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I have come to the conclusion that Roman can either access the internet and read, or understand English.

The reason for my theory is that a couple of days ago, I blogged about the grief our bunny was causing us when it came to getting him to bed at night.

As well as writing that blog post, Claire and I have also been discussing how we are going to deal with any bedtime antics in the future.

While I remain off work following my scooter accident, Claire is also absent from her job, although she is not off sick. Due to the ongoing risks to my health from COVID-19, my wife and I are both having to follow government guidelines on shielding. With laws being relaxed, it is inevitable that she will be back at work in the not too distant future.

How does all of this affect Roman? When Claire is at work, an evil alarm clock wakes her up in what I regard to be the middle of the night – which in fact, it is shortly before 6am.

Shielding from coronavirus has meant that the morning alarm has shown some compassion of late, remaining silent until owl, fox, badger and all the other nocturnal creatures have put themselves to bed.

With all this in mind, Claire and I have been somewhat relaxed and tolerant of Roman’s bedtime defiance, safe in the knowledge that there will be no horrendously early wakeup alarm.

When the time comes for my wife to drop the shield and return to work, the early morning call will return. This will mean that playing ‘Catch the Bunny’ at half past eleven is not feasible.

We have discussed – inadvertently within earshot of Roman – that because of his poor behaviour, he may have to return to his cage considerably earlier than normal, or worse… spend the entire day locked up!

Given the high levels of intelligence held by our gifted rabbit, I suspect that he either read my recent blog post, or overheard our evil plans to keep him incarcerated, and hoping for us to have a change of heart, decided to improve his naughty behaviour.

Either way, we can’t complain. Roman has put himself to bed without a battle, for two nights running.

What are the chances of him becoming a demonic beast this evening?

One Response to Bedtime Blues: Update

  1. Lucy

    July 4, 2020 - 7:18 pm

    Hmmm….hope that continues with him.
    Reading it reminds me of battle going on in my house for my daughter to get her 2 yr old to sleep…would Roman respond to gentle lullaby music to quieter him down enough to be picked up ? Unlikely I expect you ‘re thinking! There’s special delta brain waves calming music on U tube …possible ? I used to resort to Buddhist chanting tapes to attempt to calm down my v frustrated whippet – in his old age he couldn’t run like a whippet should because he’d got a mysterious back injury that affected his mobility. Anyway he’d get v frustrated poor thing and v barky. Actually i fon t think it helped but it did help me which is always a bonus – if owners are feeling relaxed.
    It’s just a thought…
    I hope he chills out soon..perhaps these summer night’s?

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