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I was always a big fan of Gordon Ramsey. Notice how I said was.

As well as being entertaining, I once believed that he held strong moral values

Turns out that I was wrong

Once the pandemic is over, I won’t forget this…

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At the time of writing this blog post, 465 people in the UK have tragically died of coronavirus.

For many of these awfully sad deaths, the media have been all too ready to let us know that the deceased had ‘other health problems’.

I know that I am not the only one to find this phrase very insensitive. While it is almost certainly not the intention of whoever is reporting the death, I cannot help but feel that by giving us this extra nugget of information, we are supposed to find the passing of somebody with health issues less tragic than that of an individual who is normally fit and well.

Are those lucky enough to be in tip-top health, supposed to take comfort from the fact that the latest person to die from the virus, was already ill? “Never mind. If ‘corona’ hadn’t of gotten ’em, something else would. I’ll be alright!”.

In a way, I suppose we are all a little guilty of this. Have you ever caught a news headline, stating that a suicide bomber has blown himself up, killing seventy civilians? Your ears prick up at the awful news and you start to listen in horror… until you hear that the attack took place in Kabal.

Even the most humanitarian of individuals would find it difficult to distance themselves from this attitude. Look at the British sadness over the Manchester Arena Attack, compared to when a school in Syria is bombed. Both equally horrific. We cannot even justify this by telling ourselves that the Manchester attack was in the UK – not while we (rightly) continue to remember those who died on September 11th.

All life should be equal and all death treated as a tragedy – whether the deceased was rich or poor, already unwell or healthy, in London or Libya.

So, next time you read that somebody has died of coronavirus and that they had a pre-existing health condition, spare a thought for their loved ones – it certainly won’t matter to them that their father or mother, husband or wife, son or daughter was not fully fitness.

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This blog post is a reminder to all that COVID-19 should be taken very seriously.

I have a few examples of idiots.

This piece of scum thought it would be funny to lick supermarket products – allegedly baby lotion!

The US authorities were not amused and promptly arrested him under terror charges.

Not so funny now, is it? Arsehole.

Another human turd – also in America – thought that he would gain online credibility by licking a toilet seat.

The only thing this imbecile gained was an admission to hospital, after contracting coronavirus.

In the spirit of equality and fairness, it would be wrong of me if I failed to mention that the UK has it’s fair share of ignoramuses. Or is that ignorami?

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You may have noticed the counter in the top-right of the website.

This is counting the length of time in which I have not stepped foot outside of the house.

The reason for this hermit-style existence is primarily due to self-isolating from coronavirus, but also because of my recovery from the scooter accident.

I was last outside on Friday 28th February 2020. This was to attend a routine hospital appointment. I returned at about 5pm. Since then, I have not left my home.

At the time of blogging, I have been told to shut myself away from everyone for 12 weeks. The only human I’ll come into contact with is my wife, Claire, who I live with.

If you are reading this post and there is no clock, it means that I have left the house. Hopefully to attend somewhere nice and not because I’ve contracted COVID-19 and have been whisked off in an ambulance.

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