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I was pleased with the prompt action taken by Burnley Football Club, as well as the employers of Jake Hepple, after his vile stunt on Monday night.


If you haven’t heard about the incident, a plane was flown over the Etihad Stadium, minutes before a football match between Manchester City and Burnley.

Take a look yourself at the abhorrent message…

This is in relation to the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, which is a fabulous global operation.

It appears that some white people have taken offence to this and are attempting to start a similar crusade themselves for their own skin colour.

The individuals responsible are clearly including racist undertones with their campaign.

I am not going to explain why BLM is such a worthwhile movement, while WLM is anything but. Anyone who doesn’t get it by now never will. They’re obviously too stupid, uneducated or racist to understand.

While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, the now infamous banner has cost Mr. Hepple is job, as well as any chance of ever watching his beloved Burnley again.

He has been sacked by his employer and banned for life by his football club. I wonder if he is yet to realise that his name will now remain on the internet for all eternity, allowing future employers to read about his antics with the plane?

He wanted as many people to see the ‘WLM’ banner. Well, he’s certainly achieved that.

Maybe it is a coincidence, or perhaps racists are just attracted to other racists… Jack Hepple’s girlfriend, Megan Rambadt, has also been sacked from her job, after allegedly making some very nasty and racist posts on social media.


If any good has come out of this horrible affair, it is the national condemnation of the ‘WLM’ banner. Yes, there will be the odd bigot on Facebook who will defend the stunt, but society seems genuinely outraged it.

This follows the merriment – and sighs of “about bloody time” – at last week’s news of Super Racist, Katie Hopkins, receiving a permanent ban from Twitter.

Finally, while I am fully aware that Jake the Racist doesn’t represent Burnley supporters in any way, and the vast majority of the club’s fans strongly condemn his actions, I can’t resist posting this…

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Good news, everyone! It looks like Little Miss Hitler has finally been given the boot by Twitter!

If you fancy laughing at a racist humiliating themselves on national television and you’ve got bored of the You’ve Been Framed episode, where a five-year-old Joseph Goebbels falls off his tricycle, check this out…

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A former MP has added to the Black Lives Matter debate, but arguably for all the wrong reasons.

Fiona Onasanya recently tweeted

“So I was wondering why Rice Krispies have three white boys representing the brand and Coco Pops have a monkey?”

Now, I really don’t want to sound insensitive. As I have already mentioned on my blog, I am in full support of BLM.

If I thought for one moment there was a chance, that as a white privileged male, I could be somehow missing a racist design on a box of Kellogg’s cereals, I would question myself. I deplore any form of racism, so certainly wouldn’t be blogging in favour of it.

Is using a monkey to sell a chocolate breakfast cereal a form of racism? In my opinion, absolutely not. Especially as the same monkey is used to promote the white chocolate variety of the cereal…

The whole Coco Pops monkey debate naturally took over social media for a few hours, as well as making the news in all the major publications.

Besides sounding a little daft, my only concern about tweeting outlandish statements, such as the one by Ms Onasanya, is that it may overshadow and dilute the fantastic work being carried out by BLM. I would hope that stories like this don’t hang around in the memory for long, and people will return to tackling serious forms of racial discrimination.

Finally, to put the Coco Pops monkey in context, one example of what I feel to be a highly racist TV ad, is a cartoon promoting the fruit squash drink, Kia Ora.

According to the Encyclopedia of Google, this advertisement was regularly shown in the 1980s and early nineties.

It shows how far society has progressed in 30 years, when adverts like that can go from acceptable, to simply downright racist

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I am sure that I am not unique in that over the years, I have discovered words from the English language that I cannot pronounce correctly.

I would not be at all surprised if the majority people in this country have words they struggle to say.

Watching video clips of the yobs fighting police at the weekend, it would be incredible if they could manage to put a coherent sentence together between them. “Engeeerland!”, “Rar! Rar! Rar!” and “White power” don’t count. Neither do grunts.


I digress. I would imagine that many civilised members of society have a small collection of words that their mouths simply refuses to get out. This is regardless of intelligence, education, or dialect.

The men and women who introduce programmes on Radio 4, with their clipped British accents, are the only exception to the rule. Rumour has it, they have to read aloud the entire Oxford Dictionary as part of their job interview process!

Now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for. The pièce de résistance…

By the way, it doesn’t count if you cannot pronounce those last three words. They’re not actually English, and are only used by presumptuous artists, chefs and bloggers *ahem*.

Words Sean Cannot Say Properly

Don’t ask me why those three words in particular cause me so much trouble. It’s quite ridiculous, really. If you ever meet me, don’t make me try to say them – I’ll panic and end up having palpitations.

If I am ever approached by Audible, and asked if I would be prepared to publish my blog as an audiobook, I would be more than happy to save money by doing the reading myself. For obvious reasons, I would have to ask someone else to read this blog post! David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman would be my first choice. If not, Ralph Ineson, who’s voice seems to be on every TV advert, would be more than sufficient.

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Before you read this blog post, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear. I am in full support of the Black Lives Matter campaign and those who are taking part in the protests.

I do not agree with or support the actions of any individual or groups – whatever their connections, or lack of, to BLM – if violence or abuse (physical or verbal) is involved.

To the BLM protestors in the UK and overseas – please continue your fantastic work in making your voices heard. Stay safe and stay peaceful.

It is times like these where the racists and general filth of society appear from under their stones.

I haven’t lived a life devoid of sin (who has), but I do consider myself to be a good person, with strong morals. I cannot even begin to comprehend how these hooligans could even contemplate such repulsive behaviour, let alone act upon their vile thoughts.

I didn’t realise that such people existed. Most disturbing is the sheer number of them! It seems to me that with the pubs being closed because of coronavirus, these thugs haven’t had the opportunity to ‘let off steam’ by going into town on a Friday night, to have a fight and beat up a couple of foreign students. The poor mites.

Considering that these criminals appear to be from the far-right, I don’t wish to come across as right-wing myself – but the delinquents photographed and filmed causing havoc in London over the past few days, clearly have an enormous amount of pent-up aggression, which they are clearly desperate to release. I wonder if they would benefit from a spell of National Service. They could put all of that energy to good use, receive some much-needed discipline and may even obtain something of an education.

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