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In his role as a politician and Prime Minister, I despise Boris.

However, even I felt (almost) sorry for him, when this old git approaches and starts to discuss dog poo in a pub carpark.

I am yet to be totally convinced that this isn’t a clever comic sketch, involving Matt Lucas playing the role of BoJo and this fecal-obsessive racist.

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Where were these fines during the Bath Rave?

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The BBC reported this news as…

Tower Bridge was stuck open for more than an hour, leaving hundreds of people and vehicles stranded in central London.

It’s stories like this which amuse the bad, mischievous side of my psyche.

I know it’s wrong to find this even the slightest bit funny, and for those involved, it must be a nightmare.

However, if you too didn’t even raise the slightest of smiles at the sight of the bridge, you are either one of the unfortunate people stuck, or you’re being dishonest with yourself.

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In case anyone was ever wondering why I own this top, it’s because animals are nicer than humans…

… well at least 49% of humans.

It should be pointed out that not everyone from the 49% is the sharpest tool in the box…

Firstly, what name are the initials TH short for? Thick Head?

Secondly, when Mr. Head updated his Twitter bio to include the words ‘All lives matter’, which lives did he think the popular phrase referred to? White Lives? British Lives?

Presumably not the lives of the poor immigrants, forced to take a potentially deadly and uncertain ride aboard a raft, between France and England?

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