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You may have noticed the counter in the top-right of the website.

This is counting the length of time in which I have not stepped foot outside of the house.

The reason for this hermit-style existence is primarily due to self-isolating from coronavirus, but also because of my recovery from the scooter accident.

I was last outside on Friday 28th February 2020. This was to attend a routine hospital appointment. I returned at about 5pm. Since then, I have not left my home.

At the time of blogging, I have been told to shut myself away from everyone for 12 weeks. The only human I’ll come into contact with is my wife, Claire, who I live with.

If you are reading this post and there is no clock, it means that I have left the house. Hopefully to attend somewhere nice and not because I’ve contracted COVID-19 and have been whisked off in an ambulance.

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You may have noticed an addition to the menu on my blog.


Take a look in the bottom right…

It looks like this…

This is a collection of all the blog posts, which I have made on certain topics.

I may add more links in the future, but for now you have the following…

  • Spotify ShuffleI didn’t like how my posts, listing the tracks Spotify randomly played for me, were clogging up my front page. Therefore, if you are one of the minority who enjoys reading my (embarrassing) choice of music, you will find all lists here.
  • Roman’s AlbumRoman, our incredibly cute house rabbit, is often featured on my blog. All photos and videos, which feature on here, can now be viewed in one soft, fluffy and cute collection.
  • The Roman ChalisNothing to do with rabbits. Read this if you don’t know what it is. Use this link to follow the journey of the Chalis.

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… to my blog!

Aged 15 today.

If my blog was a child, it would be taking its GCSEs and old enough to legally watch Jaws 3.

That’s a scary thought – Jaws 3 was terrible…

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I feel that I should clarify a blog post I made yesterday.

The content of the post in question, can best be described by using a famous Donald Trump quote…

“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.”

No. Not that one.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Not that, either.

“Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?”


“Does torture work? Yes, absolutely.”

Try again.

“Forty thousand had come from Nigeria. Once they had seen the United States, they would never go back to their huts in Africa.”



Yes! Correct!

Last night’s blog contained fake news and a lie

It is 100% true that Roman was sat with me on the sofa (that is no Photoshop job).

What was not revealed last night, was the following…

  • Roman did not eat ANY of his food on the sofa.
  • After the photo was taken, his food bowl was removed and placed in his exercise pen – which he had access to.
  • Despite this, Roman remained on the sofa for a short while – primarily because he had fallen asleep, looked too damn cute and melted the hearts of Claire and me.
  • After biting the sofa – out of hunger or frustration – he was forced back into his pen, where he threw a massive tantrum, before giving up and eating his food.
  • Claire was then able to enjoy her meal and the remainder of the evening, next to me, on the sofa.

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You may remember that I experienced a few issues with blog, this week.

If you try to access my website on a daily basis, firstly, what’s wrong with you? You clearly have too much time on your hands. Secondly, everything would have appeared fine and dandy for you, both Friday and Saturday. That’s because the problems had been resolved. However, my blog was not launching for me!

After much swearing and troubleshooting, I worked out that there was only an access issue, when trying to view my website using the home broadband connection. Viewing over 4G, on my mobile phone, or through a proxy (parents, ask your kids what this is) was not a problem.

This resulted in countless email exchanges, between a very helpful support guru, named Ricky, and myself. Yesterday afternoon, I turned into Bianca Jackson, from mid-1990s EastEnders fame, with my frequent pestering of “RICKAAAAYYYY!”.

As I have already mentioned, Ricky was very helpful and certainly earnt his pennies. He made a lot of excellent suggestions, but it was me who, in the end, discovered the final and decisive fix…

Out of pure frustration, I took our home broadband router and I kicked it. Very hard…

I didn’t kick it in the literal sense, like the photo above, of that gentle giant, Vincent Kompany, murdering a Watford player, with his football boot. I kicked it in the IT geek sense. Turning it off and back on again – well, just disconnecting and reconnecting – to generate a new IP aďdress, for the broadband connection.


I suspect that I have sent you to sleep with all that jargon shite. The main thing is that you can now access my blog, without problems – although, why you would want to return after today’s rubbish post, is a bloody mystery to me.

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