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A few football clubs always seem to be in the news. Some, like Barcelona, make the headlines for success. While others like Leeds United and the fictional Harchester United from Sky One’s drama Dream Team are in the news because everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

This year Bath City have been in the news a lot. OK, not as much as some clubs like Manchester United – although I am sure if one of our players shagged his sister-in-law, attempted to keep it a secret, only for it all revealed on Twitter, I think there may be even more attention on the Twerton Park side.

No, Bath City have certainly had themselves in the spotlight this year. Back in March they caused fury with Daily Mail readers for giving Polish people a discount on a matchday ticket for a game against Grimsby. In the summer they attracted media attention by appointing a female chairman, causing further rage amongst Daily Mail readers (until they found out she was British born and bred).

Now they are in the news again. Yesterday there was controversy involving the Under-18’s side after five players and the manager were sent off in a Youth Cup tie with Newport County. Apparently the referee didn’t like the colour of two of City’s players’ pants and forced them to change. The problem being they were asked to do this in front of almost 150 fans. This may sound like something an elderly PE teacher would have done back in the 1970’s – nope, it was a modern day referee in the year 2011.

Bath City lost the game 6-0. They plan to appeal, presumably asking for the game to be replayed. Should they win their appeal, hopefully a referee with a shred of common sense will be put in charge; or maybe he would like to take the teenagers underwear shopping before the match?

Oh, and finally, before anyone makes any jokes about Bath City having a “pants season” I’ve heard them.

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For the final few days of my week off, I went to Weymouth with Claire. We travelled to the south coast by train. The rail network has come under a lot of criticism lately. Well, ever since I can remember. While our train was on time, I did hear an announcement regarding another one which had been delayed. The man on the tannoy apologised for the delay. I just wonder how heartfelt this apology was, especially as it as a computer-voiced automated message.

Weymouth is a strange town. It has a beautiful coastline and is a really nice place to go on holiday. There is also a high street with all your typical shops. One minute you can be eating an ice cream and riding the donkey, the next you may as well be in Newcastle – although the locals are a little more “Oooh arrr” than “Howay the Toon”. Something Weymouth also has, like every other town and city in England, is chavs. Lots of them. This is probably because Weymouth has its own branch of Sports Direct. Whether the chavs came before Sports Direct, or Sports Direct came before the chavs, nobody really knows. It’s a little bit like the chicken and the egg.

Other strange sights included a woman with a pushchair. This may not sound strange to you. However, there wasn’t a child inside the pushchair, there was a dog. I have seen people carrying their dogs before. Whenever you see someone doing this, all respect for them is lost. Pushing a dog around as if it was a baby is one step further still. You just know the woman pushing the dog around has a photo of it in her car, lets it sleep in the bed and probably dresses it up. Oh dear…

Something else I realised about Weymouth is that it is actually quite a large town. You may be able to see from one end of the beach to the other, but to walk from our bed and breakfast to the harbour took ages. Google Maps tells me it was about a mile. Considering we made the walk a number of times a day, a lot of ground must have been covered. I always said I would never do a walking or adventure holiday, but think I may have inadvertently had one.

Now for something totally random, but spotted in Weymouth so technically it counts. In Tesco we saw Mince Pies. I am not going to get into the whole debate about shops selling Christmas stuff too early – we all know it happens and is stupid. However, I did find it strange how food designed to be consumed in December was out of date at the start of November.

Finally, the trip home. While the outward journey was nice, the return was not so pleasant. The train was busy, with people packed into the carriage like cows. Luckily we found seats. What made the trip a little unnerving was not the amount of people on the train, but the fact there was some bloke who had just been released from prison. He was boasting about his release and how he would probably be back in jail by Sunday. Needless to say, I turned on the passcode lock on my iPhone and hid it in my pocket. When he got off the train, you could tell every remaining passenger was thinking “Thank God for that”.

