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With Wagner disgracefully kicked out of X Factor in the biggest fix since the North Korean election; along with Gillian McKeith leaving the jungle and all its creepy crawlies, I don’t think I’ll be watching reality TV again anytime soon.

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This evening, Barcelona defeated arch rivals, Real Madrid, 5-0 in a magnificent performance.

Their inspiration for the fabulous display…

Obviously Lionel Messi & co. watched Bath City on TV last Thursday and copied what they did.

David Villa - a massive fan of...

... Sido Jombati

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Due to having their scheduled match against Histon moved to the Thursday night, Bath City were without a game on Saturday and that meant I had a football-free weekend.

Therefore, I made the trip to Berkshire where I watched the mighty Leeds take on the most upper class football club in England – Reading.

As I have not joined Ken Bates’ VIP club, at approximately £5,000 a year, I was unable to get a ticket in the away end with my fellow Leeds fans, so I resorted to sitting with the home supporters. I have sat with the enemy in the past while following Leeds. Once at Cheltenham, which ended in disaster when Leeds lost to a late goal and I was humiliated. Another time at Yeovil where Leeds won, and I was nearly attacked by an angry mob of farmers armed with pitchforks and cattle prods.

Having been to Reading’s ground, The Madejski Stadium, five years ago, I learnt that while adequate parking is offered, it takes literally hours to get out of the car park. Therefore we parked away from the ground. Trouble is, as the stadium is out of the town, we had to walk almost 3 miles from the car – making it a 6 mile round trip. My exercise for both November and December has now been done.

After getting to the ground, I spent almost two hours, freezing cold surrounded by Reading fans. I would have been intimidated, but their support was truly awful. Absolutely no atmosphere was shown from the home supporters. The occasional clap and shout of “jolly good show, old son” from an extremely posh fan in my vicinity was the closest they demonstrated in terms of support.

The Leeds fans on the other hand were superb. They were sat in the opposite side of the stadium and sang for almost the entire game. The fact the majority of them had their shirts off in the subzero temperatures, however, does beg the question “when does excellent support cross the line into madness?”

The game ended 0-0. I was disappointed not to hear the Leeds fans roar, celebrating a goal. Yet I was relived to avoid being surrounded by Reading fans cheering a goal. I was also pleased to see two of my favourite Leeds players for the first time – goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and Argentinian superstar, Luciano Becchio. I was also honoured to see a former Leeds favourite, Ian Hart, although this time he was in a Reading shirt.

While on the topic of Leeds United, the FA Cup draw for the 3rd Round was made today. Leeds were drawn against Simon’s beloved Arsenal. Expect lots of banter on this blog in the lead up to the big match in January.

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I wasted nearly my entire lunch break this afternoon at the bank. I was forced to wait at the cash point for almost 10 minutes while an elderly lady in front of me spent ages pushing buttons on the keypad, inserting and removing debit cards, before walking away muttering to herself.

When I finally got to the cash machine, put in my card and entered the pin number, I discovered why the old woman had spent so long bashing keys with her fist. There was no money left. It would have been nice for the woman to have told me the machine had been drained of cash, instead of allowing me to work out for myself.

I needed money so had to go into the bank to get some. As I entered the building, I was dismayed to see the old bint from outside, counting endless quantities of £20 notes, obviously making some large transition into or out of her bank account. At this point, I realised I wasn’t going to have time to go to the bakery and buy the bacon roll I had been hoping to get for lunch.

While standing in the queue behind the old woman and waiting to withdraw my own money, an angry looking man dressed in a messy builder’s uniform came storming into the bank. Obviously very annoyed about the cash machine failure, he began shouting and complaining about poor reliability of the service (to be fair, he was right). At this point, the bank manager ran out from behind the counter, terrified and fearing for his life, he scurried away into his office, leaving the poor banking clerk to deal with the ever-growing queue of customers, including the angry workman.

I eventually got the £30 from my bank and made my way back to work (with no bacon roll).

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I haven’t watched I’m A Celebrity for a few days. It wasn’t on yesterday due to some stupid football match involving Manchester United and I chose not to tune in this evening as I was watching something excellent on another channel.

Apparently everyone’s favourite dietician, the loveable Gillian McKeith is going a little mad…

In order to avoid facing creepy crawlies and undertaking any further Bushtucker Challenges, yet still pocket a vast sum of money at the end of the series, Gilly has started to make up some strange stories.

According to the tabloid press, which as everybody knows is the Gospel Truth, Gillian is pregnant. Yes, at 51 and with a face like a soggy tea bag, Gillian is allegedly ‘with child’.

Although she might not be… Apparently Dr. McKeith, who is about as medically trained as Dr. Dre, believes she is suffering from rabies – it would certainly explain the erratic behaviour and fear of water. However, I think despite sharing many similarities to dogs, Gillian has about as much chance of having the disease as she does of eating a spider sandwich.

It’s all a bit of fun (unless you’re Gillian). Still, I like the thought of Gillian McKeith pregnant, but I like the thought of her rabid too. But which is better? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

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