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Watched I’m A Celebrity last night, Jenny Frost, Kimberley Davies and Sheree Murphy had to have a wash. However attractive they may be fit women can still get dirty and smell.

Anyway, they all went down to the lake together to clean themselves. After moaning about how fat they felt (there was more meat on those crickets dumped on Anthony Costa) they started to strip. This pleased millions of red blooded males all over the country, including Liverpool’s Australian footballer Harry Kewell who was probably missing his wife and her trim body.

Kewell probably thought he was in for an evening of entertainment, sitting in his Liverpool mansion with a can of Fosters watching his wife get naked. This enjoyment must have turned to extreme embarrassment when his wife Sheree Murphy was discussing her stomach stretch mark problem and went on to say “Harry has them too”.

Kewell has been laughed at before for his recent weight gain so this comment from his beloved wife must not have been welcome. Bet the Liverpool players couldn’t wait to see him at football training the following morning!

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Anyone heard the new single JCB Song from Nizlopi? Jo Whiley has been playing it all week on BBC Radio 1. At first I didn’t think much of the song tipped to be Christmas No.1 but as the week went on I heard it more and more the tune really has grew on me.

The song is by little known indie group Nizlopi and is about band member Luke’s childhood memories of his relationship with his loving father. Both the lyrics and accompanying music are beautiful.

The single is not available to buy until 12th December but if enough copies are sold it should reach Christmas No.1. I urge you all to buy this wonderful tune when released if only to keep that X-Factor moron Chico off the No.1 spot.

The superbly animated video for The JCB Song can be viewed online here. Have a few listens to it over the next few days. If you don’t like it at first I am sure it will grow on you.

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Leeds travelled to Millwall today where they won 1-0 from a injury time David Healy goal. It’s always good to snatch a winner so late on in the game. This was indeed Leeds’ 3rd consecutive league victory, the last time they strung as many league wins together was almost three years ago when Terry Venables was in charge. I’ve made another montage of the game which can be downloaded here.

The game was overshadowed by a small minority of idiotic Leeds fans who failed to observe the minutes silence for George Best who died yesterday. Best was of course a Manchester United legend so with the history between Leeds and ManU a negative reaction from some fans was always inevitable although certainly not excusable.

There were also reports of booing during the silence at the Manchester City – Liverpool game, both teams are big rivals of ManU. There was also trouble at the match between Wigan and Tottenham.

While I am a die hard Leeds fan who doesn’t really like ManU or their players I do respect the greats like George Best and was saddened by the small minority today, however I feel these minutes silences for football legends are a bad idea. In a crowd of 20-60,000 there will always be a small cluster of idiotic fans that dislike the deceased player and will do their utmost to ruin the remembrance.

For future circumstances, when other deceased football legends after remembered fans should be encouraged to applaud their life. Therefore any morons who decide to boo or shout abuse will be drowned out by the majority of fans who show respect through clapping. This is very common in Scotland and was also demonstrated during the game between Wolves and Southampton today.

Still, well done to Leeds today, marching up the table and with Sheffield United losing 4-2 to Leicester and strong rumours that their manager Neil Warnock is leaving for Portsmouth it seems that The Mighty Whites may even finish above the Blunted Blades come the end of the season.

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I’ve been off work all week on hol-i-day, didn’t go anywhere so really there hasn’t been any good excuse for my lack of blogs. In short 200+ of my old DVDs were taken away by a courier for sale, I went Christmas shopping in Bath, went to Ikea, ate and drank in a few pubs and wrapped up warm as it’s been bloody cold this week – even awoke to snow this morning.

In the evenings I have been watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. This show has been going for four years but this is the first time that I have watched it. I really enjoyed Celebrity Big Brother back in January so thought I would give I’m A Celeb a go.

Last night Sherrie Murphy, the bird who died in Emmerdale and wife of ex-Leeds United superstar/Liverpool failure Harry Kewell undertook the Bushtucker Challenge. She had to use her hands, feet and mouth to retrieve stars from pits filled with eels, snakes, rats and worst of all (for an arachnophobic like me) SPIDERS!

I actually thought Sherrie would not go through with it. She cried when it came to jumping out of the plane and nearly shat herself when she saw a baby bird (what the fuck!?). Fair play to her though, she undertook nearly the whole challenge apart from the final bit where she had to go in a tank with crocodiles. She got further than me, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the spiders!

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It is a year to the day that I saw one of the finest Leeds games of all time. 20th November 2004 Leeds beat QPR 6-1 on a cold November’s day at Elland Road. Yesterday I travelled to Southampton and at half time, freezing cold, 3-0 down I thought it would be a reverse of fortunes from the previous year.

Leeds were woeful in the first half and were booed off at half time. The fans were furious, calling for manager Kevin Blackwell’s head and hoping chairman Ken Bates was getting the P45’s out.

The start of the second half the Leeds fans were superb. We stood in the stands and sang our hearts out while the Southampton fans sat in silence. “3-0 and you still can’t sing” was the taught towards the home supporters.

The Leeds players slightly improved but Southampton still looked dangerous. “Fuck it!” I thought, “If were going to lose, we’ll have a good time and lose”. I think this was the opinion of most fans who never gave up. Then David Healy came on as a substitute and it all changed.

Leeds won a corner and the skipper Paul Butler scored to make it 3-1. The fans went ecstatic even though they were still heavily trailing. It wasn’t long until Robbie Blake scored another for Leeds to bring the score to 3-2.

The fans sensed a comeback and drowned Saint Mary’s Stadium with famous Leeds songs and chants. The fans were right to sense a reply, Leeds were awarded a penalty which Healy took and converted. The Leeds fans went nuts, the Southampton supporters left the stadium.

Leeds were hungry for more. There may have only been 6 minutes remaining but a win looked inevitable. Leeds pushed and pushed a terribly demoralised Southampton side and were rewarded when on loan midfielder Liam Miller slammed home a winner.

The game ended, Leeds fans were overjoyed, in shock and jubilant. What few remaining Southampton fans had stayed fled the stands to chants of “3-0 and you fucked it up, 3-0 and you fucked it up!”

A fabulous game (if you forget about the first half!) and beats QPR 6-1 game easily. I was so pleased I was there, in the crowd, one of the 3,000 fans who arguably won the game for Leeds.

Chants of the day:
“3-0 and you still can’t sing”
“3-0 and you fucked it up”
“Easy! Easy! Easy!” – Normally hate that Soccer AM chant but Saints fans were singing it at half time. Had to sing it back
“We’re gonna win 4-3, we’re gonna win 4-3” – When we were 3-1 down
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” – To the silent Southampton fans
“Let’s go fuckin’ mental!” – when we won

Took my digital camera to the game and was able to film Healy’s penalty. You can’t really see the goal but take a look at the fans reaction to the equaliser.

Also I made a mix of commentary for the game – enjoy!

One final note, please DO NOT directly link to these files on a forum or website. It’ll unfairly use my bandwidth and I will have no choice but to take them down and not upload this type of file again! If you do want to tell people about the clips on the internet send them direct to this page – – thanks!

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