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Somehow, Roman has relegated Claire from the sofa. This means that he no longer has to eat his evening meal in the exercise pen.

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Facebook Friends! Your help is needed!

Our house rabbit, Roman has been entered into a competition, to be the Vets4Pets, Bath ‘Facebook profile pic’ for March.

In order for Roman to win, his photo needs to get more likes than the other competing pets. The compo closes at the end of Friday.

The post can be found here

Claire and I would be really grateful to anyone who could like his photo and help him win. Roman would appreciate it too… probably.

Thank you all very much. 🐰

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Things I know about Queens Park Rangers Football Club…

  • They are known as QPR, for short
  • I once watched Leeds beat them 6-1
  • Eddie – from the TV series, Bottom – is a fan
  • They are one of the dullest clubs in English football – hence why I know so little about them

The most significant thing about the forementioned 6-1 victory, was that Brian Deane scored 4 of the 6 goals. Everyone knew that this was special, because Brian was one of the club’s oldest players.

To make me feel old – I remember, at the time, thinking that he was ancient. This was almost 15 years ago, in 2004. Back then, Brian Deane was 36. He is in his fifties now. Next month, I will be 37.

Back to the present day…

QPR haven’t been doing very well lately. Here are their most recent league results.

  • PRESTON – LOST 4-1
  • WIGAN – LOST 2-1
  • WEST BROM – LOST 3-2

Last night, they played Leeds. Given the fact that Leeds are doing surprisingly well this season, surely the match was a foregone conclusion? Leeds would win and Eddie Hitler, along with all the other QPR fans, would have to endure their 8th defeat in a row.

Being a Leeds fan, I know that the only “foregone conclusion” involving my team, is that if they’re onto a good thing, they’ll find a way to mess it up!

With Leeds pushing for promotion, back to the land of milk and honey – AKA The Premier League, the land of one hundred and sixty million pounds – I have said all along that they’ll blow it (go on, look at my past blogs). They haven’t quite messed it up (yet), but are giving it a damn good go.

As you can guess, QPR beat Leeds, so can now add the following to their results list…


Pity for QPR, that their next 5 results will be…

  • STOKE- LOST 9-0
  • HULL – LOST 82-16
  • BOLTON – LOST 97-0

At least with Leeds almost certainly set to flush any chance of promotion down the toilet, they’ll get chance to exact their revenge on ‘The Rs’.

See you next season, QPR.

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Believe it or not, Roman is a Leeds fan. Poor creature!

Roman waiting patiently for the second half to start

Leeds are losing and Roman is NOT happy!

Leeds get beat by a team who have lost 7 on the trot. As you can see from his face, he doesn’t take losing very well…

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