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It’s been a while since I last blogged properly so except this entry to be very long…

I went to see The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy last night. It was very well cast, funny and entertaining, I enjoyed it a lot.

I’m following the whole Hitchhikers collection in a strange order. I originally intended to see the film, the series and read the books. So far I have seen the film, bought the DVD of the series, watched the first two episodes, bought the first book of the five part trilogy (yes ‘five part trilogy’) but am yet to read it. I will get through them all as I am really enjoying the series and the film was great.

Something else I noticed today was the DVD release of The Lone Gunmen, a spin off series from the excellent X-Files. I really don’t know how I failed to see this had been released at the end of last month as I’ve been keen on getting hold of this for some time. It’s been ordered and should be with me soon. Unlike most series box sets it’s of a very reasonable price of £17.99.

For those of you not in the know, the series follows ‘The Lone Gunmen’. Mulder’s geekey mates from TheX-Files. It is very good and am very surprised it was cancelled after just one season.

TV Company Fox really seem to have a problem with quality broadcasting. Not only did they cancel The Lone Gunmen, they continue to commission The Simpsons even though the new episodes are nothing like what they used to be, in fact they are now like a poorly aged relative who has lost all dignity and stinks of shit.

A Fox show that was cancelled has finally been re-commissioned. Family Guy, in my opinion the greatest cartoon comedy ever, far better than both Simpsons and South Park.

The new series is officially aired in the US tomorrow night (it should be on UK screens soon), I’ve managed to see the very first episode of the new series and must say it is hilarious, it certainly hasn’t lost its original quality.

Moving on from films & TV, it’s been a really nice day today, hopefully the weather will continue as it’s a three day weekend. As Leeds weren’t playing I decided to enjoy the weather and sit out in the garden. While outside I saw the coolest hot air balloon ever, it was the talking, nodding dog from the Churchill Insurance TV ads (except surprisingly it wasn’t talking or nodding)

Lastly, a new idea I have had for the end of ever month… As the website owner, I can view statistics about visitors (like you!) to my website. These statistics include how many visitors I get a day, what sites they access my site from and search strings.

A search string is used for visitors who access via a search engine like Google. It shows me what was typed in to the search engine which lead the visitor to my website.

Search strings are funny as they often don’t reflect the websites content at all! The reason for this is because most search engines search the whole textual content of a webpage based upon the users search request.

Here’s my Top 10 for April…

1. shampoo david beckham uses
2. Paula radcliffe pissing pic
3. stephanie mcintosh pussy
4. smartcar crash
5. good neighbours leeds
6. Alex Ferguson a role model
7. ray liotta soundboards
8. taking the back cover phone nokia 6230
9. daylight saving makes mornings darker
10. fat andy

I think this just proves that most people who use the internet are insane!

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Today is officially 1 year old.

The first blog entry was made on this website back on 26th April 2004. It doesn’t seem that long to be honest, looking through the archive a lot has been covered over the last year…

May 2004
This month saw Leeds United’s relegation from The Premiership and Chelsea’s fall out from The Champions League. I bought a new PC and got a 1mbps internet connection.

June 2004
Not many entries this month. It was Euro 2004 and Alan Smith’s transfer to Manchester United.

July 2004
Leeds started shipping out all their old players and bringing in new faces although they failed to deliver my new shirt. Ahmed went crazy on Big Brother 5. My Sky+ broke (for the first time). I bought a new fan for the summer and saw Shrek 2.

August 2004
Leeds won The Whyte & Mackay Cup and started life in The Coca Cola Championship. I got scared by lightning and spiders. There was a surprise eviction from Big Brother 5. I won some money betting on the football and had a problem with spam.

September 2004
I tried out dumping for a solely football blog site It didn’t work very well…

October 2004
I caught a bad cold and stayed in watching Aladdin and That Peter Kay Thing on DVD. I upgraded my mobile phone to a Nokia 6230, buying a memory card to go with it (which I nearly damaged). England beat Wales. Leeds beat Preston. I got Fifa 2005 for the Gamecube and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PlayStation 2. I watched Shark Tale and Layer Cake at the cinema.

November 2004
I went to the dentist and had a bit of trouble. Got scared in the cinema toilets after watching The Grudge. Leeds United looked to be in the money but ended up selling Elland Road. They then beat QPR 6-1 which I watched live. They then lost 1-0 to Rotherham. I watched a bit of rugby and planned a Christmas Single for Leeds United.

December 2004
Watched a fair few films at the cinema. Leeds had some very good and very bad results. They also got their arses sponsored. Clyde Connelly from Dream Team killed himself. Peter Kay made a new advert for John Smiths. There was some crap Christmas TV and a review of my favourite films.

