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Am I the only one to feel a little annoyed with the Americans for the whole Prince Harry in Afghanistan farce? First of all, Hazza finds himself fighting in their illegal war, and then the Yank’s dim-witted media leak the story which the British press agreed to keep secret.

Anyway, he’s being sent back to England because it is feared he is at more risk of being killed than regular soldiers – not because he is the grandson of the Queen, but because he is a ginger.

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Disappointing for a Jack Black movie. The remake of Ghostbusters was funny, though.

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You may remember last week when some colleagues of mine tried to put a massive spider on me. Well, I had my revenge on Sam (the ringleader) this afternoon…

A member of staff is leaving the office tomorrow, and in preparation for the departure, we were asked to blow up balloons. Adam, another colleague of mine, decided to put some hand wash on a balloon and ask Sam to inflate it, causing an unpleasant smelling experience. The outcome was so much better!

When picking up the balloon, the cleaning fluid fell onto Sam’s hands and work surface. At first he accused me of handing him a salvia-filled balloon, but we went on to trick him that the fluid was actually piss (we wanted to say semen, but though that was going too far). Needless to say, he was a little disturbed about his hands, shirt and desk being covered in, what he thought was human urine.

It was only when he went to wash his hands with the same detergent which had been placed on the balloon, that we told him the true story. :o)

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I spent a whole day attending mandatory staff training. If only someone could market the courses in pill form – they would make excellent sleeping tablets!

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This evening I joined fellow Bath City fans at Twerton Park. City weren’t playing; instead our inferior tenants, Team Bath, faced a crucial “top of the table clash” against Kings Lynn. Lynn are a famous and historic non-league football club, and their fans have a good relationship with City supporters.

Team Bath are a university project, part funded by the taxpayer. This financial advantage has seen them climb the football pyramid at an alarming rate. The club is looked down upon by many non-league football fans as they are more of a “project” than a “football club”. Their support is very poor, even for non-league standard.

Throughout the game, the City fans joined the travelling supporters in cheering on Kings Lynn. It isn’t usual to see a lot of Team Bath supporters, in fact we were lucky when we found 1. I say “lucky”… this fan didn’t take too kindly to going a goal down and having a man sent off and reacted by hurling personal abuse and threats towards an innocent Kings Lynn fan, who was simply enjoying the game. What a nice man.

For the final 10 minutes, we moved behind the dugouts to see how the Team Bath management team were coping with being 2-0 down. Our support for Kings Lynn continued, and we were rewarded when they were given a penalty, which they converted, making it 3-0. At this point, Team Bath head coach Andy Tillson, had a go at ME for not supporting HIS team and questioned my reasoning for attending the game.

Team Bath very rarely get any support to speak of, and when Tillson was asked by a fan if he could handle a crowd, he replied “I would rather not have one”… sums it up really!

With my hand on my heart, I can honestly say, throught the whole match, I did not swear, use any personal insults towards Team Bath staff or players, or incite trouble. I was simply joining Bath City in supporting Kings Lynn – a proper football club. If the Team Bath staff cannot handle the support from football fans, they should quit the game.

I wasn’t the only fan to receive a telling off. Other City fans were on the receiving end of a lecture and I even heard reports of fans being sworn at by Team Bath fans and staff (although for legal reasons, I cannot verify this).

The game ended Team Bath 0-4 Kings Lynn.

As I left the ground, the travelling supporters thanked my fellow fans and me for our support. What a nice gesture. A million miles away from what I heard from the Team Bath bench.

Good luck, Kings Lynn!

Obviously the Team Bath bench didn’t read the sign
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