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Leeds United yet again left their fans bitterly disappointed yesterday after a 1-1 draw against Brighton at Elland Road.

Leeds were by far the better team in the first half which is when they scored, however a poor performance in the second half and inability to finish chances cost them dear.

While a lot of the blame can be pointed at certain players, personally I am starting to get a little fed up with manager Kevin Blackwell.

Pack your bags Blackwell and call yourself a taxi out of Leeds!

He puts many players out of position, for example our top striker David Healy is on the wing. He doesn’t seem to make any tactical changes or substitutions until it’s too late (when Brighton equalised) and as Leeds often seem to have poor second halves, I can’t see him motivating the players very well at half time.

I’m full of praise for Blackwell in the way he has built a mid-table Championship team from absolutely nothing. Nearly all the players in the team are either freebies or from the academy and he few players that did cost a fee were all £500k or less initially.

Blackwell also seems a good coach for the players, but he is not, I repeat NOT a decent manager! It is time for him to go and hopefully the new chairman Ken Bates will release this. 1 scrappy win, 1 draw and 1 defeat against “average at best” opposition is NOT good enough and the problems mentioned above are not being addressed.

Step down as manager Blackie, return as head coach or leave to manager another club, but please don’t continue this farce at my football club.

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Damn postal couriers, can’t do a simple task of delivering my order on time…

Earlier in the week, I ordered (via a friend) a KVM Switch and a NIC Card to network an old PC of mine to my router.

I was told it would be delivered yesterday (Friday) and was today planning on connecting it up, reinstalling Windows XP and having a fresh, clean PC system.

The online retailer who the order was placed with dispatched the parts on time via a well known courier – let’s just call them Shitty Link.

Now, all the courier had to do was keep to their schedule and I would have had my order. That would mean instead of moaning now on my blog, I would be networking. But oh no, they couldn’t do a simple task, my parts are probably in some depot in Bristol!

This annoyance got me asking the question “How hard is it to transport a package from Location #A to Location #B”. Obviously not very; walk through any park in any town or city in Britain and you’ll see a man and his dog. The man will throw the ball to his dog. The dog will collect the ball and return it to his over. A simple enough task, even an animal as thick as a dog can do it, so why can’t these bloody couriers!!??

Maybe I should have placed ordered through Fido

Anyway, that’s my rant over with, hopefully Super Leeds United can cheer me up and beat The Seagulls AKA Brighton this afternoon. Leeds lost to Brighton last year in a dismal performance – I do NOT want to see that again.

Its not that I want to kill the Seagulls, I just want to beat them 50-0

C’mon Leeds!

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Ex-footballer turned movie star Vinnie Jones has today revealed that if the offer became available he would quit Hollywood and return to Elland Road to manage Leeds United.

Vinnie had a football career with many clubs, including Leeds United when they won the league in 1991/2. He had a fiery reputation and was shown more than his fair share of cards. According to reports Vinnie once brandished a shotgun to then manager Howard Wilkinson after a disagreement.

Vinnie’s a Leeds fan!

I really can’t see Vinnie becoming manager, if however he was appointed I can see positives and negatives.

Positives being he would take no shit. Lazy players like Michael Duberry would really know about it if they didn’t pull their weight. Vinnie also loves Leeds and would have a lot of passion.

Negatives and there are a few, I think his temperament easily get the better if him. I would worry that he may go too far with some players and physically hurt them or even threaten them with weapons (maybe)! I’m sure he wouldn’t control himself on the touchline either – he would probably get a lot of bans and spend more time in the stands than the ever injured Seth Johnson.

Still, can’t see it happening but makes an interesting story.

It’s FA Cup Fourth Round this weekend. Leeds may be out but that’s not to mean I can’t enjoy some of the games. Chelsea v Birmingham, Man Utd v Middlesbrough, Oldham v Bolton and most interestingly Southampton v Portsmouth are all on telly.

Hopefully all the underdogs will win and Chelsea and Man Utd will be knocked out. I also hope that Newcastle United lose to Coventry. Newcastle have 3 real twats in their team. Manager Graham Souness representing Scotland in the twat awards, Craig Bellamy representing Wales and Alan Shearer representing England. The Twats of Britain.

More importantly to me though is the Leeds game against Brighton. This really is a must win game. The league is so open at the moment that a win could move Leeds to within 5 points off the playoffs in 10th place while defeat could put them as low as 17th and within 8 points off the relegation zone (should the other teams down there win). Strange league huh?

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I had to go to the dentists this afternoon and that meant passing through the city centre. Walking through town is starting to become an unpleasant experience these days. You can’t seem to make it through without being hassled to part with money…

While I was walking up through town, what can only be described as a hippy came up to me and without introducing himself, thrust out a book in front of me and asked if I read much. Cautiously I backed off explaining that I had a dentist appointment in a matter of minutes.

The hippy must have taken too many drugs because he ignored me and started explaining about his cause. While it was obviously important to him (he’d been standing around freezing his bollocks off in town all day) it didn’t seem to be that important compared to other worthwhile causes like famine, tsunami victims, childrens charities, etc.

He mentioned about yoga and how he and his group did stuff (I can’t remember much, I was trying to get away). He then said he is asking everybody he meets for £2.00. A bit cheeky I think, coming up to people in the street and demanding set payments.

In a quick attempt to get away I chucked 50p into his bumbag (suspiciously not a charity box or bucket) and fled. I didn’t even have £2 to give him, but due to the fact he didn’t explain his cause to well, I felt it could have been for anything and not worthy of it.

I’m all for charity workers, I feel they do a marvellous job, but this one was rude, pushy and didn’t sell his cause well at all (if there was in fact one!).

Screw you hippy!

As I hurried up through town I noticed another poor bastard had been cornered by a street seller. The merchant was trying to get the innocent civilian to try and buy a gold chain, he didn’t seem at all interested so the seller kept lowering the price as the victim walked away. Why can’t these people accept “No” for an answer?

Can’t we just take a walk through town nowadays without being bombarded to buy something?

I would like to say that serious charity workers on the streets do a very worthwhile job and I have nothing against them. They are polite, respectful and explain their causes well. Even though most people appear to stear clear of them like zebras from lions on an Africa nature show.

Moving on from the trauma in town, I went to the cinema this evening to see Meet the Fockers. It was just as funny as I had hoped for. I am a big fan of the original – in fact it is one of my best films. This certainly did not disappoint. Probably the best film I have seen in 2005 so far and much better than Alexander crap I saw last week.

The cinema was packed, there were a large amount of chav’s watching. I’m not really surprised though, according to, the common chav’s favourite type of film is the sequel to a big, popular movie. As Meet the Parents was such a success back in 2000, this was the perfect movie for a Chav to watch before going out to KFC and then the local Spar for some White Lightening cider.

Chav scum

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Leeds’ impressive away form came to an end this evening in a very dismal performance against out of form Derby. If Leeds produce many more results like this, new chairman Ken Bates may well be calling for manager Kevin Blackwell’s head.

“Grrrr! Homer mad! Grrrr!” etc etc…

One of the most frustrating things is that had they won today and against Brighton on Saturday, Leeds would be in 6th – a play off position. Still that’s Leeds United for you, the most unpredictable and inconsistent team in England.

So it’s back to the drawing board in preparation for Saturday’s game, hopefully Leeds can prove today’s game was just a blip and continue the good run they had prior to today.

The only thing that made me smile in the football world this evening was the Carling Cup Semi Final Second Leg. Chelsea beat Manchester United 2-1 and will go to the final. I don’t like Chelsea very much, but I despise Man Utd with a passion. Anyone who beats them gets my backing!

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