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When Bath Rugby tweeted this, before their match against Bristol, I guess they were very confident.

They lost.
Talk about getting this on your face…

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I must remember not to check my mobile phone during the middle of the night…

During a period where I was unable to sleep, I decided to check Twitter, to see who else was awake and suffering from insomnia.

It was while on the social media application that the below image automatically appeared!

Not only is there a nasty story behind the photograph (although the woman is apparently now safe and well), but in the dark monochrome image, it bears similarities to that girl in The Ring (a film I have never seen, as I am too scared).

If I find myself unable to sleep again tonight, I will be trying the much safer activity of counting sheep.

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Claire and I have been checking the Deliveroo takeaway delivery website for sometime now. We were getting increasingly frustrated that none of the popular restaurants were available in our post code. I know we live on the edge of Bath and a few miles from the town centre, but we are hardly in the sticks.

Last night, however, our luck changed when we discovered a large number of yummy food outlets had been added.

We duly ordered some very nice pizza from Pizza Express…

It’s certainly not cheap compared to other takeaways, but you can’t say that you don’t get what you pay for.

Our next order will be from TGI Friday’s – but not until we have taken out a new mortgage!

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Always make backups, kids!

My blog decided to stop working today, which meant that I had to totally reinstall the whole thing, erasing all posts in the process. Given the fact I have been blogging since 2004 would mean a lot of work and history gone for good!

Luckily I had made a backup in June. A bit of a shame I hadn’t done so in August, as it took me a good few hours manually restoring those posts that failed to make the backup.

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Who would have thought that keeping a house rabbit would be so much trouble? Roman gave us more cause for concern, when, randomly, he started sprinting around his pen, smashing into objects, before cowering, terrified, in his play tunnel.

Before today, I had never seen him so petrified. We still don’t know what caused his mad panic, but are wondering if he had a nightmare, as he was resting contentedly beforehand.

The ordeal must have really shaken the poor little mite, as he has been on edge all day. That is when he hasn’t been sleeping – it looks like by being given the fight of his life, he totally tired himself out!

Hopefully he’ll return to his old self tomorrow. Roman is normally so full of life, brave and inquisitive – which is why we put this sign in the front window, to warn visitors…

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