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What was the name of that song, by the guy from Boyzone?

You Say it Best, When You Say Nothing At All...

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Of course, I did get out of the hospital bay and am now home.

Claire and I are working our way through all the episodes of I’m a Celebrity, which we missed. There are loads, but are making excellent progress and will have probably caught up by tonight’s installment.

One thing I have noticed, while watching our marathon, is that the celebrities’ primary complaints seem to revolve around the poor quality of sleep and food.

Poor souls! Sleep deprivation and an undesirable diet. It’s almost as if they are spending a spell in hospital… apart from the fact they’re not in pain and are being paid five and six-figure fees for the privilege.

Stop your moaning, celebs, and man/woman up!


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This will be the final post in the Life’s Not Fair series of blogs. The reason why? I ARRIVED HOME LAST NIGHT!

I would be a bigger liar than big, fat Boris if I was to say it’s not amazing to be back.

Since returning home, besides getting the best nights sleep in almost three weeks – the secret is not being in hospital – Claire and I have been working our way through all the episodes of I’m a Celebrity, which we missed.

Most importantly of all, it is a very important person’s birthday today…

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Today’s the Day

I have just spent my 17th and final night in hospital – although I hate typing that, as it feels as if I am tempting fate…

The original plan was to get into a wheelchair and for my Dad to push me all of the way home. Normally this would not be a problem, but I have only sat out in my chair twice, during two and a half weeks.

Therefore, despite knowing it will take a lot longer, I have opted to be returned to Château de Kitson by hospital transport.

Later this morning, I will be given a four-hour window, in which I will be collected and delivered home.

It makes me feel a little like a Yodel parcel. I just hope that I am not treated like one and left over the garden gate or placed in the bin.

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Homeward Bound

I’ve just met with an occupational therapist.

I’ve just been told that I can go home tomorrow!

I’ve always said that I love physios…

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