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Yesterday evening, I met Simon and John for a fun-filled evening of Eurovision and retro gaming in the form of Super Bomberman 2.

We first had to save Simon from a hard day’s work at Sainsbury’s. While waiting for him to take advice from Gok Wan and change from his uniform into some eveningwear, John and I browsed the supermarket aisles.

The Fashion Guru

I accidently ended up buying a few bottles of cider, the biggest England mug in the universe (it’s probably larger than the World Cup itself) and a multipack bag of Walker’s World Cup crisps. These crisps supposedly reflect a flavour from every competing nation. England’s being Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding, with the USA getting associated with Cheeseburger flavour… the Yanks must be so proud.

I am yet to see the other flavours, but suspect France have ‘Frogs Legs & Snails’, South Korea to be given ‘Dog Steak’ and Argentina, with inspiration from their manager, Diego Maradona, ‘Hand Baked Cocaine’

Mmmm... dog crisps

On route to Simon’s, we stopped at the local Italian takeaway for pizza. While waiting for our food to be cooked, we saw two local English lads working in the kitchen get berated their fiery Italian manager. I believe the scenes witnessed were similar to that of those in the England dressing room, where John Terry and co. receive a telling off from their boss, Fabio Capello.

1 pepperoni pizza, please!

While eating our pizza, we watched Eurovision. Tacky trash as always. How could Greece afford to enter? How did Iceland manage to get there through all the ash? Why did the UK bother? The one pleasing aspect of the contest was watching the German entry singing in English. I think that shows who won the war!

The best Eurovision song ever

After watching a load more awful songs, a handful of dodgy costumes and far too many unshaven armpits, we decided to play Bomberman. Tiredness and the unfamiliar atmosphere of Simon’s house caused me to play a little less than satisfactory. I believe Simon claimed 5 victories from 5 games. As I struggled to stay awake, while being blown up by Simon’s bombs, John yelped and screamed with excitement/rage/frustration as he too fell victim to the deadly explosion.

The evening was rounded off by watching highlights of the League One Play Off Final (which Millwall unfortunately won). Watkins, who is the world’s most anti-football fan, giving his expert analysis on the match and questioning the mental state of the overzealous supporters and players.

Typical Millwall fans

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Can you hear something? I can. Listen carefully… It is the sound of Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany and Honduras licking their lips after watching England’s performance tonight. They won 3-1, but were RUBBISH. I predict heartbreak next month.

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Last night, I braved the African-like temperatures and made my way to Twerton Park, being careful to keep an eye out for lions, leopards and hyenas in the vastly hot outback.

It was the 2010 Promotion Party at Randalls – Bath City’s clubhouse. Sunday night was not the ideal time to have a party – especially with the majority of attendees having to go to work the next day. I remember in 2007, when we won the league, the party was on a Friday night – a lot more fun, a lot more support and a lot more alcohol consumed!

The evening started with a speech from the chairman, congratulating the manager, players and supporters, while encouraging us all to keep up the efforts into next season.

We were then treated to a selection of highlights from the first half of the season, which included our famous victory over Grimsby Town in November.

Following the video, there was a speech from manager, Adie Britton, and an auction for the shirts worn at the Grimsby game. I was very tempted to place a bid, but set myself a £50 limit as well as ruling out certain players I would try to win (mainly players I didn’t like!)

Alas, I was unsuccessful in any bid for a shirt – my best effort being a measly £25 offer for the shirt of the second-choice goalkeeper who didn’t even grace the pitch during the game.

After the auction, and a trip to the bar to buy my second Bath Gem of the night, we watched the remaining season review, including the fabulous Play Off victories against Chelmsford and Woking.

The shirts from the Woking game were then auctioned off. Again, I was unsuccessful, despite being very tempted to place a bid for the shirt of Kaid Mohammed, the player who scored the penalty which won the important game.

While my Bath City souvenir collection is sadly missing a memento of a wonderful season, my bank account is happy… well, not so sad.

The evening then drew to a close. I was disappointed we were unable to see the Play Off Winner’s Trophy, despite a promise we could have our photograph taken with it. With my ‘inside connections’ at the club, I will try and get my hands on it. If they refuse, I will steal it – Jules Rimet style..

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As Leeds supporters hoped, their song Leeds Leeds Leeds (Marching on Together) made it into the Top 10.

I hope all Leeds fans enjoyed it. I also hope a lot of Manchester United fans had to endure it while sat in their cars, at parks and barbecues.

Here is the reaction of some surprised Radio 1 listeners who commented on the radio station’s Twitter feed as the song was being played.

Traffic is gross and stuck listening go no.10 on charts to …”We are so proud we shout it out loud we love you Leeds” WTF
1 minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Are you kidding me with the song at number 10 in the charts. ‘We love you Leeds’ -.-
1 minute ago via Echofon

@rob_crowther I do, hence why I said lovely stuff. There is a song about Leeds in the top 10. Im confused and angered.Whos BBQ is it neways?
2 minutes ago via web in reply to rob_crowther

Cannot believe they are actually playing that leeds shit on radio 1 sad.gif FML
2 minutes ago via web

lol wht is this leeds united song? :’)
2 minutes ago via web

After hearing this Leeds Leeds Leeds song I’m half tempted to hunt down every Leeds fan who downloaded it individually and force them to…
3 minutes ago via web

this Leeds song is ridiculous lmfao
3 minutes ago via Twitterrific

why are they playing the Leeds United song in the top 40. How did that fucking happen?
3 minutes ago via web
1 Retweet

Just listening to the singles chart on Radio 1 & seriously cannot believe that Marching On Together is in the top ten. Sad Leeds fans!
3 minutes ago via UberTwitter

WTF why is this Leeds United song in the radio :-/ Football songs should be banned
3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Leeds are marching on at number 10 what the fuck lol
3 minutes ago via txt

Ermm.. why is a Leeds United song in the Top 40?
3 minutes ago via Echofon

WTF is leeds united marching on number 10 in the UK top 40, fuck this shit!!!!!!!!!
3 minutes ago via web

3 minutes ago via mobile web

Err a leeds united song just came on radio
3 minutes ago via dabr

what is this leeds united thing about? :L
3 minutes ago via web

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I was very pleased with Blackpool’s victory over Cardiff City to take them into the Premier League yesterday.

‘Ollie’, Jimmy Armfield, Charlie Adam – well done!

Peter Ridsdale, Dave Jones, Sam Hammam… your boys took one hell of a beating

Now, without the £90,000,000 from TV rights, I think Ridsdale will have to begin making cutbacks… starting with those infamous goldfish.

Blackpool going up and Cardiff staying down also means that the English Premier League can retain its name and not have to revert to The England and Wales Combined Countries League – Division 1.

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