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Wow, a lot has happened for me this last week (hence the lack of updates!).

Firstly I was offered a job in the local hospital’s IT Department providing network and computer support. I currently work in the offices of the hospital’s Maintenance Department but there is very little IT tasks available and as computing is an interest of mine (and I have many qualifications) this is a great move for me.

What’s more is this week I looked round a new place to live, was offered a place and accepted. I am renting a very large room in a house with a few other people. Very nice place and good value for what I am paying. Like where I am currently living it is just round the corner from my work so no transport costs.

The trouble with moving is that you have to lug about SO MUCH STUFF! Luckily this new place is only a short walk away but it is still a big job moving everything. Yesterday I took my massive shelves down, took them along and put them together. The whole contents of the shelves are now on my bedroom floor! I am moving most of them over to the new place and back onto the shelves this afternoon but at the moment the place looks like a bomb has dropped!

I took these pictures of the mess last night, will take some of the new room soon.

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So Sven has finally been sacked. Although he hasn’t. He’s agreed to walk away with a pay off. Although he isn’t walking yet. Confused?

Time to go, time to go, time to go
Time to go, time to go, time to go
Time to go, time to go, time to go, time to go

Sven will leave his job after pressure from the media and The FA. He will leave with what sounds like a large sum of money. Great you would think, nope, Sven will be the manager up to and including the World Cup!

I dislike Sven, I have posted my views on the man here before. If it is now decided he has no future he has to go NOW. There is more than enough time to replace Sven before The World Cup.

Come the World Cup I will be fully behind the team but if we win I cannot give any credit to Sven. He has proven he is useless already and the England players have proven they are professional enough to manage themselves.

I have just finished watching the Arsenal-Wigan Carling Cup game. Superb management skills from Wigan manager Paul Jewell have lead Wigan to success and a trip to the final. This is the kind of manager we need for England. Not a clueless, incompetent Swede!

It’s painful as an England fan. Our country’s football team is being turned into a laughing stock!

Once Sven has gone can someone stop him working as a manager anywhere in England ever again? Apart from at an American owned Manchester club of course :o)

Lastly, remember that “Sven, Sven, Sven” song praising the manager? Seems a little stale now doesn’t it. Never fear, it can still be re-released! I have re-written the lyrics.

Sven Sven Sven Goran Eriksson
He`s a useless loser
I hope he fucks off home to Sweden

He hasn’t got a clue
he doesn’t fucking care
If we have Sven at the World Cup
we havent got a prayer

Sven Sven Sven Goran Eriksson
Give him half a chance
He’ll take your job and your wife

Little Micheal Owen
left from Real to the Toon
If that wasn’t for the money
He’s a fucking loon

Tactics, tactics, tactics, tactics, tactics
Sven has none none none none none

Sven Sven Sven Goran Eriksson
He`s a useless loser
I hope he fucks off home to Sweden

Sven is set to cap Paul Gasgione
If Rooney gets a ban
And bring back David James
to save goals from Zidane
even that monkey head Peter Reid
would do a better job
first they’ll have to find the scouser
he’s probably on the rob

England England England we know our fate
The Irish beat us 1-0
although the goal from Healy was great
Portugal France and Brazil
put England in their place
you have to blame the gaffer
he’s a fucking disgrace

Stevie Stevie Stevie Stevie Gerrard
he may have talent
but cannot play alongside Lampard

News of the World, they really stitched up Sven
Proving he is stupid
please tell us something new!

Sven Sven Sven Goran Eriksson
He`s a useless loser
I hope he fucks off home to Sweden

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Good result for Leeds yesterday, 3-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday in the Yorkshire derby. They look certain to make the play offs come the end of the season, 2nd place along with automatic promotion would be nice but I can’t see it this year. Still, at least chasing promotion is better than fighting relegation.

Anyway, here is a commentary mix for the game.

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A quick joke for Newcastle United fans…

Newcastle United manager Graham Souness was involved in a car accident last night. Luckily he survived and avoided serious injury. He did however suffer a broken leg and will have to spend two months away from his job. This is just one of a growing number of injuries for the struggling Premiership club. However, unlike the other injuries this latest one is being seen as a positive from the club.

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Sven is in trouble again. The News of the World is publishing Part 2 of their fake interview with him in the Sunday paper where there will be more revelations. The latest of which are said to include alleged comments from Sven that the English Premier League is full of corruption.

Now I dislike Sven. I do not think he is the right man for the job and is untalented tactfully, however I think this trick from The News of the World is totally out of order. An English newspaper should be getting behind the team, and whatever we think of the manager he should be left to get on with the World Cup preparations.

The journalists working for the “newspaper” (if you can call it that) will be the first to congratulate the England team if they win the competition but will also slam Sven if they go out. Do they really think their news stories are going to help?

Sven is going nowhere prior to the World Cup. I’m not saying the paper should respect him or say he fantastic (I certainly won’t be) but they should offer support. If they want to sell newspapers by digging up stories then write one about the Brazil manager or Ronaldinho, cause problems in the Brazilian camp, you don’t shit on your own doorstep.

If you care at all about the England national team (or indeed consider yourself remotely intelligent) I urge you all not to but the News of the World this Sunday. If you find other papers too hard to read there is always The Beano, the writers on that are on a similar literacy level to News of the World journalists.

No time tonight to talk about the Leeds win this afternoon, will blog about it Sunday.

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