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Yesterday was my first day off work. Most of it was spent indoors waiting for an engineer from BT to fix the dodgy internet connection. A lot of work was carried out and considering just the telephone line was being checked, a very large amount of mess made. In the end I ended up with a new Home Hub and wall socket. Apparently stuff was also done at the telephone exchange. I’ll wait and see if the problems have been fixed.

I was also asked by the engineer to perform a speed test on the line using my laptop. I’ve had my laptop for a few years now and bless it, while it does the job, it can be a little slow these days. If it was a person, it would be sucking Werther’s Original and watching Bargain Hunt on afternoon TV. It it was a dog, it would have gone to live on a farm. At least, that’s what the parents would tell their children. Yesterday however, with a telephone engineer in my flat and desperate to finish the job, I could have really done with my infirm machine working a bit quicker than normal. I would like to say it bounced into life, loaded Windows, found the new wireless network and performed the speed test duties in no time at all. Alas it didn’t. Cue an awkward 10 minutes while my laptop moaned and bitched, doing everything in its power not to do what it was supposed to do. I bet the engineer thought the laptop was clogged up with filthy porn. Which of course it is not. I never use it for porn. I use the five minute Freeview on Sky.

The disobedient laptop was not the only thing to trouble me yesterday. While happily watching TV after tea, a huge spider decided to casually stroll across the carpet. Sometimes you see them running for dear life like a soldier through enemy territory. Nope. This one walked across my floor, as if to say “You see me. I see you. Who’s the most scared? Not me. You twat”. I will admit. I probably was the most frightened. The one thing I had in my favour was a can of spider killer and a fly squatter. Needless to say, that cocky spider is no more.

Tonight I am off to football. Bath City against Luton Town. As City have not won so far this campaign, I am officially declaring tonight the first day of the football season. I’m so excited. Woop woop. At the same time, Leeds are playing Manchester United in the cup. Last time these sides met, Leeds caused a massive upset and beat their biggest rivals 1-0. If the same was to happen tonight, I am perfectly aware I will miss it (as I’ll be at Twerton Park). Therefore the remainder of the night will be primarily spent searching the internet for a dodgy copy of the game to download. I am off to Weymouth on holiday in the morning, so would need to find, download and watch a copy of the match by then. Otherwise the holiday will be cancelled.

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OK, OK, so since my last blog Bath City have lost two games and are still winless. Before you all start laughing, can we agree that the new season hasn’t started yet? Is that fair? Good. Then it is agreed, Bath City will start their new league campaign on Tuesday night – against title-favourites Luton Town – in the words of Bubsy the Bobcat “What could possibly go wrong?”

I am off to Weymouth the day after that with Claire for a few nights. As Leeds are also playing Manchester United on the Tuesday, I’ll think I’ll need a holiday to recover, I mean celebrate, my teams’ victories over Luton Town and Man Yoo.

Before the trip to Dorset, I’ll have two days to entertain myself at home. I already have a fun-filled morning planned for tomorrow… waiting in for some engineer to come from BT to try and fix my telephone line which keeps disconnecting my internet connection. In preparation for this, I spent a large part of this morning clearing all the cables behind the TV, where the phone socket is also located. A very brave move by me, especially as that is where all the spiders seem to hide. I didn’t find any eight-legged freaks, although did find a dead beetle (the insect, not he car).

This afternoon has been a lazy one. After my efforts cleaning, I cooked myself a fried breakfast which was eaten at noon, so technically it was lunch. I then watched football on TV – lots of overpaid footballers making mistakes today. I found the commentators to be far too sympathetic and always ready to find excuses for them. If I was doing the job, Sky Sports viewers would be treated to the sounds of me yelling “Wahaaay!” when penalties were shot wide, “What as waste of money” as open goals were missed and “Dig a whole and fucking bury him” as a player I dislike (probably playing for Manchester United) lies in agony on the pitch after a nasty tackle. That is why I work in IT and not for BSkyB.

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Bath City lost again. This time at home to Southport. A 2-1 defeat against a poor side. At least we scored. The new season starts on Tuesday night against York City. Should we lose that, it’ll start next Saturday.

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