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We had no trick or treaters this year. Not one. Zilch.

I can hardly complain – Claire brought chocolates to dish out to any kids who came calling. Considering we now have two spare boxes, it would be rude not to make use of them!

Also, it’s a good thing that I didn’t invest in this mask…



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After spending an afternoon in front of a computer, in a hot and stuffy office, escaping into the autumnal air is a delight which money cannot buy.

My journey home took me through cool and refreshing air, with the pleasant smell of smoke from a nearby wood fire.

As the clocks had been put back an hour a few days ago, the sky was a lot darker than previous weeks.

Leaves from the many trees in the fields, which I pass on the way home, had fallen in numbers onto the pavement.

Tonight was the first time that I was disappointed to only live 10 minutes from work, as I could have happily continued my picturesque journey home for a lot longer.

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I have had Red Dead Redemption 2 since Friday.

Instead of writing some long, boring review that nobody will read, I’ve done a list of my early observations and thoughts… which nobody will read.

  • There are few things scarier in life than the moment you are chased by a pack of wolves, during an early mission. OK… getting chased by a pack of wolves in real life is probably more frightening… just.
  • You can shoot alligators. Were they endangered in the Wild West era? If not, they soon will be.
  • My wife has banned me from killing any of the in-game bunnies. Fair enough, but she has no problem with me blasting humans with a shotgun.
  • Don’t run into a tree while riding a horse. Don’t ask why. Just don’t do it.
  • Killing random people in fields, especially rival gang members, is great fun. Kicking their corpse off a cliff is a wonderful icing on a glorious cake.
  • Never, ever punch your horse. I did once – by accident. I was meant to groom it, but pressed the wrong button. The animal went mental!
  • Advice from a work colleague: Townsfolk really don’t like it if you shoot their dogs.
  • Train robberies are not easy to pull off. Which is probably why you never hear of Virgin Trains being held up by cowboys in Braintree.
  • Wolf meat cannot be sold for much money. It’s the same nowadays. You’ll never find Wolf Steaks in the Waitrose Deli. Those cheap sausages, on sale in German supermarket chains, are rumoured to be 7% wolf.
  • Lassooing people off their horse, before kidnapping them, will never get boring.

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Like thousands of football supporters across the world, I have been left shocked and saddened by the tragic helicopter crash at Leicester City last night.

Everyone’s fears were today confirmed, when it was revealed that owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was one of five people killed.

In an era where football club owners are never out of the news, usually for all the wrong reasons, I always found it nice that Leicester’s owner was so fantastic.

He did something that will probably never happen again – deliver the Premier League title to a club the size of Leicester City. He bought fans doughnuts, hotdogs, pizza and beer, as well as contributing towards travel costs for those supporters who wished to watch their team at away matches. The chairman was said to have played a positive role in the local community too.

I am sure that I wasn’t the only football fan, who was rather envious of Leicester City fans, with their generous and successful leader!

Equally as sad is the news that the helicopter pilot was sat alongside his fellow-pilot and girlfriend. It has been reported that he heroically steered the chopper away from crowds of people on the ground; instead crashing into a car park – clearly saving hundreds of lives. This shows incredible kindness and bravery, to so quickly think of and act on the needs of others, despite knowing you are seconds from certain death, yourself.

As every human life is precious, it is equally upsetting that another two people also perished.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of all five victims, as well as everyone connected to Leicester City Football Club.

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