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… this bad boy went on sale in such, now deceased, retailers as Electronics Boutique, Our Price and Woolworths.

It would be another 18 months, until I was able to get my grubby little mits on one.

As anyone from the time will recall, there was always an agonising period of anxiety, at he “PS” logo, while you would pray for the game to launch and that the PlayStation would not fail. An all too frequent problem, especially as the old girl entered her twilight years.

Getting the machine chipped and burning games onto CDRs, probably didn’t help. Not that I ever partook in that kind of illegal activity…

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I would have loved to of recreated this drawing with Roman, but knew that it would be easier to move Ben Nevis, than get our naughty little bunny to pose in the position required.

Therefore, although it is Roman’s long lost cousin, I hope you think this is as funny and cute as I do…

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Leeds drawn to play Arsenal in the FA Cup.

There was a period a few years ago, where it felt as if both teams were drawn against each other every season.

The last few times, Arsenal eventually overcame Leeds, despite my beloved Whites pushing them mighty close on occasions.

I don’t know how to feel about this one. I’ll say this very quietly… I don’t even know how much I want Leeds to win! This may sound totally absurd, but let me explain…

Leeds are doing really well in the league this season. You know the league? The competition that I banged on about throughout all last year – crowing how well Leeds were doing, until they buggered it all up, in a frustratingly predictable fashion.

I am hoping that this season, things may be different and Leeds will finish the job and BLOODY WELL GET PROMOTED! That means no distractions, including any exciting runs in the cup.

Therefore, a narrow win for Arsenal would not be the end of the world. As the popular terrace chant goes “One nil, to the Arsenal”. I’d accept that, on the condition that it is “Twenty nil, to the Leeds United” in the following fixture.

On the other side of the metaphorical football coin, a win for Leeds is never a bad thing. In that spirit, here are a few of my favourite moments involving Leeds and Arsenal, from days gone by…


My favourite goal scored by a Leeds player, against Arsenal in my lifetime. While this goal saved Leeds from relegation, it unfortunately awarded Manchester United the league title.


Believe it or not, Leeds were once a pretty good team. They even won the FA Cup in 1972 – coincidentally their fellow finalists were Arsenal. Listen out for the greatest line of football commentary ever “Clarke… one nil!”


Predictably, Leeds got their comeuppance.
Arsenal, or rather Thierry Henry, dished out a harsh lesson in

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With Sunday spelling the first day of December, it was time for us to put up the Christmas tree. Claire and I have always been of the belief that the tree should be enjoyed and brought out at the earliest opportunity.

We are certainly not one of those couples who follow traditions and wait until 12 days before the big day, or heaven forbid, 24th December, as some websites claim is the correct length of time to wait.

Christmas comes, but once a year, as the saying goes – therefore I believe if it makes you feel good, put up your tree at the start of December. Heck, why not get the tinsel out in June, if you want to!

Anyway, this is our tree – expertly unboxed and plugged in by Claire. What do you think?

There’s no need to be polite. It’s shit.

How in the hell we were happy with this during the last two Christmases, I have no idea. Suffice to say, within minutes of the tree going up, we were on the Argos website, looking for something better. We didn’t really need to check Argos for an upgrade – we have plenty of twigs in the back garden, which would do a better job than that sorry excuse for a tree in the photo.

There were some beautiful and huge trees available. We had to be careful not to buy one too large, for fear of it not fitting in our front room. Plus, some were so realistic, we would probably end up with a territorial robin flying in through an open window and building a nest.

The robin would then attack anyone brave enough to go downstairs. We would be forced to sell the house and move out – or worse, buy a cat to kill the aggressive bird. While we would be free of the robin, we would be stuck with a pet cat that we don’t want. They can live for over 15 years, which would be a fecking nightmare.

In the end, we went for a five-footer (tree, not cat). This would fit nicely in the corner; plus, thanks to the fact I have been shrunk by scoliosis, the tree would still be taller than me!

Claire put the new tree together, although ran into trouble when it came to attaching the feet to the base. In the past, we have had notorious problems with constructing the base for artificial trees.

I have previously been able to save the day, by jamming the feet in really hard, hitting the base against items of furniture and generally shouting profanities at it.

Thanks to me selfishly breaking both arms, I couldn’t help Claire this year, although was able to offer advice, as well as swear at the stupid thing, while waiting lying on my back in bed.

Why oh why are these tree bases so difficult to put together? Do Argos expect us to purchase an industrial sledgehammer, along with the tree?

In the end, we settled for placing all four legs into the base, but rather loosely. Therefore, should anyone wish to start a sweepstake on when our tree will come tumbling down, feel free. Put me down for 9th December.

Luckily, the rest of the tree allowed Claire to put it together without any more problems! That left one final task… the official turning on of the Kitson’s Christmas Tree Lights.

We wanted to find a celebrity to perform the honours for us. Unfortunately Caitlyn Jenner, who had last year promised to help us out, is busy in Ant and Dec’s jungle. Oh well. Maybe next year…

Here is the tree in all it’s glory.

What do you think? Anyone who says “shit” can piss off.

Merry Christmas and goodwill to all men…

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Friday was my first full day at home, after being discharged from hospital on Thursday evening.

Naturally, after having been stuck inactive, in the safety of a hospital bed, for two and a half weeks, any movement was going to be difficult.

Even before the accident, walking was impossible, unless I was holding onto an item of nearby furniture or my frame. Due to having both of my arms in a sling, this method of getting around would not be possible.

I therefore had to rely upon Claire to hold onto me tight and help me shuffle from bed to chair, to stair lift, back onto chair and finally onto the sofa – before repeating the process in reverse, once I was ready to return to bed.

These transfers were tough, but that was always going to be the case, for the reasons mentioned already – not to mention the fact that being held onto by my wife, while trying to move, felt very unnatural.

Due to Claire taking a much-deserved break on Saturday afternoon, I remained in bed all day: where I planned my exercise regime.

On Friday, I felt as if I had inadvertently pushed myself a little too far, in transferring to the sofa, an entire floor below. I had to remind myself, that all of this activity was following 17 days of practically no activity, lying flat in a hospital bed.

I also felt like by positioning myself on the sofa, I wasn’t giving myself the best possible chance of recovery – not to mention the fact, it was rather uncomfortable! I found myself slouched to one side. I was half led down on the sofa, when one of the benefits of getting out of bed is to train your body to sit upright again.

Today will therefore be different. I will not be burning myself out by going downstairs. I plan to sit on my wheelchair, made comfortable by cushions and pillows, from our extensive collection. I’ll be sat correctly and won’t have exhausted myself before I’ve even positioned myself.

Assuming today goes without any hiccups, I’ll repeat the same on Monday, but may even be brave and go downstairs!

My workout DVD will be on sale in time for Christmas.

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