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When Bath City got drawn against Gloucester City in the FA Trophy, I was expecting big things. Bath are known as The Romans, whereas Gloucester’s nickname is The Tigers. If Russell Crowe has taught me anything, it’s that battles involving Romans and tigers are epic.

Sadly, the match did not live up to the Oscar winning film, Gladiator – in fact it was more like Jaws 3 in terms of quality. Tony the Tiger would call it anything but “Grrrrreat!”.

The match finished 0-0, which is almost as bad as losing 7-1 to East Thurrock. Not only did I have to endure 90 minutes of shit and pay £12 for the privilege, but as this is the Trophy, a draw means a replay must be played on Tuesday night – another £12 I’ll have to fork out and if the match is anything like today, another 90 minutes of my life wasted. It could be even longer, as extra time and penalties could potentially be played, although if that transpires, I’ll probably chop my own ears off and gouge my eyes out.

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Today, my lovely fiancee, Claire, celebrated her final birthday as an unmarried woman. She reached the ripe old young age of 26, although to keep her happy, we’ll just call her 21 again. 26 or 21, she’s still a few years younger than me!

If you don’t want to go into the city centre of Bath to see the Christmas lights, you could always come to my street, where our neighbours have decorated their houses with more illuminations than the Blackpool Tower. I don’t know how the National Grid will cope.  Feeling we should make an effort ourselves, we put up our Christmas tree in the front room. Yes, I know it’s still November, but the shops have been playing music since what seems like May, so I think I am justified in getting things looking festive a couple of days before opening the advent calendar.

Finally, I am a happy chappy this evening as Leeds beat Derby. It seems like 1,000 years since their last victory over ‘The Rams’, but in reality, I think it’s 9. Many people say that as a football club, Leeds United are cursed, blaming all the bad luck on a gypsy who urinated in the corners of Elland Road in the 1970s. I wonder if Leeds’ new, slightly eccentric Italian owner, Massimo Cellino, has gatecrashed one of the Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and carried out some brutal massacre, like Al Pacino in the movie Scarface. If this has lifted the curse, and Leeds go on to win The Champions League, I’ll certainly have to question if the murder of an entire family was worth it.

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