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Posted by sean on September 16, 2018 at 10:05 pm in Rabbits with No Comments

Roman can be a bad bunny, as I have blogged many a time. We have tried lots of ways to discipline him – all humanely, of course. This afternoon, we found a trick which might just work…

When in his run, Roman loves to bite his toys. Most of these are made from wood or cardboard, so not a problem. He also has a long tunnel, made from plastic.

Roman loves his tunnel. He will run through it at great speed, over and over again, before skipping in the air with delight. The problem is, he also nibbles this tunnel. The issue is not the damage caused – we would happily buy Roman a new one. We are concerned that by biting his toy, he could injest plastic; potentially making him very ill, or worse.

Speaking to him sternly, or clapping, sometimes stops this destruction, but not always. We therefore decided to exploit Roman’s weakness – the front door.

Since bringing Roman home in April, he has grown in character and confidence. The bunny who would once cower in his bed, whenever a stranger entered the room, now runs towards the side of his cage or run, whenever he hears somebody entering the house. He’s basically a dog.

One of the triggers, which sets of this bunny greeting, is our front doorbell. We had a look on YouTube and found this – a chime, which is almost identical to our own doorbell!

We tested our trick. While Roman was happily munching on plastic, we played the video. He immediately stopped. He knew something wasn’t right. For added effect, I shouted “Come in”, to our imaginary guest. Roman walked away from the plastic tube and hopped towards the end of his run, closest to the entrace to our living room. Of course, nobody entered. He must have been left confused and disappointed. We don’t like teasing our rabbit, but at least he doesn’t have a belly full of nasty plastic!

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I have decided to stop eating meat. While I haven’t gone officially “veggie” (yet), I have been avoiding the stuff for a few weeks now.

I can’t see myself missing it. I have never been a big carnivore – growing up with a Mum and now living with a wife who are both vegetarians certainly helped with this. To her credit, Claire has never had an issue with cooking meat for me; although more often than not, I eat what she eats, including veggie burgers and Quorn sausages. I even went for the veggie option at my wedding!

Strangely, the only thing I will miss, if I do go all-out vegetarian, is not meat at all – it is sweets and desserts. It is amazing how much confectionery and puddings contain pork or beef gelatin. It is no surprise that jelly-based sweets, like Haribo, are unsuitable. However, veggies also have to avoid most types of mousse – the pudding, not the large Canadian deer, which coincidentally, they also cannot eat.

I am yet to explain my recent change in attitude towards meat. The reason is Roman, my pet rabbit. I have NEVER eaten rabbit. I couldn’t. Growing up with the cute creatures, I grew so attached, that I would rather eat my left arm than a bunny burger.

Since getting Roman, my feelings towards rabbits have grown even stronger. I’ve seen him grow from a timid little ball of fluff, to a cheeky, excitable, loving member of our family, who demonstrates levels of intelligence that I didn’t think rabbits could reach.

I don’t believe that Roman is any more clever than other rabbits. I just think that, as a child, I was oblivious to just how smart my pet bunnies were.

Roman has made me realise that if rabbits can show a degree of intelligence, so can other animals, like pigs and cows. Roman would be petrified if he thought he was going to be killed. Who am I to deprive some poor piggy of their life, in order for me to enjoy a Walls sausage, anyway?

If you know me, or regularly read this blog, please don’t worry – I am not going to start preaching that “meat is murder”. One of my hates in life is when people try to force their beliefs – religious or otherwise – onto others. Although, if I do see you eating a Big Mac, I will be throwing a bucket of cow’s blood over you…

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Is it morally wrong to install a CCTV system, in order to spy on your pet rabbit?

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The builders have finished fitting the new shower. Look how nice it is. Annoyingly, we have to refrain from using it for 24 hours. I can’t wait to have a wash – I haven’t used a shower since June!

You must think I surely stink. As I am still waiting for my left leg to heal, following the discovery of its fracture during my stay in hospital, I have been washing using water from the sink. This is a laborious way of washing yourself, which is why I am understandably eager to get wet in this new shower.

The work was finished at lunchtime, leaving Bob the Builder and his mate Scoop to finish early for the weekend. This wasn’t before Roman said his goodbyes. Disturbed by a conversation between the four humans – Claire, me, Bob and Scoop – Roman poked his little head up from behind his wooden box. There he stood on his hind legs, hovering like a meerkat, trying to find out what was going on.

Roman is such a character – if he isn’t sticking his tiny rabbit nose into our business, he’s acting like a tart, trying to get the attention of anyone who enters the room, in the hope they’ll give him a relaxing stroke, or better still, a bunny treat! Unsurprisingly, he got neither of these things from Bob or Scoop.

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It appears Roman had a busy night yesterday. I will tell you about that in a blog, which I’ll try and write tomorrow.

Anyway, as a result of last night, Roman was left very tired today. During a particularly deep bunny nap, he pooped. Just two tiny rabbit nuggets.

Claire found this very cute indeed. I wonder if she would find it as endearing if I did the same in my sleep!

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