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Had a gift left on my doorstep yesterday from Leeds United and what a gift it was! It must have been worth anything up to £2! They have really exceeded themselves!

I was sent the gift as I became a “Leeds United Club Member” back in the summer for £30. Club members are able to purchase tickets for away games which is why I signed and paid up, hoping to go to Reading, Southampton and Plymouth this year (hopefully amongst others). The gift from Leeds was a bonus and probably the only way they could possibly justify the £30 membership fee.

Needless to say the gift wasn’t great, a box of crap probably made in China, Taiwan or somewhere similar in a factory where the workers get paid a dollar a day…. “allegedly” (for legal reasons!).

The pack included –

A drinks bottle – more like a hip flask. Leeds fans may find this useful for sneaking alcohol into the ground.

A cap – cheap and nasty, will be appreciated by the chav fans.

A card holder – supposed to hold your credit and debit cards. I think mine is faulty as there is no slot in it!

Mobile phone holder – My Nokia 6230 falls over when placed inside. Holds the Sky+ remote well though.

Sticker – similar to one you would get from the dentist as a kid. Stick it on your lunch box.

Tri-Wrist Band – 3 rubber wrist bands consisting of Leeds colours looped together. Not great but not awful.

Key Ring & Badge – decent enough, probably the only thing of value.

All were in a chocolate box style container, surprised that the club didn’t try promoting this as one of the gifts, certainly better than the crap cap. Basically all a load of tack. I’ll enjoy the away games though!

Most importantly though Super Leeds won yesterday, Rob Hulse first half hat trick against Derby. 6th in the league with a game in hand. C’mon!

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Been a while since the last update so a fair bit to cover today…

Not a great weekend for Leeds United who lost 2-0 at home to Ipswich, their first home defeat of the season. Leeds dominated the game although their strikers were unable to reach the back of the net. In a similar fashion to what happened at the Brighton game Leeds were caught on the break and conceded two sloppy goals. This issue seriously needs to be addressed and fast, while I am not calling for manager Kevin Blackwell’s head I would not object if he was replaced with a proven manager, not another Peter Reid or Terry Venables. Problem is that there doesn’t seem to be anybody suitable and available at the moment, one thing’s for sure, chairman Ken Bates will not stand for defeats for much longer.

The only thing that made Saturday’s football anything but terrible was the fact that Blackburn Rovers beat Manchester United 2-1. Hahaha – always funny to see them lose. Unfortunately Arsenal failed to beat West Ham so this greatly increases Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Premiership, it appears this year it really is a “One Horse Race” and the only thing to speculate is what month Chelsea will win it.

May as well award it to Chelsea now

Still on the topic of football my pre-order of Fifa 2006 arrived a week early. Been playing it a lot today, getting used to the new feel and controls. Very different to Fifa 2005, it appears the “Off the ball control” (where you could move a second player to pass the ball to) is gone. In my opinion this is a good thing, in Fifa 2005 it was all too easy just to use this system to hoof the ball from one end of the field to the other and score, totally unrealistic. In Fifa 2006 you really have to work and produce skilful play to win matches.

Finally I watched the first episode of the new series of Lost the other day, a very impressive start to the second series.

Without giving too much away a new location and character were introduced to the series, both should give much more scope for storylines for the future. In typical Lost fashion, by the end of the episode I was left with even more questions than I had before I watched it.

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Another win for Leeds United this evening and best of all against a Yorkshire club! As I was moaning about last week Leeds haven’t had the greatest record with Yorkshire clubs of late, hopefully the 2-0 win over Rotherham is a sign of things to change.

The win sees Leeds move into the third round of The Carling Cup, the draw which will decide the team Leeds will play is to be made at Saturday lunchtime. Tonight’s cup games threw up a number of surprises, mainly Tottenham Hotspur losing to the League Two outfit Grimsby Town.

The game was aired on Sky who showed the usual shots of the crowd, what’s the bet the football fan in the middle of this picture is a Spurs fan who has snuck into the Grimsby fan stand? I also thought the man in the bottom left looks the spitting image of Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock and is the lady centre bottom Marjorie Doors from Little Britain? :o)

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I went out to Nandos and then the cinema to see 40 Year Old Virgin last night. It was a good evening, chicken from Nandos was as tasty as always and the film was enjoyable.

40 Year Old Virgin stars Steve Carell who was in the hilarious Anchorman amongst other films. He plays an eccentric, middle aged man who has never slept with a woman.

When his colleagues find out his secret they set out to find him a woman, with predictable results… basically they find some women, he finds a woman he prefers, they fall in love, something goes wrong, they get back together and live happily ever after. Sorry if I’ve spoiled this for anybody but if you weren’t able to see that coming there’s something wrong with you! :o)

There was one strange aspect about the film that my friend pointed out to me. The issue of possible subliminal messages, the film could have been written by the Roman Catholic Church! The film puts across that sex before marriage is totally wrong and lands you in a lot of trouble if you attempt it. Also if you use contraceptives there is something wrong with you and that’ll they’ll explode on your testicles. Just light hearted fun but probably the film probably gets thumbs up from The Vatican.

Was also very pleased yesterday to see Leeds United beat QPR at Loftus Road. A scrappy 1-0 win but it is what I have come to expect in this division. At least it’s not like the Premiership, a boring 1 horse race. David Healy got himself sent off for a stupid scrap so will miss 3 games, he could do with a rest but will be missed. Hopefully Leeds will fine him for his stupidity.

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Silly boy Rooney! Another typical performance by the thug today. He fouls a Villarreal player, gets booked, abuses the referee and rightly so gets sent off. Many congrats to the referee for having the guts for taking the appropriate action and ordering the dirty scouse chav off the pitch.

This isn’t the first time Rooney has behaved like this and it certainly will not be the last. Both Alex Ferguson and Sven Goran Eriksson need to punish Rooney when he misbehaves. A financial punishment is not good enough either. Rooney has enough money to buy all the tracksuits in Liverpool. The only punishment Rooney will respond to is if he is dropped from both Man United and England games. For the sake of his career this must be done.

The behaviour of Rooney and other dirty footballers has wound me up even more this week following the fabulous cricket result. Throughout the summer the English cricketers have conducted themselves in a highly honourable fashion and have come away victorious. When I see footballer misbehaving themselves and not giving a shit it really annoys me.

Some honourable sportsmen

I don’t care about Man United but Rooney could behave like this in an important England game and when he puts the national team in jeopardy it is totally unacceptable.

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