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I’m in a bad mood tonight! Leeds lost 1-0 to Rotherham who haven’t won all season!

Members of WACCOE will know that I actually predicted a Leeds defeat this evening. It’s so frustrating! I’ve seen it too many times before. Leeds play well against the good teams and lie down against the ones lower down in the table.

A shocking performance and the striker Michael Ricketts was just dire. He was given many chances to score and just missed or failed to make contact with the ball. I know he’s only a young player but he is past it. He should be taken to the glue factory as that is all he is good for.

Continuing with the ranting theme, I saw the 2nd episode of the new season of The Simpsons on Sunday. What a crock of crap!

The episode focused on Marge befriending Nelson Muntz (yawn, seen it all before) while Lisa got concerned about her weight and refused to eat (I see the creators have stooped to using serious topics such as eating disorders for storylines).

Ralph featured in the episode. In the past he has been able to bring many laughs whenever featured, but in this episode where he played the “Duck – Goose Game” or rather “Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck…” was just embarrassing and made him look too stupid, even for Ralph. I felt awkward watching it.

They should just have shut up shop after Season 12 and maybe finished on a high with a movie. All I can think is that the evil powers who are Fox just kept throwing money at Matt Groening, forcing him to do more and more seasons, each getting worse and worse.

I’ll probably get taken down for this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Fox are a bad, bad company. They steal from the poor and give to the rich, they are the Anti-Robin Hood. They steal candy from babies and wear seal fur coats. They…

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A very late blog tonight…

After hearing the new Band Aid single for Christmas earlier in the week it got me thinking into how many copies would actually be sold in the week up until Christmas to get a single to the No. 1 spot (presuming the bookies are correct and it gets there).

I then begun to wonder, what would happen if Leeds fans managed to get the clubs song ‘Marching on Together’ to the No.1 spot, obviously not this year, but maybe in 2005 after getting the song re-released.

If each fan from the 500-1000 regular posters on the WACCOE forum as well as the tens of thousands who attend Elland Road each week bought as many copies as they could afford, solely in the week before Christmas, then they could cause a major shock in the music world and bring the great club’s anthem to fame.

If the Leeds fans did manage to pull it off, the tabloids who are well known for hating Leeds United would have a field day and really slam the move. Here’s an artists impression of what a typical newspaper would read December 2005.

Of course the topic of “Where the money goes” would come into play. Charity is always a good idea, so all profits should go straight into Leeds United Football Club, after all, their debts probably exceed those of a third world country! :o)

Something to think about for next year! In the meantime, any Leeds fans in charge of music for a Christmas party for friends, family, the office, etc should check out the “Leeds United Greatest Hits Vol. 2” CD (available from Official Leeds United retailers).

The last track on the album is “White Xmas”, starts off like the Christmas Classic but has a Leeds United twist – a great track to play at a party, especially if the unsuspecting Man Utd fan is there!

That’s the lot for tonight, sorry for the early talk on Christmas, I hate it when shops, TV shows, etc make a fuss too early on so it’s a little silly making this blog entry! I promise there will be no more Crimbo talk until at least Wednesday 1 st December.

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A good evening last night, firstly going to The Globe Inn, just outside of Bath. I had Hunters Chicken which is just delicious, by far the best dish on the menu. Chicken, wrapped in bacon, in a creamy barbecue sauce served with cheesy potato. If you live in or are ever in Bath, I highly recommend it!

After that I was off to the cinema last night to see the highly anticipated movie The Incredibles, which I have been looking forward to for ages.

Being it was no ordinary film, I pushed the boat out and got “Premium Seats” for around £10. For that you got some great seats – almost like sofas, a side table and Pepsi and Popcorn, a very good experience and worth the extra few pounds. The only disadvantages were that I felt the seats were a little bit too low and the wall cut off the bottom of the screen a bit, you also were not allowed to swap the Pepsi for an Ice Blast, even if you paid the difference.

Like Shrek 2 and Shark Tail, The Incredibles is totally computer animated, which seems to be the way nowadays for animation, no more cartoons.

Mr. incredible, may I suggest changing into a white Leeds United shirt.
Red doesn’t suite you.

