost 4-0 the week before). They did and I collected another £15 from Ladbrokes.

Arsenal played today and managed to win 4-3 against Middlesbrough in a fabulous game. They are now 42 games unbeaten. Their win looked to be in doubt early into the second half when Boro put themselves 3-1 up, Arsenal amazed everyone by scoring 3 times in 10 minutes to take back the lead! I wish Leeds could score twice in 90min! Imagine if Arsenal scored 3 goals every 10 minutes for the whole game… they could score 27 goals. Maybe a new record for them to set. Most Premiership goals scored by 1 team in 1 game.

I went to see The Village at the cinema with a friend yesterday. From the reviews and what people I have spoken to say, it’s a film you either love or hate. I didn’t like it. I thought there was too much talking and sub-plots. The major plot twist at the end was interesting, but you couldn’t help feeling cheated as the trailer made the film look brilliant.

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Bloody weather. I got a real soaking this afternoon after work. It was dry all day until 3 minutes till 5pm. In the short 10 minute walk from work to my house I was drenched – and I was under an umbrella for a lot of that time. I will expect an improvement in the weather for next week, which I have off work. I’m not going away on holiday this summer, although I am going to Leeds for a few days and to watch Leeds United play Huddersfield in the Carling Cup on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to that!

I’m still getting paranoid about spiders at night. Last night I thought I saw a shadow of a massive spider on my wall while I was half asleep. I got up, turned the big light on and searched for it. Then, after not finding one and regaining my thoughts I realised “How could I of seen a shadow of a spider, there weren’t any lights on!” I must have dreamt the whole thing!

Ladbrokes paid up for me again yesterday. I placed £10 on England to beat Ukraine in a friendly match. The England football team haven’t done too well in friendlies, but I thought players like Beckham and Owen, along with Sven the manager would have points to prove. Ladbrokes paid out £15 for my correct bet!

Something about the game that annoyed me. Alan Smith in the starting line up. Why is it that through all his years at Leeds he was (nearly always) overlooked for England and as soon as he goes to Man Utd he is capped! He’s only played 1 league game FFS, hardly enough to warrant a sudden change of heart by Sven. That’s the way it goes though. It’s not right.

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Thank you Ladbrokes and Eidur Gudjohnsen of Chelsea! I put a bet on the Chelsea – Man United game (for Chelsea to win) and I won! I may have only placed a tenner, but winning over £9 is good.

The game was on TV and I was amused and pleased by the Chelsea supporters booing and shouting “Judus” at Alan Smith. Even they know what he did was unacceptable. I’m hoping he gets the same every week.

I was also pleased with Leeds United yesterday. The played Wolves and drew 0-0. A year or two ago, this would have been a bad thing, but on paper Wolves are like the Arsenal of the Championship Division (although haven’t won a game so far this season!).

Towards the end of a lot of the Leeds games that I listen to on the radio, I get so tense I need to go for a walk, I just can’t handle the last few minutes! It’s a good thing I did this yesterday. Late into the game, Wolves were awarded a penalty and luckily it was saved by the Leeds keeper! I would have gone nuts if I had heard about the penalty as it happened!

Moving on from the topic of football, those spiders are still bothering me, even though they’re not there. Maybe I’m going mad, but in the night I thought they were crawling on me! I have the fan on at night as the weather is still very warm so know it’s that, but I always wonder…

It’s also a good thing months don’t really bother me. A strange looking one was on my wall this morning, looked like the one from the front of the Silence of The Lambs DVD/video cover.

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