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My last blog was titled “Snow Gone”. Despite it being mid-March and Spring officially starting on Wednesday, Bath was attacked by Mother Nature’s freezing fury this weekend. It was bitterly cold. Then, on Sunday, the snow arrived. While it wasn’t like the craziness of two weeks ago, it was enough to cause mild chaos.

FFS… how to get through this without breaking your neck

I am getting pretty pissed off by it, to be honest. I feel I should blame somebody, but there isn’t anyone. I’ll blame the weatherman… Oi! Weatherman It’s nearly April! You had your chance to cover the country in snow, in December. It’s Spring time now. Can you take your snow, freezing wind and general cold shit and fuck off… fuck off… FUCK OFF!

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A couple of days after the weekend and you wouldn’t be able to tell Britain had been covered by snow.

My Dad came over on Saturday, to clear the path from our front door to the street and also ended up digging a neighbours car out of deep snow.

I returned to work on Monday. I don’t think I could have asked for a third day off because of it!

Right now, I feel for all the people who panic bought all that excess bread and milk, during the bad weather. People were buying shopping trolleys full of the stuff! All they have to show for their efforts now are bags of green, mouldy bread and bottles of milk, which bears more of a resemblance to cottage cheese.

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“Paranoid”, they called me. “Snowaphobic”, they mocked. My fears of Beast of the East, which I expressed yesterday, have turned out to be justified. Within an hour of publishing the blog, I ventured out to the household porch, only to find what can only be described as a ‘snow drift’, had found its way into the house! After recovering from the shock of discovering Mr Freeze had tried to enter my home, from under the front door, I quickly swept the pile of snow out of the front door – ensuring that I acted fast, due to an incredible blizzard outside. The snow did return back into the house later that evening, and Claire managed to get a photo. However, trust me, this is nothing compared to what I had to deal with!

I was off work again today. According to a tweet from one colleague, only 3 out of our 40 staff made it into the office this morning. It would appear that the snow had continued to fall heavily overnight, grinding Bath to a standstill. Claire checked our back garden and found that the snow was right up to our door and measured 30cm deep.

I assume that all the schools in Bath were closed today. Not because of the overnight snowfall, but because what looked like every child in the city was sledging in the fields behind our house. Compare this photo (taken on a sunny Sunday morning) to this (taken today).

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The Beast From The East has truly struck Bath. For some unbeknown reason, the name of this irritating weather pattern has changed its name to Storm Emma.

Go away, Emma

I made the sensible decision and took the day off work. Even attempting to make the walk from my front door to the road, would no doubt see me ending up falling on my bum. That’s before I could even hope for somebody to give me a lift to the office. Before you all lose your minds that your taxes are paying for me to have a free day off work (like teachers), today was taken as annual leave – and at the rate the snow continues to piss from the sky, tomorrow will be another day off!

Many have written how us Brits overreact to a little bit of snow, compared to our Canadian and Russian friends. However, in defence of my fellow countrymen, I must say that those places in the world that experience freezing weather on a regular basis, are well prepared for it. You can buy chains for your tyres and the authorities ensure roads and pavements are safe, to name just two examples. Remember the days when you had those yellow buckets of grit and salt at the top of every street? Where have they gone? Disappeared, along with many other amenities, by the local councils.

I’ll stop writing this blog for now, but I will write again tomorrow. That is if we don’t lose our electricity supply, get snowed in and eaten alive by polar bears. I’m not dramatic.

An actual photo from the outside of my house

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