The film follows the story if Mr. Incredible a retired superhero who is married to a female superhero who is also retired. They live normal lives and have some freaky children who also have special powers. Mr. Incredible is then brought out of retirement and sent on a mission, his family get dragged in and there you have the movie plot…

Sadly not as good as I was expecting, but I was so much looking forward to this title, maybe I expected too much? That said, the film is certainly worth seeing with or without kids.

I was dragged out again this afternoon to go to the pub to watch the England Rugby game, or as I refer to it “egg chasing”. England lost to Australia, which was a shame. Even though I don’t really like the sport, its always good to see England win – you don’t see it much. Whether its rugby, football, F1 racing or cricket, England promise so much but rarely deliver.

Talking about things that don’t deliver… Tesco Online. I’ve been shopping with them for almost a year now and have been very happy overall. They are always well stocked, reasonably priced and on time. Until today! My groceries were supposed to come this morning. I got a call around 2 this afternoon to say there’s been a delay (fair enough, these things happen) and it won’t be here until 5.30pm. It is not 6.41pm and do I have the groceries, do I F***! There’s no food in the house, I’m hungry. Maybe I should call for a Dominos and charge it to Tesco?

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I got my TV back from the repair shop yesterday. After using the PC Monitor and a portable TV for my viewing for the last 2-3 weeks, it’s surprising how big my 28” Widescreen actually is, sitting on top of my cabinet.

Anyway, I made full use of it this evening, watching the PSV-Arsenal game on Sky Sports while listening to the Leeds-Watford game on Radio Aire.

Leeds drew 2-2 with Watford and although were able to come from behind twice is still a little frustrating. Earlier on in the season they were solid in defence but had the problem of lack of goals. Now they’re scoring for fun but in defence can be as loose as the bowels of a dysentery sufferer. (Apologies for the comparison)

Arsenal are also a team who could be doing far better. They have one more group game of The Champions League and if they fail to win, it could see them fall into the Uefa Cup. Now I like Arsenal, I think they play some good football (well, not much lately) and are a major threat to Man Utd (whom I dislike) but as a neutral I think it would be interesting to see how they fair in the Uefa Cup, although it would still be a shame to see them be knocked the CL early on.

One team, I won’t miss in The Champions League is Liverpool. They lost yesterday and must win their next game to even think about staying in. They’re an alright squad but have no strikers at the moment! They’re all out injured! What a shame!

One last topic for tonight (sorry if you don’t like football), WACCOE was running a discussion on ugly players who have played for Leeds. Now, I know John Hartson of Celtic has never played for Leeds (I wish me would, he’s very good!) but take a look at him on Sky Sports this evening.

I ate a baby!

A face only a mother could love and bearing similarities to Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies.

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Another update for the evening. There have been lots of requests on WACCOE for members to upload video clips of the goals from Saturday’s game against QPR. This is a big “no no” and the English FA have cracked down hard on websites doing this. For that reason I cannot host them. What I can do though is offer the goal montage played on The Chris Moyles show this morning on Radio 1. Download the MP3 here and enjoy! If yu want to view the goals, check out LUTV.

One thing on the above download and indeed any downloads on this website. I don’t use anti-leech technology on the webserver. Anti-leech is there to stop people linking to files directly from external websites. There are flaws in this though and genuine site visitors can have trouble accessing the content. Therefore instead of using this I ask you, please do not directly link to these files on your website or web forums. Please link to this webpage hosting them, but NOT the files themselves. I can find out if this is being done and if necessary (sadly) I’ll have to take the files down. Please be respectful. Thank you.

Lastly, on the topic of the QPR game, the QPR manager Ian Holloway was admitted to hospital suffering stomach problems. He wasn’t at all well at the Leeds game and was ill last week. I wish him a speedy recovery and will leave you with this marvellous quote he made last year comparing winning a game to meeting a lady…

“…To put it in gentleman’s terms, if you’ve been out for a night and you’re looking for a young lady and you pull one, you’ve done what you set out to do.

We didn’t look our best but we’ve pulled. Some weeks the lady is good looking and some weeks they’re not. Our performance today would have been not the best looking bird, but at least we got her in the taxi.

She may not have been the best looking lady we ended up taking home, but it was still very pleasant and very nice, so thanks very much and let’s have coffee…”

A very funny and good man and by his rules, Leeds must have pulled a cracking bird on Saturday!

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