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Bit of Big Brother talk tonight, yesterday saw Maxwell and Saskia both up for eviction against each other. These two housemates haven’t done themselves any favours in recent weeks and have really made it a case of ‘Them vs. The Rest of the House’. So to see one of them guaranteed to leave on Friday will be interesting.

I have never liked Saskia, she is a real dirty chav, has a terrible manner and even prostitutes herself with Maxwell in a vain attempt to win votes.

Saskia MUST leave the Big Brother House!

I have gone right off Maxwell too, when he first entered the house I thought he was an alright bloke, as his friendship with Saskia grows though he is turning into a real twat.

Hopefully Saskia will piss off back home on Friday and Maxwell will change back to his original, entertaining self and not the loud mouthed, gobby git he is now.

Now onto Leeds United, its less than 6 weeks until the new season starts and the squad is starting to look very good. A few weeks ago I was feeling a little pessimistic, especially with the sale of young Aaron Lennon.

Since then, two new players have signed, Eddie Lewis from Preston and Steve Stone from Portsmouth. Both play on the wing so manager Kevin Blackwell will be able to play super striker David Healy up front (he spent most of last season on the wing where he is wasted).

Steve Stone should play a vital part for Leeds next season

While I don’t want this to come back to bite me I’m going to make my season predictions….

Final League Position: 5th place – enough to make the play offs

Carling Cup: 5th Round (although this is a lottery, depends on who Leeds get drawn against)

FA Cup: 4th Round (again, a lottery)

The opening game of the season is against Millwall. This game is to be televised on Sunday 8th August, this creates a little problem. I am on holiday that week in a boat going around the Birmingham area. I cannot miss this game so therefore will need to ring around all the pubs on route to make sure they are showing the game. It will be a difficult task finding a pub to stop at but I am determined to succeed!

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It very often seems that when I make an expensive purchase something always goes wrong in one way or another – the camera’s flash a few weeks ago, Sky+ last year… I thought I had got lucky with my laptop and avoided any problems – I was so wrong!

The laptop is fine, it works a treat, in fact I am sitting outside in the sunny, hot garden writing this blog entry! No, the problem this time around was money.

When paying for my laptop on Thursday the first attempt to charge my debit card failed as the stores computer crashed. No problem I thought as the shop assistant assured me that I would NOT be charged and the transaction had been immediately cancelled.

Then, Saturday morning I checked my bank statement. The funds for the laptop had been debited and were on my statement in the correct way BUT a further set of funds for my laptop were “ear marked” to be debited from my account. Although this money will never be taken out, it means for up to 4 working days I will not have access to it – a nightmare considering that yesterday my final payment for my holiday in August was due!

Makes me wonder where MY MONEY actually is!

This lead to me ringing my bank and the PC retailer on countless occasions, never really getting anywhere. The closest I got was the PC Store manager cancelling the authorisation for the mistaken payment. This didn’t help.

In the end I managed to borrow the funds for my holiday, but let this be known, the PC Store have not won. They will be receiving a strongly worded letter of complaint along with a bill for all expenses incurred by myself (telephone calls, overdraft fees, etc).

Nothing ever goes right with these things!

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It’s been a few days since my last update and phew hasn’t it been hot! I really like the heat (although wish I didn’t have to work in it!) as we don‘t get weeks like this too often.

Due to the weather, a lot of people are having problems sleeping at night, I haven’t really suffered from this as I have set my sleeping area up very well. Sleeping on top of the bed with throw, wearing light clothing and in front of the massive, floor standing fan I bought last year.

Last night was too hot for me though, it was so humid. I think I only managed to get 4 hours of sleep! The air was cleared today with one massive thunderstorm, I hadn’t seen one so big since I was on holiday abroad.

Yesterday was a busy one for me, I went off to Bristol to buy a laptop as I have been meaning to invest in one for quite some time. It’s a very cool model – Compaq Presario V2250EA.

Here’s a brief specification:

– Intel Pentium M Processor 725 (1.6 Ghz CPU Speed)
– 512 MB DDR 2700 RAM
– 60 Gig HDD
– 14” WXGA High-Definition Widescreen Display
– WiFi (wireless internet which is great!)

I bought the laptop from a leading PC supplier, now I know how these large companies work. If you even give the impression that you’ll take up one of their finance option they’ll roll over and shit Mars Bars with delight. They’ll also offer you a sack load of “deals”.

I was offered a nice laptop bag, crappy Lexmark printer, USB lead, useful anti-surge plug, Norton Security 2005 and a 1 months subscription to some support service (which I will NOT be paying for on Month #2)

Originally I was offered all this rubbish for £50 which I turned down. The sales assistant looked shocked I didn’t want to take up this “excellent deal” it looked like he was about to burst into tears! He then disappeared and came back and offered exactly the same package for £25. I took him up on the offer and did NOT take the finance option :o)

So I left the store with my nice, new laptop and a whole bundle of rubbish. It was like I had been shopping at Iceland (“buy a packet of Fish Fingers and get a Sunday Roast, crate of crap lager, 10 litres of ice cream, 5 beef steaks and a Cornetto free)

Apparently the package is worth over £150, I would have sooner left the crap in the store and got an X-Box which retails for £125. Don’t think they would allow that though.

So all in all I am very happy with the laptop, I am actually using it to write this blog entry!

Tonight I went out to the cinema to see Batman Begins. I really liked the 1989 movie and Batman Returns. Batman & Robin and Batman Forever were terrible though. Batman Begins was totally stunning and more than made up for the latter two.

As the title suggests the film is a prequel and focuses on how the young Bruce Wayne progresses into The Caped Crusader and takes on his first real baddie, all with the help of his faithful ally and butler Alfred (played by non other than Michael Caine) The film uses the latest in special effects but still keeps the theme from the early 90s movies.

I seriously recommend this movie, you have to see it!
That’s the lot from me, there were other topics I wanted to cover, but I’ll have to do it in the morning or afternoon. Due to my lack of sleep last night I’m rather tired now!

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Remember back on 7th June when I wondered what would happen if you touched a fly killer designed for exterminating flying insects?

Well I found somebody who touched it!!! Better still I have it all on video for you all! You will be pleased to learn that the person touching the zapper did live to tell the tale. You can download the video here.

I must state for legal reasons and for stupid people, this was an experiment undertaken by trained professionals in a controlled environment. We do these tests so you don’t have to. If you choose to try this out yourself cannot be held responsible for any death, loss of bowel control, schizophrenia, pregnancy or indeed anything else which may happen to you.

However, if you do chose to hurt yourself for fun in a “Jackass” style please upload your clips and send me the links. On a serious note – any attacks on unwilling people (e.g. “happy slapping”) won’t appear on this website but will be forwarded to the police. You may still end up on a website, but it’ll be on this website here.

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Big Brother has been good this week, a task has been set where the housemates are workers who have to perform degrading tasks such as sorting coloured maggots. The real shits and giggles part of the task is that only 1 of the 9 housemates has to do the work while the others party. The unlucky worker knows nothing of this!

The original unlucky worker was “loud mouth-cum-boring cow” Vanessa. When she found out about the maggots she totally flipped and ran to the toilets crying. When one of the housemates showed concern for the blubber-guts Derek replied with possibly one of the best lines of the series “Of course she’s alright, she’s not been bitten by a lion”. Dry, no nonsense humour at its best!

“These maggots are off the hook! I could just eat ’em!”

Maxwell took the place of Vanessa and therefore is undertaking he horrible tasks while the housemates and the nation laugh at him, the poor fat cockney.

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