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With all these television shows and films from the past getting censored or banned, in light of recent events, I was amazed when my brain recalled a movie from my childhood… Short Circuit. Well, two movies, considering there was also a popular sequel, imaginatively named Short Circuit 2.

The lead role in both (that wasn’t a talking robot) was an Indian guy. Nothing unusual there, I am sure you are all thinking. Wrong. While the character was Indian, he was played by a white American actor, Fisher Stevens, complete with lots of makeup and a fake accent.

Was this culturally okay in 1991, when my Dad rented the VHS tapes from the Gloucester Road branch of Ritz Video in Bristol?

Despite my young years, I would have been old enough to know what racism was and that it was very wrong. I cannot recall thinking that anything was odd about Stevens’ role. I can’t imagine that I would have noticed or cared if his character was Indian, American, or Nauruan.

Watching the movies back these days, knowing what I know now, is painful. Head in hands, cringeworthy stuff.

If you can watch the below clip without feeling deeply embarrassed, you’re clearly a massive racist… only joking, but you have little emotions!

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Happy 45th Birthday, Sharky.

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It has probably been over 15 years since I last watched the film, but for reasons I am unable to explain, I was drawn to watching Drop Dead Fred.

I loved this movie as a kid. It was rude, funny, childish and very silly. Would I still enjoy it, now that I am an (apparently) mature 37 year old, with such responsibilities as a wife, job, mortgage and house rabbit?

In the words of Simon Cowell, “I didn’t like it. I loved it!”. Although, when he uses that phrase, he is normally referring to some God-awful music act and not, as I am doing, describing one of the greatest cult films of a generation.

I enjoyed reacquainting myself with Fred so much, that I even got hold of a BluRay copy and watched the whole thing again, with directors commentary.

Finally, if you are wondering what the significance of the blog title “Cobwebs” is, you clearly haven’t seen the movie. Anyone who has, will never forget…

RIP Rik Mayall

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Roman has a new favourite film!

This morning, he sat in this run, silently watching a movie I put on. He was enthralled! The title of the film… The Velveteen Rabbit!

I don’t know if it’ll beat his all time favourite – Keeping Up Appearances – but as far as movies go, he loves this one.

I have already found something else for him – although I am going to make Roman wait a few more weeks, until we are closer to Christmas…

Yes, this really does exist!

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I can’t wait to see this.

Claire and I will definitely be making a trip to the cinema for this one. I wonder if we’ll be allowed to bring Roman…

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