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Posted by sean on December 25, 2018 at 8:51 pm in Christmas, Rabbits with No Comments

Don’t you find that on Christmas Day, your house becomes so untidy?

There’s wrapping paper, presents and guests everywhere.

It looks like us humans are not the only ones to mess up our homes at Christmas – hey, Roman…

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Here is Google’s Christmas TV advert.

Bravo, Google. Bravo.

However, let me just get this straight – a 36 year old Kevin is still living at home with his parents? Unless his alter ego, Henry Evans, killed them.

Also, isn’t it strange how he is still being pursued by the same two burglars, who terrorised him 28 years ago?

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Christmas is comimg!

It is now just 6 days away. Which means…

  • 144 hours
  • 8,640 minutes
  • 518,400 seconds

When you see it that way, you’ve got loads of time – in which, you could…

  • Watch 96 games of football
  • Cook 2,880 soft boiled eggs
  • Watch the movie Titanic 44 times
  • Walk the same route I take to work, 864 times
  • Listen to Andrea Bocelli’s superb new single, Fall on Me, 2,009 times
  • Travel 10 times by train, from Waterloo to Weymouth (remember this)
  • Complete the story mode, on Red Dead Redemption 2, four times (based upon average completion duration)

By the way, I didn’t stay awake until midnight to write this blog post. The joy of scheduling publish times!

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