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Leeds FINALLY won a game, thanks to the wonders of Healy Hobbit Feet grabbing a last minute winner. Following his international games, it brings the Ulster man’s tally to 6 goals in 7 days. Well done David – who needs Wayne Rooney!

While Leeds may still be in the dreaded relegation zone, they’re off the bottom and tonight beat Preston, one of the best teams in the division – a match even the most optimistic Leeds fan wouldn’t expect to win.

The fight for survival is well and truly on.
Come on Leeds!
Marching on together.

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The trailer for one of the most eagerly awaited games of all time was released yesterday. I am talking, of course, about Grand Theft Auto 4.

There has been massive speculation on the internet on what the new, next generation GTA will be like and where it will be set. Creators Rockstar have kept very tight lipped, revealing absolutely nothing until the trailer release yesterday.

Based upon the trailer, the game looks like it will take place in New York City, although it does inform us that “Things will be different”. If internet rumours are to be believed, GTA4 may feature more than once city and maybe even multiple countries – backing up rumours of another London based GTA.

The graphics are simply jaw dropping. As a massive GTA fan, I am hugely looking forward to this release, which has the potential to be the best game of all time. I am really going to struggle to contain my excitement as the October 19th release date draws closer.

To view a lovely high definition trailer, go to I have also included screenshots from the trailer below. To view a cool, larger screen capture, click on the mini pic.

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I nearly shat myself this afternoon. I got back from work to find a bill from my gas company, Scottish Power. Upon opening it, I was shocked to read my invoice for the last month – £181.36!!! Nearly £200 for 28 days of gas! I’m not running a fucking sauna!

I immediately rung the company to query the amount and was assured that there was no error and I did indeed owe £181. I found this totally bizarre as my gas usage is minimal. My flat faces south and therefore receives a lot of sun – because of this, the radiators haven’t been turned on once and I have had the windows open most days!

I was proving a difficult customer and the poor girl on the phone was struggling. She suggested I check the gas meter. Upon inspection, I discovered where the fault lay. When the gasman came to read the meter, he must have checked the neighbour’s one – idiot! This reduced my bill from £181 to £17.50. This reduction meant that they owed me money, £7.50 to be exact.

A lesson from this, kids – always read your bills!

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Well done to Northern Ireland and David Healy!
5 goals and 6 points in 5 days.
Healy, now score for Leeds!

Sorry Macca, no messages of congratulations for you.
Fuck off – you’re worse than Sven.
Shave that tuft off your bald slaphead too.

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I feel naïve. I was chatting with a friend last night and the subject of Radio 1 came up. I was then reliably informed that DJ Scott Mills is gay, something I struggled to believe – however, after consulting Wikipedia (everybody’s reliable source), the rumours were confirmed. Apparently his sexuality has been public knowledge since 2001. I am a regular listener to his afternoon radio show and was surprised I haven’t found out until now! Not that I have a problem with it, just a little surprised that’s all.

Apparently these other celebrities are also gay

  • Graham Norton
  • Michael Barrymore
  • Elton John
  • Boy George
  • George Michael
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