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My former flat, where I lived between 2007 and 2013, looks to be for sale!

I thought that I would let you all know, in case I have a stalker, who wishes to live in my former home and has a spare £180k lying around.

If any of my fans want to see where their favourite blogger once lived, I am sure you could arrange a viewing. Call it a pilgrimage. Not that I would encourage such behaviour.

By the way – I have no idea why the place resembles a garden centre more than a home. There also appears to be a worrying lack of technology!

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I am pleased to announce that we have both an update and a conclusion to the missing/stolen food recycling box.

A clean, brand spanking new box has been left outside our house.

Claire managed to get it into our back garden before the bin burglar could steal another from us!

So, I believe that is “thank you” to the rubbish dudes. We promise to return the gift, by filling the bin with rotting fruit, stinking vegetables, soggy tea bags and whatever putrid leftovers we have over the next few days.

Do with our gift whatever you please, although please don’t dump it outside our house… again. Ta.

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In case anyone has been worried about my broken stairlift and the prospect of me being stranded upstairs forever, fear not, for it has been fixed!

We turned it off an on again.

See… the most effective approach to fixing anything technical, whether it be a computer, stairlift or television.

I’m sure the fix is not even below NASA, who would no doubt turn the International Space Station off and back on, if it ever malfunctioned.

“Hey, folks. So I’ve turned this thing off, but I can’t find the ON button!”

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We had a power cut this afternoon. Apparently many properties near to ours were also affected.

Thankfully the “blackout” lasted for just a few seconds. That brief period was long enough to knock out all my tech, which, once power had returned, spent ages whirring and beeping as it all came back to life.

The power cut also took out my stairlift. It keeps beeping and doesn’t sound very well.

I feel that I may be partly to blame for this… I practically begged for storms during the recent heatwave. Now it looks like we’re in the middle of wet and stormy weather, the power disappears and buggers up my stairlift…

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I had my haircut yesterday, for the first time since February.

Let’s just say my mop was getting very long and I was getting very annoyed with it.

You also know it’s bad when your wife calls you Shaggy. I assume she didn’t mean the cool dude behind classic tunes like It Wasn’t Me and In the Summertime. She was almost certainly referring to Scooby Doo’s scruffy mate.

The only reason I agreed into allowing the hairdresser into the house, was because she assured me that she always wears full PPE.

I wasn’t wrong…

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