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Despite earlier denying the event ever took place, I just have to bring up Histon’s victory over Leeds United.

Naturally, I received a barrage of texts from football-supporting friends, all gloating at Leeds’ demise – all the messages boring and very predictable.

However, this evening, I received a piece of genius…
John Watkins – a man who is a fan of no team whatsoever. In fact, his hatred of football is so strong, that during Euro 2004, he locked himself in the garden shed until England were knocked out. He doesn’t know how many players are on a team, yet alone the offside rule. Yet, he still managed to come up with the most humorous putdown of the lot…

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…… Beaten by a postman!

Well done, Mr. Watkins. Well done.

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Despite the Leeds result, which, as of now, I will totally blank from my mind (in other words, it never happened) I had a really good weekend.

Claire came down from Walsall for her birthday. I managed to get away from work early to meet her in a very busy and cold centre of town.

As it was her birthday weekend, I thought it would be nice to do something different on Friday evening. So instead of a night in with a takeaway curry or defrosted pizza, we went out for a meal.

We then had the decision of where to go. After a lot of thought, it was mutually decided we would avoid going back into town (which would have been even busier and colder than earlier) and make the short trip to The Weston.

The Weston isn’t the place that I used to go with friends a few years ago. Gone are the pool tables; the football is no longer being shown; and the old alcoholic men who appeared to live at the bar have all disappeared (or died). It is now a lot more upmarket, and while I wouldn’t chose to go drinking there, it was a really nice place to take Claire for a meal.

Saturday, as always, is football. Bath City were at home to Maidenhead, so we only had to make the short walk to Twerton Park. The afternoon felt colder than the previous evening, and despite both dressing up like Eskimos, shivered for 2 hours. Luckily City won 1-0 – a victory that pleased both of us and kept the hyperthermia at bay.

Sunday. A boring and uneventful day spent cleaning my flat, getting the Christmas tree out the cupboard (yes, I am aware it’s still November) and washing my clothes, I didn’t get up to anything else. I hear there was a game of football involving Leeds, but I wouldn’t know anything about that…

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How did I KNOW this would happen?

That’s two hours of my life wasted, watching absolute rubbish.

I’m just thinking of more interesting things I could have been doing this afternoon…

– Learning how to knit a woolly jumper for Christmas
– Start a stamp collection
– Go train spotting at Oldfield Park
– Counting every grain of rice in the box of Rice Krispies
– Learning how to block everyone on my mobile who keeps texting me the fact Leeds lost!

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Tim Lovejoy. Known for his highly over exuberant and often ridiculous opinions on football (e.g. “Frank Sinclair is the greatest player to have ever graced the planet”)

I made the mistake of listening to his 606 football podcast before bed – big mistake…
Last night I dreamt England won the World Cup. For some reason, the final was being played at Twerton Park.

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Wow! Timmy Mallett is in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity.

I’ve been a fan of Sir Mallett ever since I saw him at some balloon festival in Bristol when I was about 3 years old, while he was presenting Wacaday.

I would vote for him to go in a cage with spiders, rats and cockroaches, but it seems Robert Kilroy-Silk is destined to do every Bush Tucker Challenge.

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