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Hull Shitty 1-2 Leeds United

Leeds FINALLY won a game! Well done to all the lads for beating local rivals and fellow relegation fighters, Hull City. The whole result came as a shock, not least because Matt Heath, one of the worst Leeds players of all time (and there have been loads of donkeys), scored the opening goal!

Like the true fan I am, I followed the game closely on Sky Sports News. It was an extremely nerve wrecking evening, and I was almost touching cloth due to anxiety.

Hopefully this will be the turning point in The Mighty White’s season. We’ll beat Norwich at the weekend and then destroy QPR and Crystal Palace at Elland Road. Leeds are staying up, Leeds are staying up… I hope!

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There’s a problem with one of the computer systems at work. Every time a user tries to run the application, they are greeted by the error message


I am sure every Windows XP user has seen this error message at one point or another. It makes me wonder, are Microsoft genuinely sorry for the inconvenience, or are they just bullshitting us?

With the recent release of Windows Vista, I would like to see a more honest approach from Bill Gates and his ‘Microsoft Minions’.


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Along with getting married and starting a new job, moving is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Fortunately, my current flat change has gone relatively smoothly, until now…

Annoyingly, the one factor which is proving the most tedious is what should normally be the simplest – getting Sky installed.

I managed to convince both the letting agency and local council to allow me to erect a satellite dish, that was easy, but when it comes to ordering the damn system, it all goes wrong.

My telephone call to the Sky order line was answered by someone sounding just like Tobi Anstis (the guy who used to present Children’s BBC and went on I’m A Celebrity). He was helpful enough, yet still insisted in reciting all available packages to me (even though I clearly stated that I wanted the Sky Sports Pack).

The problem arose when arranging a delivery address to post my contract and viewing card to. I currently live in a flat on Newbridge HILL but and moving to a flat on Newbridge ROAD in late February. Tobi Anstis point blankly refused to post any material to my current Newbridge HILL address, even though I told him that I would have no access to my Newbridge ROAD flat until the end of next month.

Tobi Anstis had obviously had an argument with Otis the Aardvark and was having none of it. Don’t worry though, it just so happens that Johnny McWatkins works for the devil (AKA Sky) and is kicking some ass and pulling some strings for me.


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Just a quick announcement:

I looked round the flat on Newbridge Road (mentioned below) this afternoon and accepted it. I will move in 1st March/late February.

It is fucking excellent and the photos do not do it justice.

More to follow….

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This clip here has to be one of the funniest things ever to appear on YouTube.

Watch the way Noel back-pedals when he realises his mistake!

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