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The ‘Twat of the Day Award’ goes to the bloke who works in my local grocery store.

I bought two packets of Monster Munch crisps for what I believed to be on offer for ‘2 for £1’. Why did I think this? Because there was a sign in front of the shelf on which the Monster Munch were placed, advertising the fact.

Upon paying for my snack, I learnt the crisps were not included in the deal and were in fact 68p each. Following my protests, the inexperienced checkout assistant called for her supervisor – a lanky, spotty teenager (you know your life is shit when that is who you answer to).

The blotchy adolescent said, in the most patronising voice ever and as if I was totally stupid, “They are not 2 for £1. Only crisps which say 2 for £1 on them are 2 for £1.”. Condescending prick.

If he had fulfilled his life’s ambition of stacking shelves properly, maybe he wouldn’t have put the crisps I bought in front of an advertisement which was not applicable to them.

Rant over.

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Today I am suffering from a bad throat and sore bones. I am not ill. Everything is self-inflicted (well, kind of).

The sore throat is as a result of singing and shouting for almost 2 hours at Twerton Park last night – cheering Bath City to victory over Chelmsford in the Play Offs.

The aching bones are from being crushed on the terraces when Hector Mackie scored Bath’s second goal of the game in the 87th minute. Am I complaining? No.

Apparently Chelmsford battered us last night. I agree they had a lot of attempts on goal and time with the ball, but we defended very well and when given the chances ourselves, took them.

Football isn’t about how long you keep the ball or how often you shoot it in the direction of the opponent’s net – it’s about how many goals you score. Bath City scored 2. Chelmsford scored a big, fat zero. Of course, there is the second leg to come on Saturday, where Chelmsford could see to that…

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2-0 up against the Chelmsford Chavs from Essex. Still lots more work to be done in the second leg on Saturday.

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What with the excitement of Bath City securing a place in the play offs on Saturday, I totally forgot about ‘Relegation Watch’ and the fact Hull City were sent down at the weekend.

After tipping Newcastle for the drop in 2009 and Hull this year, I pity the club that I pick next season!

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My blog is 6 years old today.


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