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Tomorrow I return to work, after a long term absence, due to sickness. That is why, from this day forward, 16th October will forever be known as “Return To Work Eve”. Please add this. to your calendars and diaries.

During my time off a number of things happened to me. Some of these things may be classed as “events”, others even “achievements”. Most are just “a waste of time”.

I’ll let you be the judge of which is which…

  1. Went for a ride in an ambulance.
  2. Stayed in hospital for almost 3 weeks.
  3. Learnt to hate physiotherapists,
  4. Came home from hospital and rode the ambulance again.
  5. Consumed approximately 3,994 tablets.
  6. Did the majority of my Christmas shopping.
  7. Blogged 75 times.
  8. Watched nearly every episode of The US Office*
  9. Found out that I’m underweight and need to get eating.
  10. Ate approximately 10kg of ice lollies and Slush Puppies.
  11. Discovered that Calippos are not fattening.
  12. Paid a vet to remove my pet rabbit’s bo##ocks.
  13. Stopped eating meat**
  14. Played a part in the demise of 3 spiders.
  15. Discovered DVDs and YouTube videos of a very geeky subject – Train Driver’s-View Cab Rides.***
  16. Found that somebody, something or (most likely) me, killed my blog.
  17. Resurrected my blog.
  18. Watched England win a penalty shootout, from a hospital bed, on my mobile phone, with headphones.
  19. Paid for a Royal Wedding.
  20. Got far too hot in a heatwave.
  21. Bought a fan,
  22. Used the fan in hospital, without it being PAT Tested (naughty, naughty).
  23. Received a ‘Like’ from Ricky Gervais for a tweet which I made.
  24. Saw a rat in my garden.
  25. Rented 62 DVDs and BluRays from Cinema Paradiso ****
  26. Tweeted 127 times.
  27. Found out that Quorn Tikka Massala has the tastiest sauce ever.
  28. Ordered a takeaway from Deliveroo for the first time ever.
  29. Won £100 on a scratch card. *****
  30. Bought the most embarrassing shirt ever. I love it.
  31. Spent over £150 on stickers.
  32. Had a haircut.
  33. Watched some God-awful film about a shark.
  34. Created a veggie-friendly Big Mac.
  35. Watched 1,000 episodes of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, with Claire. ******

* I gave up early into the final season. The show lost nearly all its humour after Steve Carell left.

** Contrary to rumours, I did not consume any of Roman’s manhood (See pt.12), leading me to vegetarianism. The vet didn’t even offer me any.

*** Can you tell that by this point, I was getting desperate to get back to work?

**** 31 of these discs were Claire’s….
Can you guess who picked what, from “Raggy Dolls” and “Jack Reacher”?
You’re all wrong – I ordered Raggy Dolls!

***** Technically this was Claire’s card, but we always split our winnings.

****** It certainly felt like 1,000. I know the Mrs. Fortescue episode word-for-word.

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One of my favourite things that I have seen on the internet lately, and one of the (many) reasons that I don’t use Facebook.

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When Ricky Gervais likes your tweet…

If you have no idea what this tweet relates to, you clearly haven’t watched The Office, where the joke is mentioned a number of times in one episode.

WARNING: If you are in your own office, the clip isn’t safe for work. Besides which, why are you reading this blog and not working?

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I have discovered that living in the modern world, but having to take regular medication, can be a problem. My ability to use technology is not impeded by any drug which I have to take; the issue relates to communication.

Ninty nine percent of the time that I spend downstairs at home, is sat in my favourite half of the sofa. Over time, I have collected and organised a set of cushions of all shapes and sizes, to surround me while I am sat, moulding themselves around my rear end, to make me very comfortable.

As well as building myself a mountain of cushions, I have also organised my ‘living area’ to be within easy reach of my favourite books and gadgets. Heck, I’ve even got a tuck shop drawer, in case I get hungry or thirsty. It is a couch potato’s wet dream.

Personally, I think that I have an excuse. Due to my mobility issues, it would take a lot of effort for me to get from the sofa, to the bookshelf or kitchen, should I fancy a read or a Wagon Wheel… except I’m not eating WWs at the moment, and unless they bring out gelatin-free wheels, I sadly won’t be eating one of Britain’s tastiest biccies ever again.

Anyway… I’m not a lazy couch potato. I’m a lazy couch potato with a mobility scooter.

I mentioned that as well as having easy access to books and tuck, I have also ensured that my favourite toys are just a short stretch away. As well as that, my prescribed medication is just a foot from my grasp, to ensure any pill-popping is done on time. Here lies the problem…

I’ve already said that I have to take PILL and TABLETs throughout the day…

I do most of my internet browsing, blogging, geeky spreadsheet stuff etc on my Samsung TABLET

I also enjoy listening to music on my Dre Beats PILL.

If I am away from my throne (the sofa), from time to time, I may ask my wife if she would kindly pass me something. If it is a bar of chocolate or book, that is never an issue. The problems occur when I would like my medication or techy stuff…

Me: “Wifey. Can you pass me something please?”
Claire: “Of course, Hubby. What would you like?”
Me: “The tablet please”

My poor, devoted wife wouldn’t know whether I wanted to check my emails or chase the dragon. *

* all of my medication is legal, prescribed and non-hallucinogenic (sadly).

We have the same problem when I ask for my pill. Do I want to go “flying high in the sky” with the Lighthouse Family, or opium? **

** honestly – I’m no junkie! “The blogger doth protest too much, methinks” 

This has all gone a bit too much Shaun Ryder and less Sean’s Stories, for my liking. No more drug jokes.

I’ll end today’s blog by saying, despite all the communication problems with pills and tablets, it’s good that I now own a Nintendo Switch, which means that I no longer need to ask Claire for a Wii.

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