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These arrived in the office today. Brings back memories…

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A colleague of mine has told me that I have too much on my desk and it is “child-like”. Personally, I don’t think I have enough toys…

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There was some very sad news from Bath City yesterday. Despite being inevitable, I was still gutted when I learnt of Lee Howells’ departure.

Archie wasn’t just the manager of Bath City, he was a friendly face, who was always happy to meet and chat to us before games.

Results haven’t been the best lately, but all fans of the football club were given some wonderful memories during Arch’s reign. Promotion to the Conference, beating some big clubs during our spell in the top division and the victory over Bristol Rovers in the FA Trophy are just three of many events which I will never forget.

Thank you Archie.

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I am sure you are all concerned about my eyes, following Friday’s blog. I managed to recover the contact lens and restore my eyesight. With what awaited me the next day, I shouldn’t have bothered. It would have been better to have remained blind…

I wasted my entire Saturday and a huge amount of money, travelling the length of the country, only to see Bath City lose.

Regular readers will know that this is nothing new. I often waste my money and life on Bath City. It just feels like we haven’t won for ages… hang on a minute – we haven’t won for ages!

Since September, City have won a grand total of THREE games – one of these victories was in the FA Cup against Bodmin Town, who, without wanting to sound disrespectful, are probably made up of Sunday league players. It was pub team football – at least by Bath City.

I am normally an optimistic fan. Annoyingly so. I have wound so many fans up over the years, with my positivity and support for the players; but the last few months have been a mountain of poo, with Saturday’s game a huge vat of dog diarrhoea dumped on top.

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I somehow, stupidly, ended up itching my eye. In the process, my contact lens got lost and is somewhere under my eyelid. I’ve spent ages in the work bathroom, trying to find it, but to no avail. I’ll just have to manage with one eye until I get home. I’ve searched the internet for help on how to retrieve a missing contact lens. As well as using solution to flush the thing out, it’s also suggested that a Q-Tip is used. I wasn’t sure what a Q-Tip was, so Googled it. The only results I got were for some rapper. My colleagues were very much bemused when they looked at my computer screen and saw lots of images of a gangster rapper. I eventually found out what a real Q-Tip was – a bit of plastic with a cotton bud stuck to the end. I’ll have to try and recover the lens when I’m home. I will provide an update on if I manage to flush out the lens or simply destroy my eye.

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