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It isn’t even Halloween, but a massive and fully lit Christmas tree has been put up in town. This is typical Bath. Go over the top about an event and encourage residents and visitors to overspend in the shops. However, whereas another town in England – say Middlesbrough – would have a man, sweating it out in a cheap Father Christmas suit, Bath at least tries to be sophisticated, by buying the biggest tree outside of Norway.

I do find it ironic how the tree has been put up this early outside the Bath Spa Train Station, considering the trains seem to be running late most of the time…

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The mushrooms/toadstools which were growing outside the house and making the untidy lawn look even more untidy have gone, disappearing as quickly as they grew. Apparently, fungus loves to grow when it’s wet, and considering there was loads of rain recently, the mushrooms probably looked at my house and said to each other “Look at this, lads. It looks a great place to live. Nice and damp. Let’s set up shop here. Bring your wife and kids”. At the weekend it was very warm and very dry. The mushrooms are now very dry and very, very dead. Hahaha.

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Oh, and to add to yesterday’s football madness, Leeds sacked their manager after just 32 days and 6 games.

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I am back home, had a sleep and had time to digest the shit sandwich which was served up to me by Bath City yesterday. The 7-1 defeat still hurts and feels like the entire season has been ruined. How long I will feel like this for, I don’t know.

To be honest, the rout has only just settled in. It felt unreal and like a dream. I was half expecting to wake up this morning, to realise I had awoken from a nightmare. Sadly, yesterday’s game was very much real.

After the match, as well as sadness and confusion, I also felt angry. Following Sunderland players refunding their fans, for an 8-0 defeat a week earlier, I thought the Bath City players should do the same, or at least offer an apology.

12 hours or so later, I feel a bit different. Granted the performance was atrocious and unforgivable. I am not a professional football player. I never have been and never will be. I don’t know how they feel or what goes on in their head. However, I don’t believe they’re lazy or go out to lose games. I also believe that, besides suffering a serious injury, getting beat by a colossal score line is the worst thing that can happen to a football player. The defeat is the fault of the players – they will be suffering and deeply upset. They have already suffered a public humiliation.

What can the players do to repay the fans? While I don’t agree with them refunding the supporters or individually coming out and saying sorry; they must put all their efforts into the upcoming league games. They owe the fans a huge performance and a big win next Saturday – and the Saturday after that, and the Saturday after that.

Time will tell if the players do repay the fans on the pitch. Claire’s parents are sponsoring the game next Saturday, so we will all be wined and dined in a hospitality package. Hopefully the only thing I will be eating is roast dinner and ice cream, and not another turd baguette.

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I should have known things were going to be bad from the start. Manchester City lost in a freak defeat to West Ham. I had just bought Aguero for my fantasy football team and made him captain.

Worse was yet to come. I’ll glaze over the fact Leeds lost to Wolves. The team supported by Claire’s bridesmaid. I’ll be reminded of the game on my wedding day. It was also Leeds’ sixth game without a win.

No, the worse thing of the day – the absolute shit sandwich to be served up – involved Bath City and their trip to lower league opposition, East Thurrock United, in The FA Cup. Bath City lost 7-1. That’s Seven. S-E-V-E-N. I don’t like criticising players, but they cannot be defended today. They were absolutely shambolic and an insult to the club and supporters, who travelled over 330 miles to watch them play. End of blog.

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