January 2005
Leeds had some good games. Man Utd got lucky. Celebrity Big Brother kicked off. John McCririck missed his Diet Coke. Jackie Stallone scared us all. Ken Bates said he wasn’t going to buy Leeds. Ken Bates bought Leeds. Busted split up. I started (learning) to drive and suggested Vinnie Jones as the Leeds manager.

February 2005
I got attacked by a spider. Had a fight with my PC. A Welshman chopped his knob off. Some woman we’ve all forgotten about sailed somewhere and came home. Leeds signed Rob Hulse. The Chav population rose. Everton fans attacked Man Utd players and it was very cold.

March 2005
Delia Smith got pissed. Michael Duberry got sold. Michael Scumacher spun out. Man Utd crashed out. Peter Kay got to No.1 (at this moment in time he still is!). Sky annoyed me. Harry Kewell got fat. I liked The Kaiser Cheifs and had an invasion of woodlice. My work got published.

April 2005
You’re reading it.

Now I’m very tired and it’s far too late to check all this for spellings and grammar like I normally do. If it sounds like David Beckham wrote it, I’m sorry!

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I went to watch Super Leeds United at the weekend playing Ipswich. Good game, glad I got the prediction wrong. Leeds drew 1-1, a big blow to Ipswich’s promotion hopes. At least Leeds are playing the season out with passion. Hopefully I’ll be going up again in two weeks time to watch the last game if the season against Rotherham.

I was sent this link today to a very funny animation about The London Underground. Not living in London and having to use the Underground you can laugh at it, but according to Londoners whop have to use the “service” say it is just too true.

The lyrics were written and sung by Adam Kay and Suman Biswas. After clicking through a few further links I found out they have an album with lots more funny songs. Check out their website where you can download more of their songs and buy an album.

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Well I believe the PC has been fixed. The case was opened in the aim to changing the CPU Fan where my friend and I noticed that all the components were caped in a thick layer of dust – I had never seen anything like it!

This was most certainly the cause for all my PC problems and the dust had to be removed. There is only one real way to do this and it’s a pretty crude method if you ask me. Take a vacuum cleaner and simply suck it all out as if you were cleaning a dirty carpet!

Obviously you have to be careful not to knock any components or suck too hard, I’m sure there are industrial cleaners capable of sucking loose components out all together! You don’t want to end up loosing a set of memory sticks!

There are other ways of removing dust from a PC, especially if you are fat. Why not lick the dust from the PC?*. Fat Fighters instructor Marjorie Dawes recognises ‘dust’ as one of the key parts of a diet for fatso’s wanting to loose weight.

* cannot guarantee this will not kill the PC or indeed the licker.

“Dust. Anybody. No. Dust. Anybody. No. Dust. Anybody. No. Dust. Anybody. No. Well, dust is low in fat, so you can have as much dust as you want.”

This evening I went out to the cinema and watched Wes Craven’s new movie Cursed. It was similar to his other films really… horrific events fall upon teenager community. Half the young cast gets killed. School Geek and/or Large Breasted College Cheer Leader save the world. The End.

Suppose it was worth seeing as nothing else was on. Next week is the release of one of the biggest films of 2005 though – The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. This looks brilliant!

After much recommendation I’ve even started watching the early 80’s television series based upon the novel by Douglas Adams, which I am also planning on reading.

I was pleasantly surprised by the series. It’s very funny and extremely bizarre. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far but will certainly watch the rest of the series, hopefully before Friday when the movie is out.

I’m off to Leeds tomorrow though for the Ipswich game so no blog updates until Sunday. Every time I have seen Leeds play this season they have won. I have yet to see them play a team of Ipswich’s quality though.

If anyone is to score for Leeds tomorrow it’ll probably be this man

If I was to make an honest prediction I’m afraid I would have to back promotion chasing Ipswich to win. However you never, ever know. I would not have predicted Leeds to beat QPR 6-1 last time I went! My prediction: 2-0 to Ipswich :o(

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I had a nice surprise last night after blogging. I obviously typed something to offend my PC as it ground to a halt. Very strange it should be so slow, especially as I have an Athlon XP 3200 with a Gig of RAM. I restarted the PC and was told there was a “Hardware failure”. Fucking marvellous!

Looking in the BIOS the CPU Fan was reading over 90C! You’d be able to boil an egg off it! No wonder the PC was playing up.

Again, while booting the PC this evening there were more problems. Once Windows eventually loaded I got another error…

Hopefully it is a simple job of replacing the CPU and it isn’t the Processor, Motherboard or RAM that are at fault. They’re all still under warranty but diagnosing these problems is a real bitch!

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